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About us
Know our brand better

Defining and Upgrading Cannabis Vaporization

12 Years Innovation

CILICON born with one dream, to improve everyday lives through vaporization technology, with innovation, enthusiasm, and compassion. We tired of inferior product drives out a high-quality product and mess with the market. Therefore, CILICON founded without compromise on quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. Innovation is in our blood, CILICON derives a game-changing CILICON DESIGNED platform to generate diverse cannabis vaporizer options available for increasing customer brand competitiveness from the crowd. For CILICON, Your Brand Success is Our priority, Your Customer Satisfaction Matters!

Our Foundation
  • Manufacturing Base
  • Patents
  • Skilled Workers
Cilicon cannabis vaporizer industry
To improve lives through vaporization technology with innovation,
enthusiasm and compassion.
Providing innovative and diverse cannabis vape solutions
to cannabis community.
1+1= infinite unlimited possibilities

Growing a successful business is so meaningful and we have no reason to doubt collaboration, communication, and cooperation are the essential things to being successful. We'd love to building and strengthening the cooperative relationship with our clients, instead of just dealing with them. We can proudly say Cilicon cares our staff, our clients, and our future.

Culture & Value
The endless pursuit of innovation

The ambition about being a leader in the cannabis industry let innovation has become the nucleus of Cilicon's culture. Experience doesn't guarantee future results so we're not contented with what we've achieved in the present moment. We keep dreaming bigger and constantly improve ourselves to be our best.

Culture & Value
Accept diversity

We respect different opinions and encourage creative diversity since we firmly believe the unexpected collision of ideas is key to innovation. That's why people with different views, interests, cultural backgrounds, and strengths have been gathered together and encouraged to express their opinions in Cilicon. 

Be humble

Are we doing well enough? Is there a better way to solve this issue? Spending time for reflective thinking is advocated in Cilicon. It's important to celebrate successful accomplishments, but we never stop thinking about how much difference we can make in the world and the lives of others. 

Stay happy and positive

It's enjoyable to work with people who are happy, motivated, and positive. We do believe happiness boosts creativity and efficiency, so we organize diverse events outside working hours. If our member feels more comfortable and focused on remote working, we will support them.