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How to Stop a Vape from Auto Firing: Causes, Prevention, and Fixes

Ethan Parker

Written by: Ethan Parker

Updated on March 10, 2024

How to Stop a Vape from Auto Firing Causes, Prevention, and Fixes

Few things are more frustrating for vapers than an auto firing device. Not only is it incredibly annoying, but it can also be unsafe and waste a ton of e-liquid, depleting your vape cartridge and battery life.

If your vape keeps auto firing seemingly for no reason, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll explain why auto firing happens and provide proven tips to stop it from happening again.

What is Auto Firing of a Vape?

Auto firing refers to when your vape device keeps producing vapor without you actually pressing the fire button or initiating a draw. It starts firing continuously on its own, rapidly depleting your battery and e-liquid reserves. If you want to see auto firing in action, watch this video posted by a vaper.

Essentially, something internal is triggering your device to enter a continuous firing mode, causing it to produce vapor nonstop until the battery is drained and electronic device overheats. In rare cases Letting auto firing continue unchecked can quickly lead to a dead battery, wasted e-liquid, overheating issues, and even fires in rare extreme cases. We recommend that you contact the manufacturer to see if you can get a new device.

Top Reasons and Causes of Auto Firing

While auto firing may seem like a random, unsolvable issue at first, there are actually many common underlying causes that are relatively easy to identify. Knowing the root cause makes troubleshooting and fixing the auto firing issues much simpler.

Damaged, Old or Defective Battery

One of the most frequent causes of vape auto firing is simply a faulty batteries, degraded from age, or defective. As batteries get older through regular use, they can start short-circuiting and misfiring, causing your device to auto fire randomly. Dented, bloated or leaking batteries need replacement.

E-Liquid Leaking Into Device’s Internal Components

If e-liquid manages to leak inside your vape device, even just a small amount reaching the firing button, battery compartment, or other internal components can create short circuits and trigger auto firing continuously. Leaky tanks/cartridges are often the source.

Dust, Debris or Lint Build Up

Dust, pocket lint, or other dirt and debris particles getting inside and clogging up your vape’s firing mechanism is another potential auto firing trigger. Poor basic maintenance like not cleaning your vape regularly allows this gunk buildup over time.

Condensation or E-Liquid Residue Buildup

The hot/cold temperature cycles during vaping can cause condensation to form inside your device over time. This moisture buildup, combined with e-liquid leaks that never gets cleaned out, can lead to short circuits causing auto firing.

Worn Out, Burnt or Collapsed Coils

When vape coils are near the end of their lifespan, the coils can start misfiring randomly, sending rogue firing signals to the device and causing it to auto fire, even after you’ve stopped inhaling. If your device auto fires, it could be poorly made coils.

Neglecting coil changes is a common issue. Alternatively, you can turn to vape devices with state-of-the-art ceramic heating coils, as they are less prone to auto firing.

Stuck or Jammed Fire Button

If the manual fire button on your vape gets physically stuck in the pressed position due to e-liquid getting underneath, debris jamming it, or a mechanical failure, the device will continuously auto fire until unstuck. This is more common in older vapes .This process will help remove any grime, residue, or debris that might be causing the button to stick.

Extreme Hot or Freezing Cold Temperatures

Exposing your vape device to extreme temperatures during storage or carrying it in these conditions can potentially cause components like the firing mechanism to malfunction, leading to auto firing in some cases. Heat especially is a common culprit.we recommend that avoid extreme temperatures

Poor Quality, Cheap Components

Unfortunately, many lower quality and ultra-cheap vape devices use sub-par internal components like wiring, chips and soldering that are prone to failure, causing auto firing and other functionality issues quite frequently. You get what you pay for in vaping.

Faulty Wiring, Failed Chips or Other Internal Defects

Similarly, even in decent quality vape mods, random manufacturing defect or failures with internal parts, the firing chip, or other components can manifest as persistent auto firing that requires professional repair to fix.

Using Improper Wattage or Voltage Settings

Having your vape’s voltage or wattage output set way too high for the resistance of the coils you’re using can potentially overstress the device’s internal wiring and components, causing shorts and auto firing in some cases.

How to Stop Your Vape from Auto Firing?

Once you’ve identified the likely cause behind your vape’s auto firing, you can try these simple troubleshooting methods to stop it:

(1) Switch Off Your Device Immediately

At the very first sign or instance of random, unintended auto firing, power off your vape right away to prevent further battery drain, overheating, and wasted e-liquid. Check your instruction manual if you’re unsure of the proper power off procedure.

(2) Thoroughly Clean Your Vape’s Firing Mechanism

Take your device safely apart and carefully clean out the area around the fire button. The same goes for the 510 thread pin, coil housing airflow ports, and any other critical component contact points can resolve auto firing caused by e liquid leaks, condensation buildup or debris buildup. Use a clean, dry cloth or swab – avoid using cotton ball which can leave behind stray fibers.

(3) Inspect Coils Closely and Replace if Needed

If your tank or atomizer coils look blackened, deformed, coated in crud or generally worn down, it’s likely time to replace them with fresh coils. Built-up residue, cause vapour, or collapsed coils can cause misfiring and auto firing. While you’re changing coils, double check that your wattage matches the coil’s rating. If you encounter persistent issues or are unsure about any steps, consult a professional vape technician.

(4) Let Your Vape Fully Cool Down

If the auto firing vape seems directly related to or triggered by the device overheating during use, the easiest fix is to simply let it cool off completely for 15-20 minutes before vaping again. Heat can cause components to expand and malfunction.

(5) Closely Inspect Batteries and Replace if Needed

Carefully examine your device’s batteries, both the wraps and top caps, for any signs of visible damage like dents, ripples, tears, leakage or corrosion buildup. If they seem old or you notice any worrying signs, replace them with new batteries right away as a safety precaution against auto firing.

How to Prevent Disposable Vapes from Auto Firing?

Only Purchase from Trusted Disposable Brands

To minimize the chances of auto firing with disposable vape, it’s crucial to only buy from reputable, mainstream disposable vape brands with stringent manufacturing quality control and safety standards in place. Too many ultra-cheap, knock-off disposable vape brands have quality issues like auto firing. Buy authentic to prevent auto firing issue and enjoy your e-cigarette.

Keep Draw Activation Sensors Clear

Most disposable vape pens and some rechargeable pod systems use an automatic draw activation firing mechanism instead of a manual button. Periodically check that the draw sensor isn’t obstructed by dust, debris or condensation buildup which can cause unwanted auto firing. It should help prevent and stop a disposable vape auto firing.

Don’t Push Disposables Past Their Limits

Disposables are designed for a limited lifespan – when they taste burnt or weakened vapor production indicates they’re dying, don’t push them further.

Switch to Rechargeable Pod Systems

If you constantly have auto firing woes with disposable vape pens, it may be worth switching to a quality rechargeable closed pod system like Flare X2 or mod instead. While not immune, they do tend to be less prone to auto firing versus disposables.

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