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Blog 丨 2021.06.22

Why You Should Insist on Child-Resistant Vaping Devices

One of the major reasons that people choose to use vaping devices for consuming cannabis is that vaping is much safer than smoking from a variety of perspectives. Most significantly, those who vape cannabis have a higher tendency than normal cannabis smokers to care about health and safety, as vaping possesses far fewer negative side effects than smoking weed. However, there is one significant safety concern which is much larger when it comes to vaping compared to smoking: the ability of children to get their hands on a device and consume some of the cannabis oil. Luckily, the market has responded to the heightened safety concerns of vape users by creating child resistant devices which remove any safety issues in this regard. Child-resistant vaping devices represent a drastic improvement in safety, while possessing few, if any, negative characteristics. How can you decide if you should seek out a device with child-resistant technology for your next purchase?

Understanding the Risks

With traditional smoking methods, it is usually not that easy for a child to accidentally be put in a position where they are able to consume cannabis. A child simply would not know how to go through the multiple steps of rolling a joint or packing a bowl and then lighting it while inhaling at the same time. Even if you left a joint lying on the kitchen table right in front of your young child, with a lighter right next to it, it is highly unlikely that the child would end up lighting it and smoking it (although, of course, it is not in any way recommended that you try this out). 

This can create an extra risk for people transitioning to using vape devices, as many may be used to being able to occasionally leave their cannabis in places where kids could potentially reach, as they know that there is no chance the child will accidentally end up smoking it. On the other hand, with vape devices that do not have child protection mechanisms, such an occurrence is quite possible. These devices are extremely intuitive to use: you just put the device in your mouth and inhale, or, in some cases, press a button. For this reason, it is entirely possible that a young child of any age could simply pick the device up and consume some of the cannabis oil without even knowing what they are doing. This is of course compounded by the fact that very young children may try and put anything that they find in their mouth without thinking about it. 

Child-resistant Vape Devices: Preventing Disaster

This is where child-resistant technology comes in. In vape pens with child-resistant technology, such as the TWIST disposable pens offered by CILICON, there is a twistable safe locker that is contained on the device itself, which is hidden at the bottom of the device, and which must be twisted open with force that only adult fingers are capable of. Therefore, even if a young child is able to locate the lock, which itself is unlikely, they will not be capable of opening the device no matter how hard they try. 


The TWIST Disposable Vape Pen with Child Resistant Features

This technology can prevent a disaster if you have children in the house or if you are in any situation in which children are present. Of course, you still should probably not intentionally let children get their hands on a vape device. Nonetheless, if such a situation does occur, you do not need to worry that the child will harm themselves by accidentally using the device. According to Children’s Hospital of Colorado, acute marijuana overdose by children often leads to hospitalization (2021). No one wants to be in a situation where they are acting as an irresponsible adult and placing kids in danger because of their own cannabis use. With child-resistant devices, you never have to worry about this possibility again. 

Government Regulations: Are There Other Options for Child Safety?

Many countries have regulations for vaping products, indicating that not only consumers, but also governments of entire countries, think that child safety is an important factor when it comes to the public safety impact of vaping devices. For example, both Canada (Government of Canada, 2020) and the US (Oram, 2020) have regulations concerning the packaging of cannabis vaping products, including pens and oils. Specifically, there are many regulations state that vaping products must be sold in child-resistant packaging, without mentioning any child-resistant features on the device itself. However, is child resistant packaging sufficient to ensure that you use your device safely without placing a child in harm's way? 

At the end of the day, it is inconvenient to always return your vape device into its original packaging each time that you use it. One of the key benefits of vaping is portability and convenience. People want to be able to slip their vape in their pocket and take it with them wherever they are going, not put it back into a clunky cardboard box or some other type of packaging. It is simply wishful thinking to think that every single user will always keep their device safe from children under these conditions. Child-resistant packaging has some usefulness for preventing children from accidentally consuming cannabis, but it does not provide the same level of peace of mind that you will find with a child-resistant device. If you want to have peace of mind without having to always keep track of the child-resistant packaging the device came in, child-resistant devices are the way to go. 

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Our Child Lock: An Impossible to Open for Any Child

Child Resistant Devices are the Responsible Decision

There may be other steps that you can take to prevent children from accidentally accessing your vaping device, but only by having an actual child-resistant mechanism on the pen itself can you completely ensure that it will not accidentally be used by a child. People who vape cannabis usually care deeply about their environment and the impact that they are having on their own lives and others’ lives with their use, which may be part of the reason that they have switched to vaping. Vaping resistant devices can drastically reduce stress for anyone who uses cannabis vape pens and also are often in situations where they are around children, whether as a primary caregiver or not. If you are someone who finds yourself in such situations, the answer is clear: vape-resistant devices are the only way to use vape pens without having to worry that you will accidently cause a trip to the emergency room, or worse.