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disposable vape FLARE 1
Each Puff is a Gentle Blast
disposable vape pen
  • cbd disposable vape pens
    Button or Breath Activation
  • cbd disposable vapes
    Customizable Oil Tank Window
  • cbd disposable vape
    No Worries for Clogging
FLARE 1 is a market-first button-activated disposable vape pen sophisticated device to deal with various and tricky cannabis concentrate characteristics. The button-activated chip empowers FLARE 1 to be compatible with different oil conditions and consistently delivers the most natural and original flavor in every puff.
  • Dimension
  • Tank Volume
  • Battery Capacity
  • Output Power
  • Battery Housing
    6063 Aluminum Alloy
  • Central Post
    316L Stainless Steel
  • Tank Material
    Food Grade PCTG
  • Coil Material
    Microfeel® Ceramic Coil
  • Charging
    Micro USB
  • Activation
    Button / Breath Activation
  • Tip Type
    Snap In
  • cbd vape disposable
    Button Activation
  • cannabis vape disposable pens
    Breath Activation
FLARE 1 is designed to deliver a percussive cannabis vaping experience through its Microfeel® ceramic heating core and button activation system. Press it to satisfy your need and get high.
cannabis vape disposable pen
On Demand Heating Activation
FLARE 1 is a performance-oriented disposable All-In-One(AIO) with a button-actuated feature.
The built-in Microfeel® ceramic heating core makes the heating process ultra-responsive, and the ultra-fast heating activation system is ready to 'strike' your brain within 3 seconds.
Ultra-robust Flavor
FLARE 1 brings you the ultimate explosive vaping experience through the button actuation and its Microfeel® ceramic heating technology. Gently press the button, and you will be filled with dense, puffy, and flavored vapor.
Ultra-slim Design
FLARE 1 is processed into a square and flat design, surrounded by edges and corners covered with touch-soft rubber paint. The ergonomic design makes it comfortable and easy to hold. The translucent oil window is dissected in a hexagonal gem cut concept, exhibiting the golden color of precious cannabis oil and giving the entire device an ultramodern and elegant visual appearance. The mouthpiece is made of soft food-grade silicone that is perfectly slim and smooth, making it feel intimate to the skin and comfortable to vape.
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On Demand Heating Activation
cannabis vape disposable vape
Microfeel® Ceramic Technology
cannabis vape disposables
Child-Resistant Lock
cannabis vape disposable solution
Vshaped™ Design
Cilicon Designed for FLARE 1
cannabis vape disposable
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