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A Transformative New Chapter in the Legacy

SOLO Box1 inherits the classic style of the SOLO series which successfully sold over 50,000,000 pcs globally. The device boasts a button for pre-heating and voltage settings, a long-lasting Reoregin™ ceramic coil, and a customizable design that aligns with your brand’s style concepts. Its elevated technology and portability make it perfect for on-the-go use. The sleek and simple appearance coupled with the ergonomic mouthpiece enhances the user experience.

  • Dimension(mm)
    77.0H *39.0W*14.5D (3mL )
    80.6 H*39.0W*14.5 D(4mL )
  • Tank Volume
  • Battery Capacity
  • Output Power
    Low: 2.4V-2.8V
    High(Default): 2.6V-3.0V
  • Tank Material
    Food Grade PCTG
  • Central Post
    Medical Grade SUS 316L Stainless Steel
  • Activation
    Button Activated
  • Charging
    USB Type-C
  • Ceramic Coil
    Reoregin™ Heating Coil
  • Tip Type
  • Specifications-4A-2
  • Specifications-4A-1
Market Proofed High Quality with New Perspectives
  • A-Fresh-Version-of-the-Legacy-5B-1
    A Fresh Version of the Legacy

    Upgrade your vaping experience with the reliable and stylish SOLO Box1. The iconic design, box shape, and impressive performance make it a top choice. With a sales record of 50,000,000pcs, it’s clear that the SOLO series is a staple in the market.

  • Different Needs No Problem-5B-2
    Different Needs? No Problem

    SOLO Box1 offers versatile button functions for different usage scenarios. Its Reoregin™ ceramic core and large oil chamber provide a powerful and long-lasting flavor experience, catering to both casual and avid users’ needs.

  • Unique-Design,-User-Friendly-5B-3
    Unique Design, User-Friendly

    SOLO Box1’s customizable space is achieved through its visible oil window and surface treatments. The minimalist device has an ergonomic mouthpiece, lightweight design, and excellent hand feel for a superior user experience.

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