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cilicon vision


Designed by cilicon vape manufacturer

Visualize Your Cannabis Experience

Through innovation we aim to fix the industry pain point, and upgrade our products with no limitations. Matrex technology, the brand new patent ceramic heating technology, designed by CILICON, gives you a brand-new vaping experience. Feel the 360° vision window and V-shape Oil Tank, fix the daily uncertainty of not knowing how much oil is left, and make the burnt taste problems a thing of the past. Additionally, with the CILICON patent design BioBaleen Module, filter 99% of spit-back problems.

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vision white
cilicon vision white
Simply eliminate oil leak, reduce labor cost, maintain most terpenes, also vape like never before!
  •  matrex technology

    Matrex technology

    Extraordinary Ceramic Heating Technology

  • V shape Oil Tank

    V shape Oil Tank

    Every Drop of Concentrate Will Be Consumed

  • Snap In Design

    Snap In Design

    Effective & Efficient

  • BioBaleen Module

    BioBaleen Module

    Reduce spit-back by 99%


  • Size


  • Oil Tank


  • Resistance


  • Battery Capacity


  • Output Power


  • Intake Hole


  • Heating Coil

    Matrex ceramic heating coil

  • Activation

    Breathe/Button Actuated

  • Charging

    Micro USB


What You Need to Know about Vision

Refine Ceramic Coil, The Fresh-Baked Epochal Matrex™ Technology
Visualize Cannabis Extract
Visualize Cannabis Extract
Vision BioBaleen Module

Refine Ceramic Coil, The Fresh-Baked Epochal Matrex Technology

Every sip of vapor is finer, chiller & richer. To maximally reflect your terpene profiles and flavor, Matrex is sintered with special ceramic formula, carefully selected raw material, standard 1200℃ heat, matrix distributed micropore. What Matrex wants is what you want.

Visualize Cannabis Extract

Inspiration from the nature: BioBaleen Module

Clogging is one of the pain points that cannabis community is trying to solve. Meanwhile, the spit-back problem is harassing customers the most. An innovation spark from a creature——Whale. CILICON, the newest patent BioBaleen Module fixes up to 99% spit-back problems, filtering out the big molecule, and providing the best vaping experience at the same time.

Visualize Cannabis Extract

Light and Portable

If your hand can hold a lighter, VISION would be small enough to be handled as well. Take it anywhere with 19 grams little package. Such lightweight and portable make you feel the differences between VISION and others.

Vision BioBaleen Module

360° Visualize Cannabis Extract

See the cannabis extract from 360°, show the quality of extracts, and more importantly, never concern about don’t know how much oil is left, end up with a horrible burnt taste.

Discover the brand-new faces of VISION

Cilicon is here to providing multiple customizations from color, windows, mouthpiece and whatever you want to show. Only aims to shape your ideal VISION.

vision disposable vape pen vision disposable vape vision
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