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Media 丨 2021.12.24

10 Reasons Why We Need Vaping Medical Marijuana

What are Vapes?

Marijuana has experienced widespread acceptance as a medical and recreational drug in progressive societies. The cannabis efficacy arises from cannabinoids and psychoactive components like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) that produce profound psychological effects. Research reveals that THC boosts brain activity, alleviating the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other psychological disorders (Chander). Similarly, CBD is an analgesic and anti-inflammatory that eases post-operative pain, eases Parkinson’s disease tremors, and treats cancer. Despite the obvious benefits of cannabis, experts are concerned about the potential side effects of smoking marijuana. Smoking, which is the most common way of consuming marijuana, compromises personal health and safety. The National Institute on Drug Abuse posits that “marijuana smoking is associated with large airway inflammation, increased airway resistance, and lung hyperinflation” (Volkow 21). In addition, since smoking involves sparks, marijuana smoking is a potential fire hazard. Given the adverse health and environmental effects, more users choose to vape rather than smoke marijuana.

Top 10 Reasons Why We Need Vaping Medical Marijuana

Vapes or vaporizers use batteries and small metal coils to heat dried plant material until it evaporates and is inhaled. Since the development of the e-cigarette in 2003, vaping has undergone tremendous developments as a method of consuming substances like tobacco and marijuana. Research reveals tremendous benefits of vaping over smoking, including safety, convenience, affordability, among others. Users skeptical about vaping should consider the top 10 reasons why we need vaping medical marijuana

medical marijuana vape.png

1. Consistent, Predictable Doses

For drugs to produce the desired effects, users must use the right quantities. Due to limited developments in medical cannabis consumption, patients may consume above or below the required dosage. Consuming an excess of CBD or THC could produce undesired effects. For example, higher CBD levels could cause “couchlock” at work while the user needs to stay active (Way of Leaf). Consuming high THC-cannabis at night could cause mental alertness when a person needs his sleep. Therefore, joints and pipes are not appropriate for sensitive users. However, vaping allows individuals to choose their doses. In addition, THC concentrations are consistent from one inhale to the next, with the effects being almost instant, making vaporizers more attractive to users. 

2. A Safer and More Enjoyable Alternative

Safer drug use is more enjoyable drug use. Research by the Global Drug Survey reveals that, based on the opinion of over 38,000 cannabis users, using vaporizers can reduce the risks associated with smoking cannabis (“Why Vaping Weed Is Healthier Than Smoking It, According To Science”). Additionally, approximately 60% of the respondents claimed that vaping improved cannabis-related pleasure. Experts from the study argued that “smoking cannabis is the most dangerous way of using it” (“Why Vaping Weed Is Healthier Than Smoking It, According To Science”). Combusted cannabis releases chemicals that could cause cancer, including tar. On the other hand, vaping heats the substance to release THC, CBD, and other essential elements the user needs or craves. Cannabinoids are released, but tar and harmful toxins are reduced. Therefore, vaping reduces dangerous substances in smoke, making it safer than smoking joints. 

Vaping Weed.png

3. Cleaner Hits: The Essence of Choosing Vaporizers

Most marijuana consumers are interested in cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. Combusted cannabis produces sparks and emits smoke that contains toxins. Therefore, smoking is a less-preferred mode of consumption. On the other hand, vaporizers have cleaner, more potent inhales and exhales. Vaporizers heat the marijuana concentrate, turning cannabinoids into a smokeless, inhalable form. Therefore, vaping ensures cleaner hits provided no harmful contaminants are present in the THC product.

4. Concerned about Intoxicating Others? Vaping produces No Secondhand Smoke

Vaping eliminates the chances of non-users inhaling marijuana products from smokers. Products like THC and CBD present in cannabis find their way into the bloodstreams of nonsmokers who share environments with smokers. Research by the National Institute on Drug Abuse reveals that nonsmoking participants who shared a poorly ventilated room with smokers for one hour had high THC blood levels (Volkow 26). Additionally, opportunist smokers experienced mild psychotic effects, including performance impairments in motor skills. However, vaporized THC contains lesser quantities of carcinogens that individuals in the surrounding are exposed to. Although THC is still detected in secondhand vapor, psychoactive substances are lesser and thus less harmful to others in the vicinity. Therefore, vaping marijuana could be an important step to avoiding the adverse effects of secondhand marijuana smoke. 

