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Deli 1
Let DELI 1 Be the Next Legend, Both Yours and Ours

Experience cool vaping with every puff from DELI 1. Its DeliFlow™ technology, featuring a 55% larger cool-heating area and 50% faster oil transfer speed, delivers vapor in 0.1s and ensures 100% pure flavor. With a completely metal-free and cotton-free design, DELI 1 invites you to join a new era of unmatched vaping pleasure. Let DELI 1 be our shared legend.


DELIFLow Heating Core

  • Dimension(mm)
    95.6H * 20.5W * 8.6D (0.5mL)
    101H * 20.5W * 8.6D (1mL)
  • Battery Capacity
  • Tank Volume
    0.5mL / 1mL
  • Voltage Setting
  • Output Power
  • Resistance
  • Tank Material
    Food Grade PCTG
  • Central Post
  • Ceramic Core
  • Tip Type
  • Activation
    Inhale Activated
  • Charging
    USB Type-C
DELI 1 Specification
Peak Performance with Supreme Design Elegance, That's DELI 1
  • DeliFlow Heating Core
    A 55% Boost in Cool-Heating Performance

    Equipped with DeliFlow™ cool-heating technology, DELI 1 stands as the perfect companion for Liquid Diamond, Live Resin, and Rosin Oils. Thanks to the comprehensive upgrade of ceramic formula and heating technology, we’re introducing a 55% increase in the cool-heating area. This enhancement means no more worries about high temperatures compromising the delicate, sweet aroma of terpenes, delivering all levels of flavors at their purest.

  • 360° Oil Protection, No Concern for Leaking
    360° Oil Protection, No Concern for Leaking

    DELI 1 takes pleasure to unparalleled levels, combining DeliFlow™ technology with its innovative anti-leak architecture. This device offers comprehensive oil protection through 360-degree coverage, securing every nook to eradicate any concerns of vape leaks. This cutting-edge combination ensures cool vaping sessions and the enjoyment of purest flavors without interruptions.

  • Ultra-Slim & Super Sleek
    Ultra-Slim & Super Sleek

    Quality experiences are delivered through the finest hardware. The chic oval LED makes it a style icon at any gathering. Boasting an ultra-slim and super sleek design that stands out, its comfortable grip is loved by everyone, ensuring that once it fits in your palm, you’ll never want to let it go.

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