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  • What is
    Oil Isolation™ Technology?

    Oil Isolation Technology is a patented technological breakthrough that separates the cannabis vaporizer’s oil inlet from the oil tank before thoroughly sealing off the device. . The oil inlet design is intended to place it underneath the central atomizing tube above the metal holder to insulate the oil from the airflow interaction with the oil in the oil tank that creates gurgling during the oil-filing process, resolving the cannabis vaporizer’s oil leakage issue once for all.

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  • How Does
    Oil Isolation™ Technology Work?

    By moving the cannabis vaporizer’s oil inlet hole away from the oil tank, Cilicon® has omitted the opening from which the cannabis oil may leak due to airflow interaction. After the oil-filing process is done, operators will only push the metal holder and mouthpiece simultaneously during the mouthpiece capping process, and the oil inlet hole will appear through the silicone seal at the bottom of the central atomizing tube into the oil tank. This process allows the cannabis oil to establish contact with the ceramic heating core only when the vape device is sealed off and avoid any cannabis oil gurgle out from the oil tank during the resting time. Thereby, the extension of the resting time for the capping process spurs operators’ productivity, which translates to a higher production cycle and lower labor costs.

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  • Why is
    Oil Isolation™ Technology noteworthy to integrate into your business?

    The risk that commonly occurs during the oil filling process of a conventional cannabis vaporizer is oil leakage. The cannabis vaporizer’s oil intake hole is generally in direct contact with the oil tank. As the oil filling process commences, the injected cannabis oil may leak through any existing opening, including the oil intake hole. Cilicon’s Oil Isolation technology brilliantly burns this bridge down by moving the oil intake hole away from the oil tank before the capping process.


    The oil leakage problem in a cannabis vaporizer remains impending even after the oil filling process completes. In fact, the assemblers need to finish the capping process as fast as 3 to 5 minutes before the oil leakage possibly reoccurs. With Cilicon’s Oil Isolation technology, the resting time between after the oil filling and capping processes is ultimately extended. The lengthier downtime allows the assemblers to fill more cannabis vaporizer’s oil tanks before the next cycle of the capping process.

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  • Stability

    Reduce the airflows to stabilize air pressure in the oil tank.

  • Purity

    Prevent the oxidation risk of the cannabis oil by maintaining minimum airflows in the oil tank.

  • Consistency

    Conserve the cannabis oil’s quality to achieve consistent cannabis flavor.

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