marijuana smoke.png

5. Increased Accessibility, So People Can Sedate at Work

As the demand for medical and recreational marijuana increases, people will want the freedom to use it anywhere. Current laws restrict marijuana consumption, especially in public areas like parks or workplaces. For example, New York laws prohibit marijuana smoking in cars, schools, and workplaces (Ferre-Sadurni and Closson). Some restrictions are intended to protect nonsmokers from inhaling passive smoke, as described in the previous point. However, vaping could eliminate limitations on where people can use their favorite fix. Vaporizers, which emit less marijuana smoke, can be used in restricted public areas as they cause minimal interferences. Therefore, vaping allows users to carry and consume marijuana in restricted areas because the vapor is not harmful or instructive like smoke.

6. Troubled by your Medical Expenses? Vaping is more Affordable

Marijuana can drain one’s finances, especially in states where the drug is expensive to obtain due to prohibition. However, vaping provides a cheaper alternative because cannabis concentrates last much longer than the combusted herb. Consider this: tobacco smoking has always been an expensive habit for most people. However, vaping revolutionized tobacco consumption because vape cartridges are more cost-effective than traditional rolls. Similarly, vaping could lower marijuana expenses, as more cannabinoids are heated and concentrated for maximum benefit. 

medical expenses.png

7. A Cheaper, Quicker, Mental Boost

Life can be stressful at home, the workplace, or school. Individuals having psychological disorders are particularly vulnerable to the effects of a stressful environment, which triggers mental problems. Fortunately, a wide body of research supports marijuana's use to alleviate the symptoms of various psychological conditions, including depression, PTSD, anxiety, among others. According to the University of Illinois Chicago, low doses of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main psychoactive component in marijuana, can help reduce stress and anxiety. Vaping medical marijuana is cheaper than most stress medications, produces effects more quickly, and can be carried conveniently whenever the individual goes. Therefore, vaping is a more attractive option for people who struggle with psychological disorders.

8. For People Who Cannot Roll a Joint, Vaping Needs No Such Skills

Conventionally, medical or recreational marijuana is consumed through smoking a joint. However, rolling a quality blunt that will not fail is a difficult skill to master. Those who purchase the entire shrub have an even bigger task of separating the seeds, flowers, or leaves. The complexity of creating a joint can discourage users from enjoying the drug. However, vaping cartridges require no sophisticated skills to use. A marijuana concentrate is sold pre-made, only requiring the user to insert it into the cartridge. Therefore, vaping encourages marijuana use among populations that are new to cannabis.

9. No Smell! No Stress!

Combusted marijuana has a strong earthy and sometimes skunky smell. Although cannabis is a widely enjoyed medical and recreational drug, most people find the smell off-putting. An individual could crave the effect but revile the method, which is smoking in most cases. However, vaporizers are odorless because cannabis is not burned but merely heated to release its active compounds. The lack of smell makes vaping marijuana a more-attractive alternative to smoking.

10. For the Conservative, Vaping is Less Wasteful

Cannabis is precious, especially in states where the product is banned, making it expensive. Hence, users want to know every ounce of their purchase produces the desired medical or recreational effects, including sedation, pain relief, or increased mental activity. Unfortunately, old-fashioned pipes and joints do not utilize 100% of the product. Vaporizers, on the other hand, require less cannabis to produce the desired effects. THC and CBD content in cannabis concentrates are more potent; therefore, the user does not need to inhale much to get high. Therefore, vaping medical marijuana is important due to increased potency and reduced wastefulness.

Grab Your Solo Pro, Vision, or Lit Now to Save The Environment!

As cannabis consumption becomes more common in medical care, cannabis vaporizers manufacturers find alternatives producing products that allow cannabis users to shift from smoking to vaping. The adverse effects of smoking cannabis joints on individual health and the environment disqualify the method in many settings. Hence, Cilicon+ is one of the cannabis vaporizers' manufacturers who is always ready to serve the cannabis vaping community incorporating environment sustainability practices with our most advanced technology to produce the best cannabis vaping devices. Matrex and Oil-Isolation Technology are infused into product samples likeSolo Pro, Vision, Lit, and others for our cannabis distributors and wholesalers to serve the best vaping devices to cannabis consumers. We create products that allow cannabis vapers to embrace vaping as the primary consumption technique without compromising the vaping experience. 

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