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Blog 丨 2021.09.22

Cannabis Conferences in September that can Help Grow Your Business

Industry conferences are beneficial for any business to integrate itself into an industry and form connections that lead to mutually beneficial opportunities. Industry conferences are crucial in the cannabis industry because the industry is young and rapidly growing. A comparison may be helpful here. An industry conference for the alcoholic beverages industry, for example, would not necessarily give firms easy access to do business with Anheuser-Busch. However, an attendee of leading cannabis conferences could establish a relationship with the next “Budweiser of cannabis.” Cannabis conferences allow industry professionals to keep tabs on all the latest industry trends. 

This opportunity includes trends about the most popular strains, changes in consumer tastes, and technological advancements. As the cannabis industry begins to recover after the pandemic and in-person conferences are viable in the US, a significant number of conferences are scheduled across the US and elsewhere over the following months. The following article describes some of the most innovative and prestigious conferences taking place over the next month. These conferences all can create significant opportunities for firms of all sizes in the cannabis sector. Find Cilicon at the MJBizCon in Las Vegas and Lift & Co. Expo in Toronto to hear about the latest developments and innovations that Cilicon is contributing to the cannabis vaping industry. 

Midwest Cannabis Business Conference (September 22-23)

This conference is held in Detroit and focuses specifically on business opportunities for cannabis entrepreneurs in the Midwest. This type of conference is invaluable because each region has a different cannabis market. While some conferences provide general insight for any entrepreneur in the industry, a regionally-focused conference such as this is the perfect opportunity to form connections within the relatively small business community that serves regional cannabis markets. At $349 for a full cannabis conference and expo pass, this conference is slightly more expensive than the others mentioned here. However, this price tag also focuses on attendees from the business world without diluting networking opportunities with casual attendees. 

Business of Cannabis: New York (September 29)

Business of Cannabis.png

Held at the prestigious Rainbow Room in the Rockefeller Center, this conference is the most elite and expensive conference on the list. It is also the conference packed with the most elite professionals in the US cannabis industry. The conference emphasizes New York City as the new “capital of cannabis,” predicting that NYC will become a nationwide leader in the cannabis industry. NYC is already a business hub of the entire world, and the Business of Cannabis conference aims to take advantage of the inherent opportunities for businesses in New York. The conference will collect speakers from the business, financial and political areas of thought. 

This will provide the opportunity for attendees to gain a multifaceted understanding of the present and future of the cannabis industry. At $795 for an advance-purchase ticket for the one day conference, the Business of Cannabis conference is by far the priciest conference on this list. Nonetheless, the high price of admission again ensures that only people with serious business interests in the cannabis industry will be present. This conference is the best opportunity over the next month for cannabis firms to form the connections needed to propel themselves into the elite ranks of the industry. 

MJBizCon (October 19-22)


MJBizCon is an industry-focused conference with opportunities to form connections with top industry professionals. Described as the most anticipated cannabis event of the year, MJBizCon is being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The event features keynote speaker Daymond John, founder/CEO of fashion firm FUBU and co-star of the Shark Tank television show. The conference includes exhibition tables presented by over 1,000 firms and over 80 elite industry professionals speaking on industry issues. Rates for the event start at $349, relatively low for a conference that centers on industry professionals. The conference includes specialized sections for cultivators, manufacturers, retailers, and new entrants to the industry. This conference allows industry professionals to interact with other professionals in similar areas of the cannabis space, optimizing the ability to form valuable partnerships.  

The conference also features two curated networking events, each based around a social issue in the cannabis industry. The Achieving Equity in Cannabis Reception focuses on discussions of diversity and inclusion within the industry, and the Empowering Women in Cannabis Reception seeks to empower and form connections between women in the industry. Find Cilicon at our exhibition table or talk to one of our representatives at conference events to discover the latest innovations our firm is bringing to the cannabis vaping space. 

Lift & Co. Expo (November 18-21)

 Lift & Co. Expo.png

 This is perhaps the most comprehensive conference on the list. Consumers and industry peers can find Cilicon at this conference in Toronto, Canada, throughout the weekend's events presenting information about our company and forming industry connections. This conference includes day-long events geared both towards consumers and business insiders, acting as the perfect opportunity for industry professionals to develop relationships in both areas. The conference is split into four main events. First, the Lift Cannabis Business Conference takes place on November 17, one day before the official start of the conference. This conference will be attended by top industry professionals and government officials in the space. The ticket price of CAD 550 includes entrance into the following expo and consumer exhibit days. 

On the official starting day of the conference, there are two concurrent events. The Lift Industry Day allows firms to present their newest projects and technologies within the industry and form productive business relationships. Catch up with Cilicon at Lift Industry Day to demonstrate our newest product technologies and manufacturing innovations. On November 18 Lift will also be hosting the Lift Psychedelics Business Summit, which could serve as an opportunity for investors in the cannabis space to explore potential synergies with the developing therapeutic psychedelics industry in Canada. Finally, the consumer days held on the last two days of the conference serve as an opportunity for firms to interact with consumers directly while also including speakers and panels on pressing industry issues. An all-in-one ticket for the conference costs CAD 850.    


The conferences listed here demonstrate the vast variety of interests that are important to the cannabis industry. From the business side to the health and wellness side, industry conferences help inform entrepreneurs and consumers about the newest advances in cannabis. Some conferences focus on regional markets, while others look forward to the future of an integrated US market. These conferences represent a unique opportunity for firms in the cannabis space to find new partnerships while spreading the word about their products and technology. As the cannabis industry continues to grow and shift, cannabis industry conferences remain a key way for industry professionals to ensure that they achieve a place at the cutting edge of industry growth.