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  • What is
    Spacxfill™ Technology?

    Spacxfill is a technology that improves the efficiency of the oil cartridge filling process by sealing the silicone plug with the fixated mouthpiece and creating an entirely new oil filling method. This technology expands the width of the oil injection space, freeing up the entire oil filling area around the oil tank except for the central tube to minimize the oil drops and leakage resulting in oil wastage.

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  • How Does
    Spacxfill™ Technology Work?

    The silicone plug of traditional vape devices only retains two oil inlet holes of about 2.2-2.8mm to seal off the oil tank effectively. This conventional design requires stringent guidelines during the oil cartridge filling process to achieve maximum accuracy since the holes are tiny. This makes the risk of oil blobs resulting in wastage during the oil filling process unusually high. With Spacxfill Technology, the cartridge oil filling area increases the width of the injection space to 6.73mm, which is almost three times the standard width of the oil tank. Anyone can refill the vape oil without confusing the oil holes and vape holes with no standard specification requires, making it a high-speed and cost-efficient cartridge-filling process ideal for all clients.

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  • Why is
    Spacxfill™ Technology noteworthy to integrate into your business?

    Spacxfill technology is invented to save unnecessary expenses by minimizing the oil wastage issue that results from overfilled or leakage during the oil cartridge filling process. Expanding the space of the vape oil filing area three times larger than its original specification optimizes the working efficiency due to lower accuracy and less stringent are needed. This feature becomes exceptionally user-friendly for cannabis users and retailers looking for fast, easy, and lower-cost oil cartridge filling that does not require technical precision.

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