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  • What is
    Duair™ Technology?

    Duair™ Technology is a dual airflow technology invented to solve the cannabis oil clogging issue. It symbolizes two segregated air channels, the atomizing channel, and the electrical breathing-actuated channel in an atomizer, making them unlink compared to a single atomizing channel. The primary atomizing channel only simulates the cannabis oil from the oil chamber through the heating device like ceramic coil and air inlet before it releases the vape juice via the airway. Conversely, the breathing-actuated channel contains a microprocessor that is only responsible for sending signals to the pneumatic switch to control the on and off function of the atomizer that activates the heat without involving in the oil-flowing process.

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  • How Does
    Duair™ Technology Work?

    Traditionally, most common cannabis vaporizers contain only one atomizing channel from the oil chamber to the heating device then airway before releasing the vapor to users. Hence, when the only atomizing channel encounters an oil-clogging issue, it becomes inoperable automatically. Users cannot even turn it on to heat the solidified oil to resolve the clogging issue causes users to have to throw the vaporizer away and purchase a new one.


    With Duair™ Technology, two separated atomizing channels prevent users face a deadlock situation. When the viscous oil clogs around the micropores of the ceramic coil due to a lower temperature, cannabis users can easily switch on the secondary Electrical Breathing-Actuated Channel that activates the Breathing-Actuated Switch to signal the heating device to heat and melt the solidified oil obstructing the air inlet.

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  • Why is
    Duair™ Technology noteworthy to integrate into your business?

    In conventional cannabis vape devices actuated by a single air inlet, such an issue disables the device’s usability creating an unsatisfactory cannabis vaping experience and frustration to cannabis users. Thereby, the oil-clogging problem is a significant bottleneck in the cannabis industry for both cannabis vaporizer manufacturers and consumers. With Duair™ Technology, the dual airflow makes the secondary atomizing channel always remain unobstructed. As long as the airflow in the breathing-actuated channel can signal the pneumatic switch, the heating wire will heat and melt the solidified oil clog at the primary air inlet, making your vaporizer outrun other brands in the cannabis market.


    Additionally, when cannabis oil becomes highly viscous, users may unintentionally inhale the concentrated oil residue, which is harmful to their bodies. Dual airflow channels are perfectly adaptive and enable the device to activate even when the ceramic heating micropores are clogged with oil residue regardless of the cannabis oil’s viscosity. It not only resolves the oil-clogging issue but also makes it even more user-friendly and safe for cannabis users throughout the vaping journey. Thus, Duair™ Technology is like investing in double insurance to secure longevity for your cannabis vaporizer picturing it even more quality. These are the reasons and motivations for Cilicon® to invent Duair™ Technology, elevating the consumer vaping journey cost-effectively.

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  • Smooth

    Provide a smooth vaping experience with two independent atomizing channels that secure secondary breathing-actuated paths always remain unobstructed

  • Portable

    Compact size and light weight create portability of the device regardless of its additional technology features integration.

  • Safe

    Healthy airflow that gives you the safest vaping journey. 

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