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About Clogged Problem

One of the significant contributors to your poor consumer experience

When you are taking a hit with your vape and finding out that your cartridge isn’t working can be frustrating. If you struggle to inhale, your vape is likely to be clogged. When a vape cartridge clogs, you may experience overflowing cannabis oil in your mouth or sticky hands instead of silky smooth puffs of cannabis vapor. So, make sure you choose a high-quality vape with professional anti-clogging technologies.

About Clogged Problem

Clogged by Condensation

  • Excessive-temperature-difference

    Excessive temperature discrepancy

    Excessive temperature discrepancy can easily lead to condensation, which may further lead to clogging.

  • Unreasonable-Airway-Design

    Unreasonable Airway Design

    Lengthy or curved airway design is often more likely to facilitate condensation during vaping and accumulating condensed vapor may lead to a clogging issue.

  • Incorrect-vaping-habits

    Incorrect vaping habits

    There is no issue in seeking dense and cloudy vapor, but incorrectly spitting back the vapor into the device during the vaping process can build up condensation formation.

Is your vape clogged because of condensate buildup?

Clogged by Chamber Flooding

  • Improper-Absorbing-Material

    Improper Absorbing Material

    The poor oil-locking ability of the material of the heat generator will easily cause your cannabis oil to leak out. Once the cannabis oil leaks and solidifies when it gets cold, it will block the airway.

  • Long-Term-Non-Use

    Long Term Non-Use

    Chamber flooding occurs when vape carts sit around for a long time. Cannabis extract thickens at room temperature. Over time, the distillate works to the bottom of the cart, oversaturates, and “drowns” the heating core.

  • No-Design-to-Melt-Condensate-

    No Design to Melt Condensate

    Air blockage usually occurs near the heating core. If the condensate blocks the heating core, there is no way to restore the air path without additional melting design. This means that your vape is scrapped.

Is your vape clogged because of condensate buildup?

Potential Factors
Vape Clogged Technical Solution

There are hundreds of possibilities here that lead to the clogging problem. Is your vape okay?

It is crucial to understand that many causes lead to clogged vaporizers. There is more than one technology that can solve your vape-clogged problem.

Producing Process

Create a stabler atmospheric pressure environment to improve the Stability of the vaporizer.

Condensation Forming

Absorb the condensation effectively and reduce the spit-back by 99%.

Vape Clogged

Two separate vaping channels enable the device to be used even when the ceramic heating core is clogged with condensation.

How to Effectively Avoid Vape-Clogging

  • Reasonable Airpath Design
  • Scientific Activation System
  • Good Use Habit
  • Reliable Product Structure
Technical Solution

How Oil Isolation™ Technology Effectively Solve the Clogging Problem

We all know cannabis oil probably leaks into the device through oil inlets. Oil Isolation™ Technology separates the cannabis vaporizer’s oil inlet from the oil tank before thoroughly sealing off the device, so there is no risk of oil leakage during oil-filling process.


How BioBaleen™ Technology Effectively Solves the Clogging Problem

BioBaleen™ Technology is inspired by the nature of the bionic theory that originates from the whale’s baleen feeding concept to resolve the spit-back issue. It mimics whales’ filter-feeding mechanism to separate big fishes from other small fishes and sediments. It is a generational leap of filter silicone cap designed in a brush form using medical-grade silicone to serve as the filter cleaner for vaporizers to adsorb the condensations generated in vaping.


How Duair™ Technology Effectively Solves the Clogging Problem

The clogging problem is a significant bottleneck issue in the cannabis industry for both cannabis vaporizer manufacturers and consumers. With Duair™ Technology, one of the two diverged air channels always remains unobstructed while signaling the pneumatic switch. In the secondary channel, the heating core will heat up to melt the solidified condensation, which will significantly solve the clogged problem.

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