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CCELL M6T Cartridge Review

Ethan Parker

Written by: Ethan Parker

Updated on February 21, 2024

CCELL M6T Cartridge

“Discover the ultimate vaping experience with CCell M6T cartridges. Our in-depth review explores their durability, flavour quality, and performance.”

If you’re a vaping enthusiast, you’re likely familiar with CCell‘s unparalleled quality and innovation. Their latest offerings, the M6T Oil Cartridges, continue this tradition of excellence, setting a new standard for convenience and performance. The M6T cartridge boasts a state-of-the-art ceramic atomiser, ensuring optimal vapour production and flavour retention with every draw.

With a ceramic core atomizer and a choice between 0.5g or 1.0g capacity, the M6T cartridges deliver unparalleled vapour quality and flavour intensity. Their 510 universal threading also ensures seamless compatibility with various batteries, including CCell’s.

And here’s a fun fact: Did you know that the M6T cartridges are meticulously engineered to provide a leak-proof vaping experience? That’s right! You can enjoy your favourite oils without worrying about messy leaks or spills. Want to learn more about CCELL M6T? Let’s explore the ins and outs of it!

What is the CCELL M6T Cartridge?

The CCell M6T Cartridge is a vaping accessory designed for use with various 510 vape pens and batteries. Its stainless steel construction characterizes it, and it is available in 0.5ML and 1.0ML capacities. The M6T offers users versatility in their vaping experience.


  • Housing: Polycarbonate Housing
  • Mouth Piece: Arbor Pressed Mouth Piece
  • Designed for: CCELL Concentrate Vaporizers
  • Capacity: 0.5g or 1.0g
  • Center Post: Stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 10.5mm x 52mm
  • Refillable: No, Single Use

As it’s a CCELL vape cart, the M6T cartridge features a ceramic heating element. As you know, a ceramic heating element means consistent heat distribution and oil vaporisation. Furthermore, the cartridge is encased in polycarbonate material, ensuring durability and reliability during use.

Next, it uses an inhale-activated mechanism, so the M6T cartridge activates when inhaling it. This makes the whole process a more seamless and user-friendly experience. And since it is 510 threaded, it goes toe to toe with different vape pens and batteries. Notably, the M6T cartridge also features a dual collar design, which allows you to customize it according to your preferences.

If you are after a good disposable cartridge, the M6T is for you. If you want a refillable cartridge with the same perks, you can go for the M6T EVO.

Performance and Efficiency

A cart can only be considered good if its vapour production is good. Vapour production is a crucial aspect of any vaping experience, and the CCell M6T cartridge excels in this regard. Coupled with advanced ceramic heating elements and precise engineering, it produces impressive volumes of dense vapour with each draw.

And its flavour quality is impressive despite being a polycarbonate cartridge. Although I always prefer borosilicate or glass cartridges, this one certainly doesn’t have added plastic flavour in the puffs.

Its embedded coil has adequate resistance and equivalent gaps that guarantee optimal absorption, so you get dense, flavorful vapour with each draw.

Moreover, the M6T’s efficiency in oil consumption is another area where it shines. Since it’s a press-fit mouthpiece cartridge that needs an arbour press machine to seal it, it doesn’t spill a single drop. So, it’s completely leakproof.

Next, it has a precise heating mechanism and optimal airflow design that allows you to enjoy every single drop in the cart. Moreover, its medical-grade construction is backed by certificates like GMP certification, which makes it safer.

Furthermore, if you like to set the battery at high temperatures, this cartridge can withstand that without compromising performance. The only concern I have with this cartridge is that it’s not refillable. Once you secure the mouthpiece, you cannot reopen it. Otherwise, it’s a great pick for your vaping sessions.

User Experience

Using the M6T cartridge is straightforward, but there are a few aspects to consider. Since this cartridge is not refillable, you’ll need to factor in the cost of replacement cartridges. Additionally, securing the mouthpiece with an arbour press machine adds an extra step to the setup process. While this may require a bit of effort initially, it ensures a tight seal and prevents any leaks during use.

Once set up, the M6T cartridge offers a comfortable and ergonomic vaping experience. Moreover, its compactness and sleek design make it easy to handle. It will not leak whether you’re at home on a hike or anywhere else.

As I mentioned earlier, it has an inhale-activated mechanism. So, it means you can start vaping with just a simple draw, without any buttons or switches to fuss over. But make sure you get a battery that has an inhale-activated mechanism, too, such as CCELL Palm Pro or Silo.

Moreover, attaching it to the battery is also easy. Its threaded design makes it easy to fit in the 510 battery. Still, whenever you get an M6T cart, ensure the battery accepts threaded carts.

The M6T cartridge truly shines in terms of performance. Whether you’re a flavour chaser or a cloud enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the quality of vapour it produces.

The M6T cartridge also requires minimal maintenance. Once empty, simply dispose of it and replace it with a new one. If you want to avoid the hassle of frequent cleaning or upkeep of your cart regularly, the M6T can be good.

CCELL M6T vs. Other CCELL Cartridges

Now, we will compare some of the high-demand cartridges of CCELL with M6T!

CCell M6T vs. M6T EVO

The M6T utilizes CCell’s iconic ceramic heating element, while the M6T Evo introduces the latest generation of CCell’s heating technology. So, with EVO tech, you get a better vaping experience than M6T.

