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  • What is Reoregin®?

    Reoregin® ceramic heating technology is engineered to extract every terpene flavor and aroma level by implementing an evenly distributed heat system. It is enhanced by a porous ceramic structure that quickly absorbs oil, while the central feature, a hollow cuboid, houses an expanded mesh coil that not only boosts heating efficiency but also minimizes clogging. This design ensures that that every scent molecule in the cannabis oil becomes available, allowing individuals to encounter the original taste of the full ingredients while driving a faster vaporizing process.

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  • How does Reoregin® Ceramic Heating Tech Work?

    Reoregin® technology uses high porosity and larger micropores for quick, balanced vaporization, complemented by a mesh heating coil for even heat across the ceramic surface. This design prevents overburning and preserves terpenes, ensuring the purest flavor and aroma. Together, these features offer faster heating, smoother vapor production, and more enhanced vaping experience.

  • Why Reoregin® Tech is Ideal for larger-Capacity Vape?

    The mesh heating coil’s efficiency in even heat distribution contributes to the impressive standby time while preserving the delicate terpenes in a large-capacity vape pens. The steady heating temperature and better flavor consistency support long-period heating demand and a smooth vaping experience.

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  • Natural

    Lower heating temperature allows terpenes and cannabinoids to be fully vaporized

  • Fast

    Larger heating area makes the ceramic heat smoother and faster, and provides an instant vaping experience

  • Explosive

    Sufficient cannabis oil and instant vaporizing process successfully convey a strong mouthfeel

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