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An Upgrade of More than Just Capacity
Consistent Likes It Supposed to Be
Pursuing longer vaping process requires more durable ceramic heating coil in exchange for consistent flavor without change, which give birth to SOLO 2.
With SOLO2, you don’t need to worry about air blockage, oil leakage, and overburnt taste that other vape pens might have. SOLO 2 is meant to provide users with a stable but robust vaping experience, get you through an immersive vape journey in each puff.
  • 2mL
  • Mouthpiece Material:

    Food Grade PCTG

  • Dimension:

    21.6*9.1*113.5mm(Inhale Activation)

    21.6*9.1*116.5mm (Button Activation)

  • Tank Material:

    Food Grade PCTG

  • Tank Volume:


  • Battery Housing:

    Aluminum Alloy

  • Battery Capacity:


  • Charging:

    Micro USB

  • Coil Material:

    Formatrix™ Ceramic Coil

  • Activation:

    Inhale/Button Activation

  • Central Post:

    316 Stainless Steel

  • Tip Type:

    Snap In

The ‘hit’ effect will be more powerful when the vaping suction is smoother, leading to a more stable and consistent vaping experience. These powerful attributes make SOLO 2 the most anticipated high-volume disposable vaporizer solution among the SOLO SERIES.
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New Ceramic Heating Technology
Family Design and Collected Functional Technology
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SOLO 2 minimizes idle moments by alleviating air clogging and oil leakage issues. The button-activated version allows immediate vaping with an immense vapor cloud. While adopting the genius Duair™ Technology, the breath-actuated version performs the same purpose but with a sparser cloud. Both versions keep SOLO 2 in operation even faces clogging issues or cold weather.
SOLO 2 is powered by the latest Formatrix™ ceramic heating technology that can generate smoother and more consistent vapor through equally-distributed micropores.

SOLO 2 retains the SOLO series design language for your further product pool extension.

Vshaped™ Design replaces the traditional flat bottom design of the oil tank structure using gravity's principle, forcing the cannabis oil to flow closer and smoother to the oil inlet of the central tube to keep the oil tank spotless and sparkly clean!

It even integrates BioBaleen™ Technology that consolidates the traditional sealing-off cap and cotton filter into one round silicon sealing cap designed to reflect whale's baleen to reduce spit-back by 99%. It even serves as a layer of filter protection by preventing cannabis users from inhaling hazardous impurities while vaping, maximizing your lung protection.

Technologies in SOLO 2
Formatrix™ Ceramic Technology
Duair™ Technology
Vshaped™ Design
BioBaleen™ Technology
More Options Available for SOLO 2
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