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Blog 丨 2021.11.24

The 10 Most Annoying Oil Leaking Scenarios When Vaping Cannabis

There are few things worse than the stress of an oil leaking from vape pens, just as we are trying to relax and enjoy a little cannabis. The following nightmare (yet totally avoidable) scenarios might seem familiar to those of us and our consumers, who are avid cannabis vapers.

Oil leaking.jpg

1.What is That Smell?

The most common scenario is simply this: you know one or more people in your life  would disapprove of cannabis. Perhaps family members who are misinformed or close-minded colleagues at work. You try to be discreet with your consumption, which is why you chose to vape in the first place. While at a family get-together or work meeting, you decide to slip out for a quick vape session. Sure enough, the oil leaking from the pod, and now it’s on your clothes or skin. You wipe it off, but the smell remains, and when you return to the meeting, your colleague or family member starts sniffing around and asks,“Is that weed I smell?” Uh-oh. 

2.Wasted Medication

For many of us, cannabis is a godsend, thanks to its medicinal purposes. Perhaps you have even prescribed cannabis as part of cancer treatment or to treat anxiety, in which case you cannot afford to waste any amount of oil or concentrate. Suppose an oil leaking occurs, and you suddenly find yourself without any cannabis in the middle of a chemo side-effect flare-up or anxiety attack. In that case, it can be a frightening experience.

3.What Happened to Your Couch?

You know when people say forget white furniture once you have kids? Well, maybe you are still enjoying your single life or even long-term relationship, but with children nowhere on the horizon, you splurge on some sleek, suede white couch to go with your sleek ultra hi-def TV. You invite some friends over to watch the latest Netflix sensation and share some top-notch cannabis. Your friend Alex, butterfingers that he is, drops the pen on the couch, and a little bit of oil spills out. Now your couch is destroyed, and so is your good time with Alex.

4.Don’t Touch That!

For those of us with little ones in our lives, be it our children, little nephews or nieces, or other relatives, their presence can turn any regular oil leaking scenario into a much more severe problem. When you are caring for children, be it a toddler who puts everything in their mouth or an inquisitive pre-schooler, the last thing you want is for cannabis oil or concentrate to leaking out of your vaporizer and onto the table or any surface in the house where they can get to it. 

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Oil leakage.jpg

5.The Stained Formal Outfit

You are at an important work party or a formal wedding, dressed to the nines in the latest designer gown or immaculate suit. With all eyes on you, you decide to take the pressure off by vaping some cannabis. With little time to spare between speeches and toasts, you quickly pull out your vape pen from inside your suit pocket or purse, only to have oil leaking out of the bottom of the cartridge and land on your expensive outfit. Now there is a noticeable stain on the fabric, and you know trying to clean it with water or soap in the bathroom would not make it disappear. Your outfit is ruined, and your night along with it.

6.The Carry-On Curse

Air travel can be stressful in the best of circumstances, with all the security checks and waiting at airports, only to be stuffed into a cramped cabin space with other stressed-out passengers. TSA rules state that vaporizers have to be packed in carry-on luggage, which, for most of us, means a bag containing all the essentials, from travel documents to electronics to our favorite neck pillow. Now imagine your cartridge breaks from some pressure or simply gets distorted, and oil leaking all over the contents of your carry-on bag. Not only does everything smell like a weed now, but any plan to vape upon landing at your destination is dashed.

7.See Spot Leaking

Like the kids’ scenario above, those of us with pets might see cannabis vaporizers as a less risky substitute for leaving leaves or buds around. The sealed container in pods and cartridges ensures that our furry friends can’t get to the cannabis inside. That is, provided it doesn’t leak out and end up on the floor for them to lap up. At that point, you better hope you notice it before little Spot or Fido does (hint: their sense of smell is much better than yours).

8.High Price to Pay

One of the worst oil leaking scenarios would simply involve a rare, maybe expensive, oil or concentrate that you have been looking forward to enjoying it. Perhaps it is a High Times Cannabis Cup winner or a special breed recommended by a friend. Either way, you have invested time, money, and effort to get your hands on it. Only to realize that half of it has ended up spilled on your bag, or the seat of your car, or any of the scenarios mentioned above.

9.Allergy and Irritation

Yes, some people can experience rashes and itchiness if their skin comes into contact with cannabis oil or concentrate due to specific allergies. And no, you do NOT want to find this out right after a leak in your vape cartridge causes said oil or concentrate to leaking all over your arm or face.

10.New Phone, Who Dis?

At the end of the day, cannabis oil is still liquid, and like any liquid feature, you want it to avoid any spillover of any electronics, be it your phone, computer, or non-waterproof headphones. And unlike leaking water, dropping said electronic in a bag of rice is unlikely to undo the damage.

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So how do we avoid these nightmare scenarios and keep precious cannabis oil or concentrate from leaking out of our vaporizers? One key preventive measure is to purchase only the finest quality devices, armed with the latest innovations to ensure there is no leakage or spill. The Spacxfill technology by Cilicon is user-friendly and minimizes leakage normally caused by small oil-filling openings. Our patented Oil Isolation technology also keeps oil from leaking from the inlet by preventing direct contact between the oil and the inlet hole. Not to mention, our devices are made to last using durable materials, which greatly reduces the chances of breaking or coming apart. With Cilicon products, you can rest assured that your cannabis vaping experience will not be ruined by unwanted leakage.

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