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  • What is
    Vshaped™ Design?

    Vshaped™ Design is an improved design of an oil tank. Cilicon® team designed the bottom of the oil tank as a V shape to ensure that the remaining concentrated cannabis oil slid along the gradient curve, entering the oil inlets easily.

    V shape 1
  • How Does
    Vshaped™ Design Work?

    Cilicon® R&D team redesigns the bottom surface of the cartridge with a V-shape design instead of a flat surface to support the principle of gravity by creating a magnitude that smoothens the oil flow intake. Through the brilliant design of the gradient, cannabis oil naturally flows into the intake holes when the cannabis oil is heated, leaving it zero residues and wastage.

    V shape 2
  • Why is
    Vshaped™ Design noteworthy to integrate into your business?

    Leftover cannabis oil above the flat surface of the cannabis atomizer’s oil chamber resulting in oil wastage has become a frequent complaint among cannabis consumers. This is due to cannabis oil’s high viscosity coupled with the flat surface design, making it move even slower when vapers do not intensely inhale it. Hence, the Vshaped™ Design creates a gradient that increases magnitude facilitates the direction of the oil to the atomizing channel allowing cannabis consumers to enjoy the last drop of cannabis oil without any challenges.

    V shape 3
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  • Spotless

    Optimize the cannabis oil consumption fully to achieve zero residue results.

  • v shape
    Prevent Oil-Wastage

    Maximize the cannabis oil consumption when it is depleting with the extra touch of V slope design, allowing you to consume even the last drop of your cannabis oil.

  • Sparkly-Clean-Atomizer
    Sparkly Clean Atomizer

    The increases in magnitude facilitate the outflow of the cannabis oil to oil inlets fully with no residue, keeping it a clean visual on your vaporizer oil cartridge.

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