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Cilicon® Partner Program(CPP)
Partnering up to deliver common value with cannabis communities

Cilicon® Partner Program accelerates your business development by provides exclusive business-building opportunities. Access to your tailored needs like advanced training, marketing resources, promotional support and cutting-edge disclosure technologies to drive your sales.

The Benefits of Cilicon® Partner Membership
Training and Competencies

1. Working with industry experts to improve self-paced sales and technical training.
2. Industry-specific vertical training from Cilicon® learning maps

Marketing Resources

Access to Cilicon®TM Marketing Support helps you to furnish your competition advantages from the ground and to create more demand for your products and services.

Valuable Rewards

We give you several lucrative reward including promotions, rebates and discounts etc. to reduce your operation fee and improve your competencies.

Become a cilicon partner
Expedited Support

Quickly connect with you exclusive account personnel and industry experts whenever and wherever you need to solve your problems and answer your questions instead.

Up-to-date Product and Solutions

Access to the most updated products and solutions

Sales Leads Generation

Leads generated through Cilicon® campaign, events, and the

Partner Types
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    Partners who offer a broad range of products, services and supports as an extension of Cilicon®.

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    Cilicon Designed Partner

    Companies who use Cilicon Designed existing products to build solutions and services.

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    Co-Branding Partner

    Partners who use Cilicon® brand as part of their product and service.

Partner Tiers

Unlock your benefits and requirements vary tiers

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    Role Benefits and Requirements

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    Role Benefits and Requirements

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    Role Benefits and Requirements

Partner Tiers
Standard Order Quantity ≥ 10,000 Per Quarter ≥ 30,000 Per Quarter ≥ 50,000 Per Quarter
Customer support SLA 24 Hours 12 Hours 8 Hours
Advanced Warranty Replacement
Discount for First Order 10% Off 10% Off 10% Off
Second Order 5% Product Reward 5% Product Reward 5% Product Reward
Yearly Reward 5% of Overall Product Reward 5% of Overall Product Reward 5% of Overall Product Reward
Connections and leads
List in partner directory
Lead Sharing
Lead Routing
Promotion of Storefront
and enhanced match making
Pre-launch Training
Online Distance Training
Face to Face Training
Sales & Marketing
Access to Cilicon® Marketing Support
Membership Badge to Display
Access to NDA Content
(Business and Technology Disclosure)
Other Benefits
Advanced Sample Testing
Marketing Resources
Marketing Resources

Accelerate your business with campaign assets and tools designed to help you generate demand

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