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Your Preferred Oil-Filling Expert Cilicon Official Partner Vape-Jet

The partnership between Vape-Jet and Cilicon represents a collaboration between two premier vape-filling technology providers. With their industry-leading automated filling machines, Vape-Jet produces some of the most innovative, cutting-edge solutions on the market and, powered by unparalleled customer support, shows no signs of stopping.


By partnering with Vape-Jet, Cilicon now offers comprehensive product solutions, growing our network of providers, and expanding our market analyses to inform hardware designs down the road. As a one-stop solution provider, Vape-Jet and Cilicon offer guaranteed hardware compatibility and standardized operating procedures, all under the unified mission to elevate your vape cartridge production.

Fully-Automatic Cartridge Filling Machine

Fill entire trays of cartridges quickly, accurately and without transferring into a separate jig. All while preserving the quality of your oil and terpenes with the most advanced cart-filling machine available. The latest evolution of Vape-Jet’s fully-automatic platform eliminates inefficiencies, reduces labor costs, and is backed by our industry-leading support team.

  • icon-01
    Touchscreen Interface
  • icon-02
    Pharmaceutical-Grade Pump
  • icon-03
    Precise Temperature Control
  • icon-04
    Fills Most Cartridge Styles
  • icon-05
    Machine Vision Alignment
  • icon-06
    Easy Clean in Place Process
  • icon-11
    Direct to Tray Filling
  • icon-08
    Dedicated Product Support
Semi-Automatic Cartridge Filling Machine

Depending on your workflow and the volume of carts you’re producing, a fully automatic machine may not be necessary. That’s why we created Jet Fueler; built using the same dispensing technology and materials as Vape-Jet, utilizing foot-pedal dispensation control.

  • icon-01
    Touchscreen Interface
  • Foot-Pedal-Actuated
    Foot-Pedal Actuated
  • Fast-Setup-&-Cleanup
    Fast Setup & Cleanup
  • Precise-Temperature-Control
    Precise Temperature Control
  • Dedicated-Product-Support
    Dedicated Product Support
  • Pharmaceutical-Grade-Pump
    Pharmaceutical-Grade Pump
  • Technical-Troubleshooting
    Technical Troubleshooting
  • Fills-Most-Cartridge-Styles
    Fills Most Cartridge Styles
Cartridge-Capping Machine

Driven by demand and inspired by our intrepid customers, we’d like to introduce you to the Squish-o-Matic 1000, a cartridge capping machine which evenly and precisely squishes entire trays of mouthpieces securely into place.

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    Precise Hydraulic Press
  • icon-10
    Easy to Use
  • icon-11
    Direct to Tray Capping
  • icon-12
    Environmental Control
Vape-Jet: Cilicon’s Solid Support for
Cartridge Production
  • Vape-Jet Provides
    Premier vape-filling automation technology
    Industry-leading product support
    Superior cartridge-filling solutions
  • Vape-Jet Features
    Precision calibrated machine components
    Intelligent software with an intuitive user interface
    Extensive in-house quality control and product development
  • Vape-Jet Support
    1 Year warranty (Valued at $5k)
    Same business day support (Response times as quick as 15 minutes)
    Remote installations, training, support, calibrations
    Proactive machine management
    Helpdesk self-guided resources and support ticketing
  • Partnership Advantages
    Reduced communication, manufacturing, and labor costs
    Premium end-to-end vape cartridge services
    Comprehensive product support
    Proactive machine maintenance and fleet management
    Customer-focused market research and hardware alignment
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