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Large Volume (Above 3.0mL)

Large Volume (Above 3.0mL)

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Frequent Ask Questions

With the global shift towards the legalization of marijuana, the market for cannabis products has surged. Among these, marijuana disposable vapes have quickly become a top choice for consumers due to their convenience and efficiency. Particularly, the options of 4g, 5g, 6g, and 7g capacities offer a range of choices, catering to a broad spectrum of users, from recreational consumers to marijuana patients.

4g, 5g, 6g, 7g Empty Marijuana Disposable Vapes

These large disposable vapes, available in capacities of 4g, 5g, 6g, 7g, are specifically designed to cater to users who prefer a milder marijuana experience. The larger capacity allows for the inclusion of cannabis substances that are less potent, ensuring that users don’t get too ‘high’ too quickly. This makes them perfect for those who want to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of weed without the intense psychoactive effects.

Cilicon disposable vapes are not just designed for style and simplicity but also aim for an ultimate user experience. Each product is meticulously crafted to provide the best vaping experience. Both the exterior design and the internal technology reflect the top vape solution provider’s commitment to quality and a deep understanding of consumer needs.

Technical Details and Features

Advanced Ceramic Heating and Oil Control Technology

In the disposable vape market, some of the most notorious issues include oil leakage, spit-back, and burnt oil. Fortunately, CILICON has perfectly addressed these problems through its patented technologies. With the Reoregin™ technology, by adopting a lower vaporizing temperature setting and an even heat distribution system, it provides a natural, fast, and explosive vaping experience. The Oil Isolation™ Technology effectively resolves the cannabis vaporizer’s oil leakage issue once and for all. Additionally, the BioBaleen™ technology has been designed to tackle the spit-back issue and minimize the inhalation of harmful substances from the remaining oil residue.

Relationship between Capacity and Usage Duration

The capacity directly affects the vape’s usage duration. For instance, a 7g vape, due to its larger capacity, can offer users a longer usage time, while a 2g is more suitable for short-term or occasional use, like social gatherings or short trips.

Materials and Manufacturing Process

All vapes are made from high-quality materials, such as food-grade plastics and medical-grade 316 stainless steel, ensuring durability and safety. Advanced manufacturing techniques ensure that each product meets the highest quality standards.

Safety and Quality Control

Safety is always a top priority for marijuana vapes. Every product undergoes rigorous quality control and safety tests before hitting the market, ensuring consumers can use them with confidence.

How to Choose the Right Capacity

With a plethora of disposable vape options in the market, determining the right fit based on size and specifications can be challenging. The vape’s size not only determines its holding capacity but also shapes the overall vaping experience, from the strength of the effects to the longevity of its use. Whether a vaping novice or a seasoned aficionado, grasping the distinctions among vape sizes can aid in making a choice that resonates with customers’ desires and daily routines. Here, we explore the characteristics of small, medium, and large disposable vapes to assist in your decision-making process.

Small (0.5-1.0g) Disposable Vape

This dimension is tailored for enthusiasts who lean towards concentrated oils, such as Delta 9 THC. It’s designed for users seeking a robust experience in a sleek package, occasional vape users, and those who relish alternating among diverse oil flavors or strains.

Its sleek structure ensures easy portability, fitting seamlessly in pockets or mini bags. The vape is fine-tuned for those captivated by the effects of Delta 9 THC, delivering a profound experience. Its understated design also appeals to those who value discretion.

Medium (1.1-3.0g) Disposable Vape

The intermediate vape is conceptualized for individuals who enjoy a fusion of Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC. It provides a harmonious experience for aficionados of both compounds and is an excellent choice for habitual vapers who desire a balance in oil volume and device dimensions.

This variant bridges the gap between the petite vapes’ portability and the larger ones’ holding capacity, offering versatility. It’s perfect for users who relish the distinct qualities of both Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC. Plus, its ample oil storage ensures extended vaping sessions without the hassle of constant device changes.

Large (Above 3mL) Disposable Vape

The grand vape is primarily designed for beginners who lean towards milder effects, such as 4g, 5g, 6g, and 7g disposable vape, gravitating more towards the gentle sensations of Delta 8 THC.

Boasting a spacious reservoir, it guarantees extended and uniform vaping sessions. It’s sculpted for those who are inclined towards the softer undertones of Delta 8 THC, promising a gentler experience. Additionally, its larger volume offers potential economic benefits concerning oil quantity and its corresponding cost.

How to Fill the Empty Disposable Vape?

Refilling a vape pen can seem daunting initially, but with the right steps, it’s straightforward. Proper technique and care not only enhance your vaping experience but also prolong your device’s durability. Follow the steps outlined below for an easy refill process:

Step #1: Set the Fill Needle

Place the needle into slot A or B, ensuring you don’t overfill or let any oil seep into the central airflow passage.

Step #2: Snap-in Mouthpiece

For concentrates resembling the viscosity of vegetable oil, fasten the mouthpiece within a 90-second window. For thicker materials, make sure it’s fixed within 3 minutes.

Step #3: Complete the Refill and Lock

Once the mouthpiece is in place, let the device rest for 4 hours before turning it on.

Step #4: Recommendations for Storing and Usage

It’s best to store the pen upside down (mouthpiece facing down) until ready for sale. After taking off the protective silicone cap, aim to use up the contents within two weeks to ensure optimal freshness.

Market Trends and Outlook

Currently, the market for marijuana disposable vapes is growing rapidly and is expected to continue this trend in the coming years. With technological advancements and increasing acceptance of cannabis products among consumers, we can anticipate more technological innovations and market shifts, offering consumers more choices and better experiences.

Where to Buy 4/5/6/7g Empty Disposable Vapes Wholesale?

For vape store owners or brands on the lookout for 4g, 5g, 6g, and 7g capacity empty disposable vapes at wholesale prices, numerous online platforms provide attractive deals. This includes sites such as DHgate, Alibaba, Made-in-China, and Global Sources. Notably, leading vape producers like CILICON offer a wide range for potential buyers.

Our collection of disposable vapes is distinguished by its superior quality and cost-effectiveness. Finding the ideal disposable cannabis vape pen for large-scale orders can be challenging, whether you’re browsing physical stores or online platforms. While many vendors provide wholesale options, we feel they don’t match our all-encompassing approach and unmatched wholesale pricing. With CILICON, there’s no need for endless “disposable vape near me” searches – we cater to all your requirements!