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Blog 丨 2021.09.28

Cannabis Vaping and Gaming: A Match Made in Heaven

Cannabis and video games have a long history of being used side by side. Cannabis has been associated with video game culture for many years. Many consumers enjoy the combination of the psychoactive effects of cannabis and the stationary experience of gaming. Moreover, there is even some evidence that consuming cannabis can improve performance in competitive gaming, also known as esports. With the rise in popularity of vaping over the last decade, gamers have a new way to integrate cannabis consumption into their gaming routine. Now, people can enjoy all of the satisfaction of mixing cannabis and gaming while achieving a level of portability, discreteness and health-consciousness that was never before possible. From the benefits of combining cannabis and gaming in general to the extra advantages of vaping, cannabis vaping and gaming is a match made in heaven. 

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Cannabis and Gaming: An Integrated Culture

Cannabis and gaming have a long history together as a star combination. Since the first video games were released in the late 1970s, many gamers have discovered the appeal of mixing this relaxing pastime with cannabis consumption (Wenzel, 2014). The relationship between gaming and weed has even crossed over into the world of professional gaming or esports. By 2019, cannabis had become such a commonplace part of gaming culture that it was even prevalent for top esports professionals. For example, one observer of an elite fighting game tournament held in Chicago noted how “Many a star player could be seen smoking in their team jersey, without a single furtive glance to check for a coach or tournament official (Mongelia, 2019).” Cannabis has, in many ways, been integrated into gaming culture. 

Recent research has shown that the relationship between cannabis and gaming is not only due to the ability of cannabis to make gaming more fun. Instead, scientists have found that cannabis consumption actually improves gaming performance (Williams, 2019). Two main benefits cause this performance enhancement. First of all, THC is known to increase focus and memory retention. These are two key skills for gaming performance. Second, consuming cannabis also relaxes the muscles and reduces anxiety. In particular, cannabis can help gamers keep the focus and calm necessary to play their best during long and intense matches.

Cannabis Makes More Appearances in Video Games

At the same time as cannabis use has become a part of gaming culture, cannabis has also started making more appearances in video games. The introduction of cannabis into more video games is another development that may make vaping cannabis and gaming more enjoyable for consumers. Before 2010, cannabis was usually mentioned in games as a dangerous drug, only associated with villains and criminals (Silverberg, 2021). However, by 2010 public opinion was changing, and video game developers started to portray cannabis differently. In 2010, the game Pot Farm shot up in popularity on Facebook. 

The game is a Farmville clone that lets users run their own legal pot farm, and its popularity showed that the portrayal of weed in video games was starting to shift to a more accepting standpoint. The popularity of Pot Farm set the stage for Weedcraft Inc, released in 2018 (Civilized, 2018). Weedcraft Inc is the first full-featured game that centers its gameplay on the legal cannabis industry. This game has exciting gameplay capabilities for casual cannabis users and those deeply involved in the cannabis industry. For example, the game allows players to choose which state they will operate in and then forces them to deal with the regulations and laws for cannabis sales in that state. Cannabis is now seen as a respectable business. Weedcraft Inc shows how far the portrayal of weed in video games has come. 

Gaming and Vaping: Some New Benefits

The benefits of combining cannabis with gaming have been documented by scientific studies and years of experience. However, vaping has also changed the way that people consume cannabis over the last ten years. Vaping has skyrocketed in popularity and is now a significant portion of the entire cannabis market. Consumers enjoy vaping for its portability, discreteness, and health benefits compared to smoking weed. Gamers who consume cannabis are in luck because these three characteristics each combine exceptionally well with gaming.

First of all, the portability of a vaping device opens up new possibilities for consuming cannabis while using portable gaming systems. For example, the Cilicon SOLO disposable pen features a sleek design that can easily be slipped into any pocket or backpack. Meanwhile, with the constantly increasing capabilities of portable gaming systems such as the hybrid Nintendo Switch, portable gaming is becoming a more appealing option for consumers. Portable gaming combines perfectly with the portability of vaping devices. Any consumer can throw their favorite gaming and vaping device into their bag, and they are ready for an instant gaming and cannabis experience. 

Second, the discreteness of vaping is perfect for enjoying cannabis while gaming in more public environments. Vaping can allow the esports professional to enjoy the competitive benefits of cannabis without having to find a space outside to smoke. It can also allow the casual gamer to enjoy a quick gaming and cannabis session in the middle of a busy day. Finally, even when enjoying a gaming session in one’s own house, it can be preferable to enjoy the sensation of cannabis without filling the space with clouds of weed smoke. Cannabis is accepted more by society every day. Vaping helps cannabis users maintain an image of responsible consumers who do not disturb the people around them with their use. 

Finally, the health benefits of vaping compared to smoking weed can also improve gamers' experience who enjoy cannabis. For many gamers, video games are a way to relax that is also a passionate hobby. For some, it is even a full-time job. Many may enjoy consuming cannabis while they game but worry about the long-term effects on the lungs of smoking weed. With vaping, gaming enthusiasts, as well as professionals, can enjoy the perfect mix of cannabis and gaming while ensuring that the experience remains safe and healthy. 


Vaping cannabis and playing video games is a match made in heaven. For casual consumers, it is true that vaping while gaming can make the experience more enjoyable. However, this increased enjoyment does not resemble the stereotypical image of cannabis users simply thinking everything is better because they are high. Instead, cannabis actually can improve gaming ability, making the user sharper and faster. The psychoactive and physiological impacts of THC match perfectly with the static focus required for gaming. From seasoned esports professionals to someone who plays FIFA a few times a week, vaping while gaming makes for a more engaging experience. Cannabis and gaming are two hobbies that combine perfectly, and the possibilities for the future relationship between the two cultures and industries are enormous. In the future, look out for more events and conferences that combine cannabis and gaming and new and innovative products that seek to integrate the two. For now, certainly, the popularity of matching gaming with vaping is only growing.