Both cartridges also feature a similar setup process, requiring an arbour press machine to secure the mouthpiece. However, the M6T EVO has more updated technology that offers better vaping.

Moreover, both cartridges feature 510 threading, which makes them compatible with various vape pens and batteries. Furthermore, pricing for the M6T and M6T Evo cartridges may vary, with the Evo version potentially commanding a higher price due to its upgraded technology.

M6T vs TH2

The M6T cartridge features a stainless steel design with a polycarbonate casing, offering durability and reliability. In contrast, the TH2 cartridge typically has a glass housing, providing a sleek and transparent appearance. While both cartridges utilise ceramic heating elements, the specific design and configuration of the heating elements may differ slightly between the M6T and TH2 cartridges.

Ease of Use:

Both cartridges are relatively easy to use and refill, offering a user-friendly experience for vapers of all levels. However, the TH2 cartridge may require additional caution during handling due to its glass construction, whereas the M6T cartridge’s stainless steel design provides added durability and peace of mind.


The M6T cartridge is optimised for high-viscosity oils and features an embedded coil with adequate resistance for optimal absorption. On the other hand, the TH2 cartridge is known for its efficient heating and smooth vapour delivery, making it a popular choice among vaping enthusiasts. The M6T and TH2 cartridges feature 510 threading, so you can seamlessly switch between them based on your preferences and vaping needs.

M6T vs Kera cart

The M6T cartridge features a stainless steel design with a polycarbonate casing, and Kera cartridges may have borosilicate housings. Both cartridges typically use ceramic heating elements to vaporise oils effectively and consistently. While the M6T is not refillable, the Kera cartridges have a fit mouthpiece. So you see, all CCELL cartridges have some compromises. Its upto you which one suits you best.

User Reviews and Testimonials

Many users are pleased with the M6T; however, one major issue that people talk about is that its press-on mouthpiece makes it unrefillable.

One user said, “This cart has held up through 4+ gs of Aeriz FSHO in 0.5 g increments. The taste is excellent, and it hasn’t clogged once. I ordered this one and the Kera full ceramic, and although I’m pleased with both, I’m enjoying this one more.”

Another one said, “These are great, and I got the M3B battery. I wish they were cheaper, but maybe the price will come down. I had never filled my cartridges before this, but this was super easy; using distillate, you get a lot more bang for your buck over the disposables and pre-filled carts, plus you can mix or layer them.”

The first review highlights the M6T cartridge’s durability and flavour quality. In the second review, the user praises the M6T but also desires lower pricing.

Some other users said, “Worked, but press-on (with a hammer) made it non-refillable.”

“Top-of-the-line quality, but I’d like to see this in screw-on.”

One user noted the requirement for an arbour press machine to secure the mouthpiece as inconvenient, while another suggested a preference for a screw-on attachment mechanism. These reviews indicate that while the M6T cartridge may offer excellent performance, its design features may only be ideal for some users.

Pros and Cons of CCELL M6T Cartridge


  • Excellent durability, able to withstand multiple uses without clogging
  • Impressive flavour quality, delivering smooth and flavorful vapour
  • Compatible with high-viscosity oils for a satisfying vaping experience
  • User-friendly design, easy to fill and use
  • Works with a wide range of vape pens and batteries, offering versatility


  • Requires an arbour press machine to secure the mouthpiece, which may be inconvenient for some users
  • Non-refillable design limits flexibility for users who prefer to customise their vaping experience
  • Some users might find it a bit pricey compared to other cartridges on the market
  • The attachment method may only be ideal for some users, with some expressing a preference for a screw-on mechanism.

Pricing of the M6T

The pricing of the CCell M6T cartridge differ location to location and . While it may not be the cheapest option, the M6T’s superior performance, reliability, and durability justify its cost for many users. Additionally, its efficiency in oil consumption and long-term reliability contribute to its overall value proposition. While some of you may find the initial cost slightly higher, the M6T cartridge’s exceptional quality and performance make it a worth investment for a premium vaping experience.

Alternative Cartridge for CCELL

For those seeking an alternative to the CCELL Kera Cartridge, Cilicon offers high-quality empty cartridges that are perfect for a variety of vaping needs. Designed with the latest technology, Cilicon’s cartridges ensure a premium vaping experience. They are available through authorized online and physical retailers, providing a great option for customization.

Visit the official Cilicon website for secure purchases and to explore their full product range. Cilicon stands as a commendable choice for quality and reliability in your vaping journey.


The CCell M6T cartridge is an excellent choice in the disposable cartridges category. It offers an exceptional combination of performance, safety, and value. Our comprehensive review explored the cartridge’s innovative features, including its state-of-the-art ceramic heating element, leak-proof configuration, and compatibility with a broad spectrum of vape pens and batteries.

The M6T cartridge delivers impressive vapour production, unparalleled flavour quality, and efficient oil consumption. Its durable construction and adherence to industry standards guarantee safety and reliability, providing users with peace of mind.

While the initial cost of the CCell M6T cartridge may be slightly higher than some competitors, its long-term cost-effectiveness and superior performance make it worth every penny.

Ethan Parker