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  • empty marijuana cartridge cartridge oil solation technology
    Oil Isolation Technology
    Maintain Extra Terpenes
  • empty marijuana vape cartridge technology
    The New Generation of Ceramic Heating Technology
  • empty marijuana vape cartridge customization
    More Space For Customization
empty marijuana vape cartridge define your strain inside
Define Your Strain Inside
Demonstrate your brand story outside
empty marijuana vape cartridge demension
  • Dimension(mm)
  • Tank Volume(mL)
  • Tank Material
    Food Grade Plastic
  • Central Post
    Stainless Steel(SUS316L)
  • Resistance(Ω)
  • Intake Hole(mm)
  • Tip Type
    Press & Lock
Find The Beauty On New Trends
Plastic or Glass
Its Tiny and Smart Secrets
By the young, for the young

Matrex ™ ,the freshly baked ceramic heating element, optimized special formulation. It makes hardness of ceramic increased and flavor saturation improved with vapor a sense of suspension and lightness. When you try it, you know it.

Z Generation would not be defined by stereotype. Refining cartridge size by extreme tiny size (9.7mm smaller than traditional cartridge). We born to mash classic & refine cartridge.

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