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Cilicon® ELEV Bar1 is an elite disposable cannabis vape with a cutting-edge ladder design that guarantees a fantastic vaping experience. Its ergonomic configuration, Formatrix™ ceramic heating coil, and sensory-pleasing texture ensure comfort, usability, purity, and potency.


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Press-In Version
Snap-In Version – 副本
Snap-In Version
  • Dimension(mm)
    Inhale Activated Version
    Button Activated Version
  • Tank Volume
  • Battery Capacity
  • Output Power
    Inhale Activated
    Button Activated
    High: 7.8-11.1W
    Low: 4.8-7.4W
  • Tank Material
  • Central Post
    SUS 304 Stainless Steel
  • Battery Housing
    SUS 201 Stainless Steel
  • Activation
    Inhale/Button Activated
  • Ceramic Coil
    Formatrix™ Ceramic Heating Coil
  • Charging
    USB Type-C /Micro USB
  • Tip Type
  • ELEV-Bar1-Spec
  • Specifications-3A-2(1)_看图王
Bring ELEV Bar1 to Satisfy All You Want
  • Challenge Popularity and Portability-5B-1
    Challenge Popularity and Portability

    ELEV Bar1 challenges the traditional appearance of a disposable vape pen. It has a smaller size than others but still offers the same capacity. The compact device body eliminates the possibility of a breakable vape pen when they are too slim and hollow.

  • Optimized Filling Space-5A-1
    Optimized Filling Space

    ELEV Bar1 does not require a specific injection needle size. Unlike traditional slim disposable vape pens, ELEV Bar1 can be filled up to 2.2mm wide needle. Say goodbye to the pesky narrative filling space and needle size. Accelerate your filling efficiency now!

  • Easier to Create Brand Identity-5B-3
    Easier to Create Brand Identity

    ELEV Bar1 provides a wide range of customization options, including the mouthpiece’s design, finishing technique, volume choice, and brand information printing. Release your imagination with ELEV Bar1.

Technologies in ELEV Bar1
More Options Available for ELEV Bar1
Level Up Your Imagination

Cilicon DesignedTM platform aims to strengthen your product competitiveness and brand reputation in the cannabis market. Our professional teams will offer you the most insightful and cost-effective advice on various aspects of designing in material, color, structure and technology, getting your customer a healthy and perfect user experience.

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