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Cilicon Solo Pro CBN disposable vape pen

Designed by cilicon CBN disposable

Pro Your View, Pro Your Experience

The SOLO PRO inherits everything from the SOLO with improved heating performance and better inhale experience. Equipped with industry-leading Matrexceramic heating technology and innovated silicone filter cap designed by BioBaleen Module, SOLO PRO effectively fastens the heating process and capably reduces spit back by 99%. The employment of high-quality raw materials ensures a high-degree of flavor reducibility from the first vapor to the last. Besides that, the design of panoramic glassy window allows you to see the changes of cannabis oil at 360° view anytime and anywhere. A wide array of extraordinary features results in a much superior vaping experience, that makes the SOLO PRO ideal for a professional cannabis atomizing solution.

  • microfeel technology


  • Matrex™ Technology

    Matrex Technology

  • SOLO Pro central tube

    Central Tube

  • SOLO Pro Panoramic Glassy Window

    Panoramic Glassy Window

  • SOLO Pro mouthpiece


  • SOLO Pro silicon seal

    Silicon Seal

  • SOLO Pro electrode



  • Size


    solo pro CBN disposable drawing
  • Oil Tank
  • Battery Capacity
  • Resistance
  • Intake Hole
  • Heating Coil
    Matrex ceramic heating coil
  • Output Power
  • Charging
    Micro USB
  • SOLO Pro BioBaleen Module

    BioBaleen Module

    Reducing Spit-Back by 99%

  • SOLO Pro Panoramic Glassy Window

    Panoramic Glassy Window

    Revealing When Others Hide

  • SOLO Pro Matrex Technology

    Matrex Technology

    Extraordinary Ceramic Coil System

  • SOLO Pro High-Precision Industrial Design

    High-Precision Industrial Design

    Focusing on Every Detail


Superior Vaping Experience

  • CBN disposable vape pen bioBaleen module

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    BioBaleen Module

    Inspiration from the nature.

    The BioBaleen Module™ designed by Cilicon, is primarily based on the bionic theory as to how whales filter big fishes while feeding. Bases on that, along with a medical-grade silicone, SOLO PRO employs the newest technology to design a new generation of filter silicone cap – Bio-Baleen Cap. The said cap combines the traditional cotton filter and a silicone cap into one which not only is cost-effective, but also reduces spit-back by 99%, in turn eliminating the cause for pollution of oil. All efforts are thus taken in order to maintain the visual purity of the oil all the time. You won’t believe how such a tiny design take such a huge improvement of your every vapor invisibly.

  • CBN disposable vape pen Panoramic Glassy Window

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    Panoramic Glassy Window

    How much oil is left?

    Are you worried about the amount of oil remaining while vaping? SOLO PRO has a thoughtfully designed panoramic glassy window that allows the user to observe oil changes in the device. A clear view of cannabis extract would enable you to check on the oil level, preventing the horrible taste caused by over-burning.

  • CBN disposable vape pen matrex technology

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    Matrex Technology

    Small Coil, Big Expert.

    Employing industry-leading patent ceramic heating technology – Matrex™ technology, SOLO PRO has a professional Matrex™ ceramic heating technology that allows you to consume cannabis oil with superior vaping experience. Equipped with smaller-size and high-quality Matrex™ ceramic coil, and an embedded heating core made by medical-grade stainless steel (316L), SOLO PRO results in an extraordinary atomizing performance and a higher flavor reducibility than ever without the potential risks of heavy metal precipitation.

  • CBN disposable vape pen High-Precision Industrial Design

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    High-Precision Industrial Design

    Shaping your ideal Solo Pro

    SOLO PRO features a sleek design and angular body that is both powerful and alluring. It employs a high-precision industrial design which includes a fine frosted sandblasted and anodized outer layer, with the logo of the brand laser-carved with the same color scheme.

Cilicon Designed

Discover the brand-new faces of SOLO PRO

Cilicon is here to provide multiple customizations from color, windows, mouthpiece and whatever you want to show. Customize as you wish aims to shape your ideal Solo Pro.

solo pro white solo pro green solo pro black
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