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  • What is
    BioBaleen™ Technology?

    BioBaleen™ Technology is an innovative technology from the nature of the bionic theory that originates from whale’s baleen feeding concept to resolve the spit-back issue. It mimics whales’ filter-feeding mechanism to separate big fishes from the other small fishes and sediments. It is a generational leap of filter silicone cap designed in a brush form using medical-grade silicone to serve as the filter cleaner for vaporizers to minimize inhaling harmful substances from the remaining oil residue.

  • How Does
    BioBaleen™ Technology Work?

    The BioBaleen™ Technology disrupts the industry’s traditional tank cap by combining both traditional cotton filter and silicone cap as one united component in the form of silicone brush. The supple silicone brushes effortlessly replace the function of conventional cotton filters, which are commonly used to mitigate oil splashes that cannabis vape enthusiasts often inhale by accident while vaping, making it more eco-friendly for the environment.

  • Why is
    BioBaleen™ Technology noteworthy to integrate into your business?

    By combining two significant components, the cotton filter and silicone cap from a cannabis vaporizer, BioBaleen™ Technology can help you to obtain the cost-effective technology while reducing the spit-back issue by 99%.

    Our innovative technology is rigorously tested to eliminate the risks caused by regular cotton-filter based devices, which include:

    • Risk of cotton filter falling off during logistics process.
    • Risk of accidental inhalation of cotton fiber while vaping.
    • Risk of manual oil injection into the central airpath.
    • Risk of the hardened cotton filter due to the change of temperature

    In addition, the technology can effectively avoid oil contamination by the vaporizer residue. The BioBaleen™ Technology is a demonstration of how a tiny-sized breakthrough could make a substantial impact on your daily vaping experience.

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  • spotless

    Thoroughly filters out residue from the oil chamber for maximum purity.

  • Technology_ico_c2

    Oust the risk of unintentional cotton fibers inhalation.

  • smooth

    Eliminating spit-back problem by 99% for a more pleasant vaping experience.

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