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  • PART I : What is Reoregin™ ?

    Reoregin™ ceramic heating technology is designed for excavating all levels of terpenes’ flavor and aroma by adopting a lower vaporizing temperature setting and an even heat distribution system. Once combining Cilicon’s exclusive mesh heating coil with matched ceramic porosity, every scent molecule in the cannabis oil becomes available to all, letting people discover the most original taste of cannabis oil with full ingredients, while driving a faster vaporizing process.


    It features larger ceramic porosity throughout the ceramic to absorb sufficient cannabis oil in the shortest time—increasing porosity (depending on the microporous diameter and density) by almost 5%, and a 2.0×2.8 mm hollow cuboid in the middle of the ceramic which is fully inset with a larger mesh heating coil to maximize the actual heating area and reduce air blocking issue in the vaporizing channel—superior efficiency of heat utilization. The brand-new breakthrough finally provides a natural, fast, and explosive vaping experience.

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  • PART II : Why is Reoregin™ Ceramic Heating Technology Perfectly Suitable for Live Resin and Live Rosin?

    To fully restore the intense potency and natural flavor (including temperature-sensitive terpenes) of the pricy live resin and live rosin, Cilicon® successfully adjusts the heating (or vaporizing) temperature on the ceramic to the perfect level – decreasing by 30% for live resin and live rosin compared with traditional heating temperature, and pairs it with our exclusive mesh heating coil to make the heat evenly distributed throughout our high-performance ceramic. With the temperature drops, more terpenes could be retained, thus highlighting the natural flavor and aroma of the preserved cannabis oil.

  • PART III : How does Reoregin™ Ceramic Heating Technology Work?

    The elaborate technology adopts higher porosity with a larger microporous diameter to achieve an instant and balanced vaporizing performance, which set the stage for the innovative heating unit – the mesh heating coil.


    The creative mesh heating coil with precise grid areas for each covers the entire hollow ceramic surface, and a lower heating temperature (as the distance between the mesh heating coil and the ceramic surface is shorter compared with traditional helical heating coil) avoid ceramic overburning and embrittlement phenomenon which could destroy the terpene elements, letting the cannabis oil bring out the most original flavor and aroma.


    Combining the feature of the larger porosity and the mesh heating coil, Reoregin™ promotes a higher heating rate, smoother vaporizing channel, even heat distribution, immediate vaporizing effect, and a perfect heating temperature.

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  • Natural

    Lower heating temperature allows terpenes and cannabinoids to be fully vaporized

  • Fast

    Larger heating area makes the ceramic heat smoother and faster, and provides an instant vaping experience

  • Explosive

    Sufficient cannabis oil and instant vaporizing process successfully convey a strong mouthfeel

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