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MYLÉ Micro Bar Disposable Vape Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

Elara Trent

Written by: Elara Trent

Updated on January 22, 2024

MYLÉ Micro Bar Disposable Vape

Micro Bar Disposable Review

Micro Bar is no stranger to the disposable vape market, having found great success with previous starter kits and disposable devices. One of their latest releases, MYLÉ, lives up to its name as an ultra-compact and lightweight option. It features a 400mAh battery promising around 800 puffs of satisfaction from its 2 ml salt nicotine pod packed inside its small cylindrical body.

MYLÉ joins Micro Bar’s extensive lineup of 20 (and counting) pod flavors available across their disposable range. For this review, we’ll look at four of their most popular options on the Myle roster, including Georgia Peach, Red Apple, Mango Ice, and Iced Quad Berry.

Overview of Myle Micro Bar Disposable Vapes

The MYLÉ’s Micro Bar is a small and portable disposable vape device that comes with 2ml of 2% salt nicotine and a 400mAh battery. It is designed to provide you with 800 puffs per bar, making it a convenient and long-lasting option. It is available in 20 flavors, including Iced Quad Berry, Mango Ice, Red Apple, and Georgia Peach. Each pod contains low nicotine salt liquid, said to provide a smooth hit from the first puff to the last.

Myle Micro Bar Disposable Vapes

At just 95.65mm in length and only 24mm wide, the Micro Bar lives up to its name as one of the most compact disposable vapes on the market. Despite its tiny size, MYLÉ has still managed to pack in an impressive set of specs.

The Micro Bar is equipped with a 400mAh battery, ensuring that you can enjoy approximately 800 puffs before needing to replace it, as per MYLÉ’s claim. Filling its 2mL pod is a 2% nicotine salt liquid in your choice of 20 flavors. While pod resistance isn’t specified, the hit provided by the 2% nicotine feels satisfying without being overpowering.

Other nice touches include a simple push-button firing mechanism and a 4-light battery level indicator. The pod itself is sealed to prevent leaking, making the Micro Bar leak-proof and mess-free right up until that last puff. Its rounded and ergonomic mouthpiece also provides comfortable puffing.

But does this pint-sized powerhouse perform as well as larger Micro Bar vapes? Is the price worth your money? Read on as we put the Micro Bar to the test and share our verdict on whether you should spend your hard-earned dollars on it.

How Micro Bar Disposable Vape Works?

Crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy, the cylindrical body of the Micro Bar feels durable yet lightweight in the hand. It’s available in sleek Gunmetal Grey, Navy Blue or Ruby Red hues that accentuate its premium look and feel.

The Micro Bar achieves an ultra-smooth aesthetic appearance thanks to a seamless, buttonless design. A single centrally-located LED light indicates battery level and device status with just a glance. Below that, you’ll find a discreet micro-USB port for simple and hassle-free internal battery charging.

When ready for use, the user draws directly from the rounded, ergonomic mouthpiece. A single press of the recessed side button activates the device to deliver vapor from the sealed pod inside. MYLÉ’s salt nicotine e-liquid is heated and aerosolized without any buttons or hassle to interrupt the vaping experience.

Design Features, Benefits, and More

Design and Build Quality

The design of the MYLÉ Micro Bar is simple and unassuming. Its matte plastic body and matching mouthpiece blend seamlessly together. The rounded sides of the disposable make it easy to hold in your hand, providing a comfortable grip.

Although not the slimmest, the well-contoured mouthpiece allows for a satisfying MTL draw. With a 400mAh battery and 2 ml of 2% nicotine salt liquid, this device is primarily targeted towards TPD areas. However, it’s worth mentioning that the user manual states a capacity of 3ml, suggesting the possibility of larger devices being released in the future.

The flavors of each disposable are indicated by their specific colors. Unlike other disposable brands that use bright and glossy colors to attract attention, these colors are more understated and uncomplicated.

On the front of each bar, you’ll find the ‘MYLÉ’ logo and a prominent ‘Micro Bar’ logo. The back of the bar features the flavor printed vertically, along with a QR code at the bottom. This QR code conveniently directs you to the official website, which is a nice addition.

The disposable’s base has a gentle curve and features two tiny air holes on both sides. These air holes have a delicate droplet design and are positioned next to another MYLÉ logo. A small LED light, located behind the left air hole, illuminates whenever you take a puff and will blink when the vape is empty.

The Myle Micro Bar consists of two components. Firstly, the main aluminum body contains a 250-mmAh internal battery. Secondly, the polycarbonate cartridge holds the e-liquid and pre-built coil.

The Micro Bar cartridge is equipped with a small rubber grommet that effectively seals the fill hole, preventing any unwanted leaks. Additionally, the kit includes two cartridges in case one gets lost or damaged.

Performance and Reliability

Micro Bar has taken a unique approach with their Myle compared to many other products on the market. They have maintained the taste and performance of their other products, including the starter kit pod system.

