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How to Dispose of Disposable Vapes?

John Doe

Written by: John Doe

Updated on May 13, 2024

How to Dispose of Disposable Vapes

In an era, where global warming and pollution are increasing, environmental consciousness is getting new highs. The consumers thought process extends from what they are consuming to how they can dispose of what they are consuming.

While disposable vapes provide great convenience to users, they are not suitable for landfill sites. Their composition, chemical-laden cartridges, non-biodegradable plastics, and lithium-ion batteries, pose a considerably high threat to the environment, especially when disposed of inappropriately. Hence, our eco-conscious vapers are always looking for sustainable options for disposing of vaping products to minimize hazardous waste.

Considering the urge of our readers and the necessity of eco-friendly disposal of disposable vapes, we thought to present you with the importance and different methods for disposable vape recycling and disposal. So, keep reading, please!

Importance of Recycling Disposable Vapes

E-Waste Reduction

E-waste or electronic waste, refers to old, outdated, or discarded electrical and electronic stuff such as house appliances, phone chargers, lithium batteries, or anything that includes electronic components. Disposable and reusable both vapes contain one of the most hazardous electronic components — lithium batteries and other electronic components. The lithium-ion batteries contain toxic and highly explosive material. When these vapes along with their detachable or built-in batteries are dumped in trash cans, they often catch fire due to being crushed by the waste processing machines or heat, by being directly exposed to the sunlight.

Vape E-waste

Irrespective of lightning fire, when the contents of batteries leak into the landfills, they cause irreversible damage to land and air. According to BBC News “five million disposable vapes are thrown away each week only in the United Kingdom” and twice the number in the United States. This is extremely concerning, especially when we pay attention to its disposal as most of it never gets a proper disposal and ends up in the public trash cans. It causes humanity two major losses, environmental cleanliness and the loss of precious metals like lithium and other materials that are used in vapes.

Overall, an estimated 10 tonnes of lithium metal ends up in landfills instead of getting recycled. This is a pure waste of a natural resource and demands more mining of lithium, which is not a sustainable practice at all.

That is why disposing of your disposable vapes in dedicated e-waste recycling facilities is extremely important for environmental safety and the future of humanity.

Environmental Conservation

The invention of e-cigarettes has successfully reduced the waste of highly contaminated cotton wicks. But where it solved one problem, it created another bigger one. It increased the weightage of non-biodegradable materials such as plastic, glass, and metals.

Hence, only using disposable vapes does not ensure your role and fulfill your responsibility towards the environment, but what actually does the said, is appropriate disposable technique. It does not take much to dispose of vapes in a sustainable way, just some consideration and a little bit of sorting.

Mitigating Health Risks

As we know vapes contain harmful chemicals, including nicotine and heavy metals like lithium, which when leaked can pose health risks to both humans and wildlife.

Hence, proper disposal and inspection of vape juice tanks and cartridges is necessary before the disposal of these vapes.

Where Can You Recycle Disposable Vapes?

Local recycling center

Local recycling centers are your best bet for reliable and hassle-free recycling of disposable vapes. What you have to do is find a recycling center with some modern machinery and more preferably a dedicated method or process for disposing of disposable vapes.

Recycling Center

Then it is up to you how frequently you choose to dump your e-waste. The best is to collect your disposable vape pens for some time and when they reach a good number then drop them into the e-waste bin of your nearest recycling center. And that’s it, well done you have done your part of the work auspiciously now let the recycling center’s staff do their duty of separating and properly disposing of your disposable vape pens.

Local recycling bank

Local recycling banks are an effort from the eco-conscious community. They are like small stalls that collect portable household electronic and plastic waste and then send that to larger recycling centers.

Local recycling bank

These recycling banks can be seen outside or inside supermarkets, roadsides, petrol stations, or other similar places. However, this is not a sustained solution for the disposal of vape pens as these recycling banks are usually a part of recycling drives or arranged to raise awareness. Hence, they might see you this week or will completely disappear the next week. So, do not get frustrated over it and find a more sustained method for the sake of your vaping desires and this precious planet Earth!

Local vape stores

Yes, some vape stores provide this facility to return empty disposable vape pens to them, when you go to buy new ones. These stores have links with local recycling centers, so they can easily collect your vaping waste and send it to the e-waste recycling management to ease your work.

Local vape store for recycling vape

So, next time whenever you visit your regular vape shop ask them whether they offer such a service or find some new shops that can facilitate you with it.

Supermarket battery bins

These supermarket battery bins are another convenient option to dispose of your vaping devices or lithium batteries that you can detach from your vapes. Further, you can also throw the complete device into them, if they don’t have any written instruction or sign marked on them.

Supermarket battery bins

These bins are also typically available in battery-selling shops to dispose of e-waste. So, have a visit to your nearest battery-selling shops and check them for such stuff and service.

E-recycling centers

E-recycling centers can easily be found near your house. They specifically collect electronic waste and vapes. These centers have specific and suitable methods particularly designed for recycling and disposing of electronic waste.

You can easily find them online or by asking a typical recycling center.

E-waste collection events

These events are again a part of electronic waste collection drives or for raising awareness about e-waste and its hazards to the environment when disposed of inappropriately. They are usually marketed through ads on different social media platforms.

By organizing these events the eco-conscious NGOs or communities help people get rid of their e-waste in an eco-friendly, sustainable way and light up the fire of eco-consciousness in the general public.

The manufacturers’ recycling program

These days when government policies are getting tougher regarding sustainability, recycling programs, and disposable products, disposable product manufacturers are forced to produce bio-degradable and easy-to-recycle products. Hence, some vape manufacturers have developed their own initiatives to reduce e-waste and promote recycling.

Like Imperial Brands introduced take-back recycling schemes for used vapes and pods. BAT has replaced plastic elements in their vapes with some pulp-based alternatives. DotMod, Shanlaan, and Dovpo have launched their own recycling programs through return schemes and Innokin is working on lithium battery utilization programs.

You can check whether your vape manufacturer provides any of these services and if yes, then you can get full benefit of it.

WEEE recycling facility

To regulate the management of e-waste an organization was formed in the year 2003 in the UK. Then later on, in the year 2006, the UK made it compulsory to recycle e-waste. Since then, the WEEE directives have contributed a lot in providing convenient options for electronic waste handling and recycling.

The WEEE makes sure that all the devices made under its rules and regulations do not end up in landfills, instead, their material gets separated and disposed of in a sustainable way.

To dispose of your disposable vapes at WEEE recycling facilities, you just need to make sure that your vapes are classified under WEEE. In simple terms, before buying your vapes, check the packaging for a distnctive crossed-out wheelie bin symbol. If they have this symbol marked on them, you can dispose of or recycle disposable vape pens at your nearest WEEE facilities. It will eventually reduce your household hazardous waste and give you a chance to be proud of yourself for doing something for this beautiful planet Earth.

What Else You can Do to Reduce Vaping Wastage?

Reusable Vapes

You may consider reusable vapes instead of diposable ones. They can be a bit inconvenient, but eventually they appear cost-effective and a more sustainable option for regular vapers.

Sustainable Brands

Try buying from brands who promotes sustainability.

Buy Bigger Bottles

Try buying bigger bottles of vape juice to reduce the number of bottles and packaging.

Educate Others

The best thing that you can do is to raise awareness regarding the hazards of e-waste and disposable vapes in your community. You can motivate others through your actions and sustainable practices.

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