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Slip from The Lightness to The Greatness

Welcome to the redefined world of vaping with EDGE Air1. This slim, curvy disposable vape features Duair™ technology to prevent oil clogging, a BioBaleen™ Module, and a V-shaped™ oil tank for added smoothness. The lightweight structure and extra-large oil window equipped EDGE Air1 will take your vaping experience to the next level!

  • Dimension(mm)
  • Tank Volume
  • Battery Capacity
  • Output Power
  • Tank Material
    Food Grade PCTG
  • Central Post
    Medical Grade SUS 316L
  • Battery Housing
  • Ceramic Coil
    Formatrix™ Ceramic Coil
  • Charging
    Micro USB
  • Activation
    Inhale Activated
  • Tip Type
  • EDGE Air1 Specification 1
  • EDGE Air1 Specification 2
Discover New Ways to Enjoy Moments with EDGE Air1
  • EDGE Air1 Selling point 1
    Free Burden, You Deserve to Enjoy

    EDGE Air1 is a sleek, lightweight device with a unique design on the slope vision window and irresistible rubber paint. Its Duair™ Technology prevents clogging without a button, allowing for all-weather usage.

  • EDGE Air1 Selling point 2
    Portable and Powerful

    EDGE Air1 weighs only 19 grams for portability. With a rounded-edge design and rubber paint finish, it presents the concept of fashion and energy. Its Formatrix™ Ceramic Heating Technology ensures consistent flavor and quality, while its design prioritizes safety.

  • EDGE Air1 Selling point 3
    Ultra Smoothness, Extra Happiness

    The BioBaleen™ Module is designed for spit-back prevention with a promise of a satisfying vaping experience, while a Vshaped™ oil tank makes sure there will be minimized oil waste. Enjoy the happiness with EDGE Air1.

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