Instead of following the trend of using artificial sweeteners and excessive cooling in their ‘Ice’ flavors, they have focused on delivering smooth, mellow, and authentic flavors. The smooth airflow on each disposable provides a satisfying amount of vapor.

The slender form factor makes it easy to carry in your pocket, and the comfortable mouthpiece enhances the overall experience. The draw is classified as a medium to tight MTL, which is perfect for those transitioning from smoking. If you prefer extra sweet vapes, these might not be for you. However, if you’re looking for a pocket-friendly disposable offering 800 puffs of laid-back vaping, they are worth checking out.

Vapor Quality

You’ll notice some key differences when comparing the Myle Micro Bar disposable and the Evolab vape. Unlike the Evolab, which uses pre-filled disposable pods, the Micro Bar kit comes with two refillable cartridges. These cartridges are made of durable polycarbonate material, so they won’t easily break if dropped (although it’s still not recommended to drop your mod).

One of the advantages of the refillable design is that you can vape any flavor of e-liquid you want on the Myle. This is a significant improvement over the Evolab, which has limited flavor options. People who use 510 cartridges often prefer the MYLÉ Micro Bar in the Red Apple flavor.

Despite its low output, the tiny coils inside the cartridges deliver flavor and vapor surprisingly well. You won’t experience any muted flavors or metallic aftertaste, which can be common issues with pre-built coils.

Ease of Use

The Micro Bar is truly remarkable because it is one of the most user-friendly mods out there. You won’t find a confusing array of buttons or screens on this device. To enjoy vaping, all you have to do is take a puff from the mouthpiece.

What sets the Micro Bar apart is its air activation feature. As you draw air in through the device, it instantly produces a cool vapor infused with the flavor of your chosen e-liquid.

Refilling the cartridge has never been easier, thanks to Micro’s inclusion of a dedicated filling bottle for the Myle Micro Bar. With its needle nose spout, transferring your favorite e-liquids into the cartridge is a breeze and mess-free. Plus, the rubber stopper ensures a secure fill port, preventing any unwanted leaks or spills.

Popular Myle Micro Bar Disposable Vapes

1- Iced quad Berry


Experience a burst of fruity goodness with a delightful blend of raspberries, blueberries, and juicy blackberries. The addition of sweet, earthy blackcurrants and a touch of cooling mint creates a truly satisfying flavor explosion for your taste buds.

The iced quad berry flavor is a perfect combination of fruits. You’ll notice the distinct taste of blueberry and blackcurrant with a subtle hint of raspberry tartness. This well-rounded berry flavor has a depth that will leave you wanting more. The refreshing touch of cooling mint adds a nice lift, especially when you exhale.

2- Mango Ice


The Mango Ice flavor is absolutely delightful, with its luscious peaches and cream tropical mango taste. What sets it apart is the icy blast of cool that adds a refreshing finish. Out of all the flavors I’ve tried, this one is probably the punchiest and my personal favorite. It strikes a perfect balance between the sweet juiciness of the mango and the underlying cream base.

The cooling effect is not overpowering but rather enhances the flavor beautifully. Unlike other disposables, they have used just the right amount of cooling, so it doesn’t linger on the back of your throat. Overall, it’s a juicy, smooth, and incredibly refreshing vape experience.

3- Red Apple


A crisp autumn morning comes to mind with the first inhale of MYLÉ’s Red Apple pod. Subtle notes of fresh-picked fruit dance on the tongue, with a refreshing tartness reminiscent of biting into a juicy red apple.

As the flavor builds, the authentic essence of the fruit shines through. It’s sweet without being cloying, with an acidic edge that tingles the taste buds. On the exhale, the apple flavor lingers in a clean, mellow way.

Rather than an artificial candy apple taste, MYLÉ has captured the true flavor profile of the fruit. It’s a balanced vape that won’t overwhelm yet satisfies with its true-to-life flavor. Red Apple proves to be an all-day vape, subtly tantalizing the senses each time without losing its crisp, juicy appeal.

4- Georgia Peach


Sun-ripened Georgia peaches come to mind with the first inhale. Their sweet nectar transports the senses to an orchard grove on a lazy summer day. MYLÉ has captured the essence of this classic fruit perfectly.

Rather than cloyingly sweet, it’s a mellow, balanced sweetness with subtle earthy notes. As the vapor rolls across the tongue, the authentic peach flavor blossoms without being overpowering. Even through multiple puffs, Georgia Peach retains its nuanced taste. It’s a smooth, refreshing vape that won’t leave one wanting something more.

This Micro Bar vape proves that sometimes, simplicity is best. It is just a well-crafted peach flavor, as sweet and satisfying as biting into the ripe fruit itself—a true crowd-pleaser for those seeking a mellow, all-day peach companion.

Elara Trent
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