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A space where you can distinguish your brand
Get Your Access to Product Exclusivity

CILICON DESIGNED platform aims to provide a cost-effective solution to cannabis vape participators. Customers can invest less capital in product design and gain product exclusivity to test the water. Since many cannabis entrepreneurs lack R&D support and funding, CILICON believes a single technology is not a barrier for a start-up. Still, valuable technologies group itself is critical for brand success. You don't have technology? CILICON designed for you!

Through CILICON DESIGNED, you can have your product outlook design exclusivity with selected technologies and functions to target your customer's need precisely. CILICON DESIGNED wipes your limited budget concern, launch time limit, and spot your brand from an exclusive product. Our effort becomes an exclusive branded product to accelerate your brand development and impress your target audience and business growth.

What You Can Benefit From CILICON DESIGNED
  • Save Money

  • Reduce Product Launch Time

  • Hold Product Exclusivity

  • Support By Advanced Technology

Our Technology
We Bridge You Success to Most Cutting-Edge Vaporization Relating Technology
Our Design, Your Success

Explore Your Exclusive Cannabis Vaporizer

Product Portfolio
Intelligent Oil Filling Space Design
Save Your Investment In A Tinny Innovation
① Reduce labor costs② Increase operational efficiency③ Max injected space up to 6.73mm④ Labor filling friendly
Temperature Control Technology
Manage The Oil Temperature Like Scalpel
① To prevent dry heating when oil runs out② Constantly detects temperature③ Pause working automatically
Child Resistant
Innovative Child Resistant Device Lock
① Ensuring the safety and health of children is the unshrinkable responsibility and duty of all adult.② Concealed twistable switch
Oil Isolation Technology
Reserve The Peak Value of Terpene Profiles
①Capping without time concept and leaking concern②Optimize production efficiency and reduce labor investment③Customer friendly inhale experience④Minimize terpene evaporation
Extraordinary Ceramic Heating Technology
①Born for high viscosity extracts②Narrate your terpene profiles distinctively③Convey aroma coherence④Equilibrium point between inhale and reserve
Dual Airpath Technology
Immediate Concentrate Clogging Solution
①Button press free friendly②Inhale regardless frozen concentrate③Secure the first puff circulation as normal④Second insurance to prevent self-activate