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FLARE Box1 disposable vape
Release your Potency to Seize the Day

FLARE Box1 is a revelation, the pioneered 3mL disposable vape to integrate a redesigned Reoregin™ ceramic heating system, BioBaleen™ sealing cap, as well as the Smart Heating Control Technology. The launches of Type-C connector and multi-functional button actuated design reinforce FLARE Box1 as a powerful disposable vape pen for cannabis aficionados around the globe.

All the Features You Need to Know
  • Big-Capacity-2A-1
  • Pocket-sized-2A-2
  • Smart Heating-2A-3
    Smart Heating
  • Dimension
  • Tank Volume
  • Battery Capacity
  • Output Power
    5.2W-6.9W (Low)
    6.0W-8.9W (High)
  • Tank Material
    PCTG(Food Grade)
  • Mouthpiece Material
    PC(Food Grade)
  • Central Post
    SUS 304 Stainless Steel
  • Battery
    6063 Aluminum Alloy
  • Activation
    Button Activation
  • Heating Element
    Reoregin™ Ceramic Heating Technology
  • Charging
  • Tip Type
  • flare box1 specifications 1
  • flare box1 specifications 2
Every Part Matters for Your Terpene Profiles
Perfection for all. Everything you need.
  • flare box1 disposable vape features 3
    Where Portability Meets Functionality

    FLARE Box1 is a powerful product solution that satisfies your all imagination of a large-capacity disposable vape pen. It uses advanced vaporizing technology and an integrated box-like product design, providing next-level comfort and convenience. Smaller, lighter, and equipped with improved technology combination, experiencing outstanding vaping just like you seize each precious moment in your life.

  • flare box1 disposable vape features 2
    Get a Feel for 'High'

    The FLARE Box1 is improved and takes everything that is good about Cilicon large-capacity disposable vape. Reoregin™ ceramic heating element inserts mesh heating coil with a scientific ceramic porosity, managing to discover every scent molecule and distributing all levels of terpenes’ flavor and aroma. Such amazing upgraded vaporizing engine and the multi-functional button-actuated system can now support long-period heating demand and keeps high-level flavor reducibility, ensuring better flavor consistency and a smooth vaping experience.

  • flare box1 disposable vape features
    A Breakthrough in Vaporizing

    The thermal feedback mode has been completely optimized by Smart Heating Control Technology. The changing battery voltage in different heating stages lets the heating temperature throughout the ceramic always keep at a steady level, delivering superior and consistent vaporizing performance without additional cost. This heating control system has been tested for thousands of hours to ensure reliability, and the overall heating performance is significantly enhanced once it combines the Reoregin™ ceramic heating core in a large-capacity disposable vape pen.

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