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CILICON® Customization Solution (CCS)
CILICON® Customization Solution (CCS) helps you reach the fantasy you have envisioned
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Transform Your Ideas into Reality
Unleash your ideas with CILICON’s innovation to meet the growing demands
and expectations for the cannabis vaporizers market today!
CILICON® is ready to support your whole business process, Whether you need support to conceptualize your industrial
design, develop product design, or even a major overhaul for your product, CCS is your best solution.
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What Can CCS Do for You?
Explore what CILICON® has to offer for your exclusive cannabis vape representation
CILICON® Customization Solution (CCS) is our dedicated service providing customization options to help our clients achieve
profitable end goals and success. CILICON® emphasizes company's three cornerstones to leverageits capability to its maximum potential.
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Quality Control Commitment

CILICON’s manufacturing site is equipped with industry-leading medical and food-grade components with a reliable supply chain aspect proven to be the best within the cannabis vape manufacturing industry. We are a GMP-certified manufacturer that holds a high standard of safety and high-quality products that are safe for users.

Certification Authority

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Advanced Technology

CILICON® aims to be the leader in the cannabis vaporizer industry. CILICON® has developed several ambitious cutting-edge technologies to protect our client's interests and success. We are confident that our strength in Research and Development will set our partners apart from the rest through advanced technology.

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Design Feasibility

CILICON® grows with collaboration to continuously improve our design and capabilities to establish a reliable industrial design. Our company has rigorously invested in developing industry-standard and competitive industrial design propositions.

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How CCS helps you succeed?
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CCS establishes a team that is exclusively dedicated to serving our customers’ needs with utmost premium services, convenient access to technology inquiries, and professional bits of advice focusing on giving customers a product success journey.
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CILICON® will offer an unexpected combination of leading-edge technology matrix and unique designs to help customers seamlessly turn ideas into product solutions using an industry- leading design platform.
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The cannabis market is similar to the foundry business concept relatable to scale. Once customers increase market share from the current cannabis vaping device market, CILICON® can extend the production scale to meet the growing demand without hesitation to ensure the sustainability of the business.
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Lead Time
For most products that require ODM services, it takes about 77 days from the initial brainstorming process until the completion process turns them into reality. However, certain products may have a shorter lead time. Hence, the lead time of an ODM process up to 77 days, depending on various product particularities and complexity. Upon receiving the placement of an order, discussion of the product requirements will begin until the mock-up is finalized, and the prototype will be produced within 35 days. With the confirmation of the prototype, another 33 days for the manufacturing process involving constant quality control to ensure product consistency.
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    STAGE 1: Project Initiation

    Share your mastermind ideas to with CILICON® team. An exclusive coordinator will help you transform your ideas into reality through every detail of your project such as overall product specification, definitions, project lead time, and quotation.

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    STAGE 2: Branding & Product Design

    (Available Upon Request) Do not cling and dwell on your design! Speak with us to get a branding consultation from our designers who specialize in delivering your needs and fantasy to reality for your consumers' needs. We allow customization featuring different technology matrixes available such as Child-Resistant (CR) and premium packaging design.

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    STAGE 3: Research & Design

    Design and development of prototype at the R&D center full fuction sample.

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    STAGE 4: Mock-Up Sample

    A mock-up sample will be sent once we confirm your final artwork. Standard Lead Time: 35 days.

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    STAGE 5: Manufacturing Quality Control Sample

    Product will repeatedly run through lab tests until it meets our manufacturing quality assurance standard before mass production. Once it is finalized and approved for mass production, a batch manufacturing and production assembly line will be set up to meet ISO and GMP guidelines, with the quality assurance team inspecting the quality control of the products during the production to ensure consistency. On average, the total production lead time is 33 days and may vary upon different types of products. Customers can even keep track of the manufacturing progress via our customer app to feel involved throughout the manufacturing progress.

    • Batch manufacturing at ISO and GMP certified factory

    • Production assembly

    • Repetitive quality control lab test

    • Production leadtime: 33 days (vary upon different product types)

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    STAGE 6: Product Launch

    Upon receiving your first batch of products, our marketing team will continuously follow up with you. To ensure you receive the most optimal product training and various event experiences, that help you guarantee the success of your product launching events.

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    STAGE 7: Product Success

    Your business success is our priority. CILICON® team will appoint an exclusive representative to guarantee your best interest taking care of all critical factors contributing to customer success to secure your product success.

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How Do We Deliver Your Product?
We have partnered with international logistic companies like DHL, UPS, and FedEx to ensure your package arrive at the doorstep safely and securely with the most economical price and efficient time. It usually takes around 7 business days to ship from our warehouse to the delivery address.
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Address: Factory building No.2, Gongye 3rd road, Langxin community, Shiyan Road, Bao'an, Shenzhen, China 518101