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About Vape Leaking

One of the biggest problems in the cannabis vape industry

Do you know the leaky problem can never be avoided? The theory of Communicating Vessels suggests that gravity and pressure will make your precious cannabis oil inevitably flow into the central post through oil inlet holes. Vape leaking occurs when the amount of oil is delivered over the amount you consumed. A reliable product and good consuming habit can help you avoid leaky issues to a large extent.

About Vape Leaking

Vape Leaking in Production

  • Incorrect-Oil-Filling-Process

    Incorrect Oil Filling Process

    Oil-filling mistakes are prevalent during manufacturing, leading to the waste of your precious cannabis oil.

    • Conventional cartridges usually have a tiny oil-filling hole, which raises the difficulty of oil-filling operations.
    • Employee fatigue raises the possibility of filling errors.
  • Unstable-Product-Structure

    Unstable Product Structure

    An unstable product structure can cause cannabis oil leaks from the chamber during production. For instance, if the heating core does not tightly connect with the oil inlet hole, the gap between the heating core and the oil inlet hole would be the leaking channel of cannabis oil.

  • Lengthy-Resting-Time

    Lengthy Resting Time

    The risk of vape leaking rises if the resting time before capping and after the filling process is too long. The theory of communicating vessels can perfectly explain the leaking phenomenon. When the cartridge is not effectively sealed, the atmospheric pressure will push cannabis oil in the oil tank into the central tube through the oil inlet hole and form a leaking phenomenon.

Are you suffering from leaking for any of those reasons in vape production?

Vape Leaking in Use

  • Long-Term-Storage

    Long-Term Storage

    Due to air pressure and gravity, cannabis oil will constantly penetrate the central tube through the oil inlet hole. Therefore, a leaking problem happens if you keep the vaporizer idle for a long time and the cannabis oil cannot be appropriately consumed.

  • Intense-External-Force

    Intense External Force

    Forgetting to place your vaporizer at a safe place during a strenuous workout, or accidentally dropping your vaporizer on the ground. All these behaviors may make your vape structurally damaged and cause vape leaking.

  • Leaking-in-Summer-Heat

    Leaking in Summer Heat

    High temperature melts the sticky cannabis extract fast and speeds up its flow. Unfortunately, this means your cannabis oil will overflow your heating element in a shorter time, resulting in vape leaking.

Are you suffering from leaking for any of those reasons in vape production?

Potential Factors
Vape Leaking Technical Solutions

There are hundreds of reasons here that lead to vape leaking. Is your vape really okay?

What you need to understand is that there’s more than one reason your vaporizer is leaking.  That means multiple technologies are required to solve your leaking problem.

Oil Filling

Make oil filling easier by expanding the filling space.


Extending the resting time for capping by putting the oil inlet hole out of the chamber.

Daily Vaping

Create a more stable atmospheric pressure environment to improve the Stability of the vaporizer.

How to Effectively Avoid Vape-Leaking

  • Simple Oil Filling Design
  • Scientific Resting Time
  • Steady Atmosphere Environment
  • Reliable Product Structure
Technical Solution
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How does Spacxfill™ Technology Reduce the Risk of Vape-Leaking During Oil-Filling

Spacxfill enlarges the width of the oil injection space on the top of the oil tank, minimizing the possibility of leaking issues and oil waste during the filling process by freeing up the top area of the oil tank.

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How does Oil Isolation™ Technology Reduce the Risk of Vape-Leaking on All Fronts?

Oil Isolation™ Technology is a patented technological breakthrough that isolates the oil inlet hole from the chamber before ultimately capping the device. The oil inlet hole is designed to be placed underneath the central tube and above the metal holder, avoiding the leaking problem once and for all by preventing cannabis oil from flowing into the oil inlet hole during the oil-filing process.

Application Cases

Explore more Cilicon Products that employs the latest vape-leaking technical solution

We provide samples to companies and retailers who are interested in Cilicon Technical Solution.

Application Cases
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