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Cannabis Vaporizer – FLARE X2 Cilicon
Plugging-in to Discover the Fantastic Atmosphere

FLARE X2 is an ultra-thin, pod-system cannabis vaping device with a button-activated function and AutoTemptechnology for a stable and smooth experience. With a streamlined cut surface and ergonomic design, FLARE X2 is both comfortable and convenient. The BioBaleen™ module and Vshaped™ oil tank combination ensure zero oil spit-back or waste. Get FlARE X2, master every puff you’d expect!

  • Kit/ Pod Dimension(mm)
    108.7*19.9*9.9 / 41.2*19.9*9.9
  • Battery Dimension(mm)
  • Tank Volumn
  • Battery Capacity
  • Central Post
    Medical Grade SUS 316L
    Stainless Steel
  • Charging
    USB Type-C
  • Output Power
    High: 5.2-7.7W
    Low: 4.5-6.0W
  • Ceramic Coil
    Formatrix™ Ceramic Heating Coil
  • Button Activation
    5 Presses: On/Off
    3 Presses: Voltage Setting
    2 Presses: Pre-Heat
  • Tip Type
  • Cannabis Vaporizer – FLARE X2 Cilicon – Grey
  • Cannabis Vaporizer – FLARE X2 Cilicon – Deep Blue
What Makes FLARE X2 So Strong?
  • Comfortable-&-Convenience-to-Catch-Your-Attention
    Comfortable & Convenience to Catch Your Attention

    FLARE X2 is an ultra-thin, iconic pod system that inherits the tradition of customer loyalty contribution. Its design combines sleek contours, ergonomic design, and a remarkable comfortable grip.

  • Playable Button Function of Cannabis Vaporizer
    Playable Button Function

    The little button on FLARE is in charge of activation, pre-heating, and voltage setting. Complying with AutoTemp™ technology, it works perfectly for diverse cannabis oil types, especially Delta 9. Enjoy powerful clouds and fresh flavors all in this one.

  • No Waste, No Pain – Cannabis Vaporizer
    No Waste, No Pain

    The BioBaleen™ and Vshaped™ oil tank combination secures the amazing performance of smoothness and full oil consumption. No more worries about interruption by spit-back and experience the best until the last valuable drop.

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