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empty vape carts ELEV NANO2
ELEV Nano2

Reborn of AC1003

Reveal The Essence of Vape

Elevates the myth of ELEV Nano2 to continue the success of AC1003

Reveal The Essence of Vape

Elevates the myth of ELEV Nano2 to continue the success of AC1003

empty vape carts ELEV NANO2
Old Legend
  • ELEV Nano2-empty carts
    Popular in the cannabis vaporization market for 2.5 years
  • empty carts sales
    Sales of 40,000,000+
  • 510 cartridge empty
    50%+ of 510 cartridge market shares
  • Dimension(Screw in Design)
    Φ11.00mm*52.3mm (0.5mL)
    Φ11.00mm*64.6mm (1.0mL)
  • Dimension(Press in Design)
    ∅11.00mm*55.2mm (0.5mL)
    ∅11.00mm*67.2mm (1.0mL)
  • Tank Volume
  • Mouthpiece Material
  • Tank Material
  • Ceramic Core
    Formatrix™ Ceramic Heating Core
  • Tip Type
    Press-In / Screw-In
ELEV NANO2-empty oil cartridge
New Chapter

After five years, Cilicon® has rolled out the ELEV Nano2, a legacy of the legendary AC1003 in the 510 cartridge market. It inherits all the successful elements of the AC1003 and carry out a full-range upgrade and optimization to make it more powerful, stable and secure. It revitalizes the classic and empowers it with innovation.

Stronger Vaporization
Safer Consumption
Greater Customization
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ELEV Nano2 has inherited and developed the super performance ceramic heating system of AC1003, utilizing the latest Formatrix™ ceramic heating technology to shape a finer and stronger ceramic heating coil with a more scientific ratio of microporous. It is not only able to adapt to different characteristics of cannabis extracts on the market but also makes each puff more delicate, dense, and uniform.

The ELEV Nano2 inherits the success of AC1003 in safety performance. It continues the AC1003’s tradition of using a stable and high-quality glass for the oil tank and a safe and premium ceramic for the mouthpiece. In addition, it optimizes the AC1003’s signature dumbbell-style mouthpiece design with a 0% breakage rate in 1000 random drop tests. Whether in vaping or using, ELEV Nano2 always represents absolute safety for 510 cartridges.

One of the features that made the AC1003 so popular was the ability to customize the central tube with a brand message, effectively extending the brand’s reach to the user. The ELEV Nano2 inherits this excellent feature and further expands the room for customization. Not only the central tube but also the decorative ring on the bottom of the cartridge can be printed with your brand message, thus ensuring maximum brand exposure.

empty carts ELEV Nano2-5A-1
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empty vape carts
More Options Available for ELEV Nano2
Level Up Your Imagination

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