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Larger Capacity & Greater Design
The differentiation in disposable product design comes with a 2mL capacity, giving you the
thinnest sensation but yet more to discover. An outstanding atomization performance
that reshapes the conventional cannabis vape market.
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All the Features You Need to Know
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    Dose Protection
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    3 Voltage Settings
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    Pre- Heat Mode
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    Formatrix™ Ceramic
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    Dose Protection
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    BioBaleen™ Module
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    Pre-Heat Mode
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    Vshaped™ Design
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    3 Voltage Settings3


Tank Volume:2.0mL

Battery Capacity:280mAh

Output Power:9.8W/8.2W/6.2W

Coil Material: Formatrix™ Ceramic Coil

Central Post: 316L Stainless Steel

Tank Material:Food Grade Plastic (PCTG)

Battery Housing: Aluminum Alloy

Charging:Micro USB

Activation: Button Activation

Tip Type: Snap In

Unique Mouthpiece Design

EDGE 1 is a product that redefines the size of a vaporizer's body versus its mouthpiece ratio. This slim and uniquely large iconic mouthpiece creates immense differentiated appearance value among other cannabis vaporizers. The mouthpiece section accounts for 25% of the overall length of the entire device to provide vapers with a robust and highly satisfying vaping experience.

HHC disposable vape

Cherish Every Drop

EDGE 1 is a 2mL capacity disposable with Vshaped™ Technology Design. It gives a satisfying and cost-effective experience. More importantly, it provides thrust. The large oil tank is hidden internally to give a discreet yet confidence to enjoy every last drop with the V-shaped design.

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Reshape Your Experience

Many factors cause users to have unpleasant experiences using large-capacity disposable, but EDGE 1 differs. Besides all the technology EDGE 1 has, we have added a voltage setting module, dose protection, and pre-heat mode to energize the device. Prevent unwanted temperature situations and grasp the best solution in withstanding the environment. Additionally, we successfully reduce the spit-back issues with BioBaleen™ Module. EDGE 1 gives out the best performance and redefines your experience.

edge 1 diposable hhc vape
More Options Available Now for EDGE 1
Level Up Your Imagination

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Our professional teams will offer you the most insightful and cost-effective advice on various aspects of designing in
material, color, structure and technology, getting your customer a healthy and perfect user experience.

edge 1 disposable vape

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