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  • What are Microfeel®
    and Formatrix ™?

    Microfeel® and Formatrix ™ are patented Ceramic Technologies integrated into the atomizing system using the precise ceramic component ratio independently developed by Cilicon®. Microfeel® is the pioneer ceramic technology designed as a heating core to disperse the heat for better cannabis flavor retention. Formatrix™ is the latest ceramic atomizing technology which upgrades the microporous ceramic through a scientific ratio matrix to improve the atomizing performance.

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  • How do Ceramic
    Technologies work?

    Cilicon® takes the initiative to find the ideal heating element that can withstand heat without compromising users’ health benefits. Rather than using other heating elements, Cilicon® uses a ceramic heating core as a thermal conductor based on unique specifications and precision design to evenly disperse the heat around the ceramic surface to offer an optimal vaping experience. The size of the ceramic pores impacts the ability of speed and amount of oil absorption, which affects the heat distribution and cannabis oil flavor retention. Thus, Cilicon® invented a refined scientific ratio of ceramic components that increases its porosity without reaching its peak to avoid fragile status and narrow the size of the ceramic component to expedite the oil absorption coverage process. This invention achieves excellent heat durability and high rigidity despite its compact micropore ceramic heating core. It facilitates the atomizing process to help cannabis users save cost and electricity while making every puff of vape bolder and uniform without overburning it.

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  • Why are Ceramic
    Technologies noteworthy
    to integrate into your

    The heating element will determine the heating process results in cannabis flavor distinction defining cannabis users’ vaping experience. Several materials can be used as vaporizer heating elements, and the popular ones are fiberglass, ceramic, and metal. Glass may sound incredible but highly fragile material. The heating characteristics are incomparable to ceramic and metal and do not provide extra benefits that contribute to vaping enhancement experience but require higher costs than ceramic and metal. Metal is undeniably one of the most common and best thermal conductors than others, allowing the heat to change rapidly due to its freely moving electrons that can transfer thermal energy quickly and easily. However, many experts claim that metal elements contain harmful chemicals when heated, thereby creating a high risk to vapers’ health during the vaping journey. Its rapid heat may create an overburnt taste that makes it a nightmare for cannabis vapers.

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  • Smooth

    Enjoy the sleek and effortless vaping experience with sophisticated microporous ceramic technology.

  • Safe

    Eliminating the risk of metal residue recognized by multiple international safety certifications

  • Consistency

    Improved flavor consistency and shorter cold start period through superfast heating technology

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