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ELEV Box-1-A
Freshness and Tasty Flavors at Your Fingertips

ELEV Box6 is a thumb-sized disposable THC vape that works perfectly with Delta 9 cannabis oil. Equipped with a 1/2 mL oil tank and an extra-mini appearance design, it is extremely suitable for various usage scenarios. The Reoregin® technology highly restores terpenes, providing long-lasting potent flavor. The BioBaleen® module with Duair® technology ensures a wonderful user experience by reducing spit-back and oil clogging. Unlock your senses with ELEV Box6!

  • Dimensions(mm)
    56.5H*27.0W*16.0D (1mL)
    63.2H*27.0W*16.0D (2mL)
  • Tank Volume
    0.85ml / 1mL / 2mL
  • Battery Capacity
  • Output Power
  • Tank Material
    Food Grade PCTG
  • Central Post
    Medical Grade SUS 316L Stainless Steel
  • Activation
    Inhale Activated
  • Ceramic Coil
    Reoregin® Ceramic Heating Coil
  • Charging
    USB Type-C
  • Tip Type
  • Specifications-1
  • Specifications2 (2)
Bring ELEV Box6 to Satisfy All You Want
  • A Sexy Thumb-Sized THC Vape-5B-1(1)
    A Sexy Thumb-Sized THC Vape

    ELEV Box6 is a super compact disposable vape that is compatible with Delta 9 cannabis oil. It delivers concentrated and flavorful hits for a premium vaping experience. Enjoy the best anytime and anywhere.

  • Freshness & Potency-5B-2
    Freshness & Potency

    Reoregin® technology extracts every terpene at a lower temperature with evenly-distributed heat. Cilicon®’s mesh coil and matched ceramic porosity capture all scent molecules, for the original taste and faster vaporization.

  • Smoothness, Stability,-5B-3
    Smoothness, Stability, Satisfaction All-In-One

    The BioBaleen® module, integrated with innovative Duair® technology, offers a reliable vaping experience characterized by minimal occurrences of spit-back and oil clogging. This technology combination assures the utmost satisfaction for users looking to enjoy a fluid and uninterrupted THC vape experience.

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