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CCELL Kera Cartridge Review

Ethan Parker

Written by: Ethan Parker

Updated on February 23, 2024

CCELL Kera Cartridge Review

Discover why the CCELL Kera Cartridge stands out in vaping. It offers unparalleled flavor, vapor production, and user experience.

510 threads are trending, and for good reason. They are compatible with most vape devices and stay covered until you start puffing them. When it comes to 510 threads, one brand always wins the race: CCELL. The high-performance ceramic heating core in their 510 thread cartridges is what makes them the apple of the eye of every vape enthusiast.

The Kera cartridge is a 510 thread by CCELL. All CCELL products are crafted with precision and innovation, redefining the standards of the vaping industry. So what sets CCELL Kera apart? It does not just produce impressive vapor—it assures that every inhale is backed by FDA-approved, high-quality materials.  Rigorous safety controls and certifications from the FDA, RoHS, FCC, CE, and UL reinforce your confidence in CCELL Kera.  Want to learn more about CCELL Kera? Let’s get into this detailed review!

What is the CCELL Kera?

The CCELL Kera Cartridge is a full ceramic 510 cartridge that provides a safe and clean vaping experience. It comes in 0.5ml and 1ml sizes and features a snap-fit ceramic mouthpiece and ceramic center post for enhanced performance.

The Kera cartridge is known for its high-quality construction. It utilizes borosilicate glass and zirconia ceramic, which provides pure flavors. Moreover, it also makes it challenging against any corrosion or chemical byproducts during use. The CCELL Kera Cartridge stands out for its elegant design, durability, and commitment to delivering a premium vaping experience with maximum flavor purity.


  • Tank Volume: 0.5ml / 1ml options available
  • Dimensions: Diameter: Φ0.41 inches (Φ10.5 mm), Height: 2.09 inches (53.1 mm) / 2.54 inches (64.6 mm)
  • Resistance: 1.4Ω
  • Compatibility: Standard 510 thread for broad compatibility
  • Attachment: Snap-fit ceramic mouthpiece for user-friendly design
  • Material: Zirconia ceramic center post and Borosilicate glass housing

Key Features of CCELL Kera Cartridge

Below, I’m discussing the ins and outs of the CCELL Kera cart in detail!

Design and Build Quality

The first good thing about Kera is its sleek and robust design. Its highly stable borosilicate glass and zirconia ceramic build give you more than just durability. It gives you pure flavors without any burnt taste. And the fact that it doesn’t use plastic or other plastic in its manufacturing means it’s completely toxin-free.

The meticulous design goes beyond aesthetics, eliminating corrosion and nasty chemical byproducts during heating. That’s the excellence we’re discussing – where form meets function in perfect harmony.

Heating Element Technology

Now, let’s dive into the beating heart of the Kera Cartridge – the innovative CCELL ceramic heating technology. This is the secret ingredient behind those clouds. We’re talking 20% larger clouds compared to your run-of-the-mill cartridges. And guess what? Each puff gives you an average of 5.4mg of Total Particle Matter (TPM), so you get efficiency and performance.

Capacity and Compatibility

Whether rocking a 0.5ml or 1ml tank volume, the CCELL Kera cartridge has your back. And since it has a standard 510 thread, it plays nicely with various vaping devices.

Airflow Control

Another fantastic thing about Kera is its airflow customization. You can control the airflow to get more flavor or clouds. You can adjust it to tight draw for more flavor concentration. And also set it to wide-open airflow for those monster clouds.

Performance of CCELL Kera Cartridge

The CCELL Kera outperforms many other 510 cartridges owing to its efficient build. Thanks to its cutting-edge CCELL ceramic heating technology, you can relish 20% larger clouds than the conventional options.

It not only delivers clouds but also fantastic flavor. As mentioned, the Kera Cartridge is constructed with highly stable borosilicate glass and zirconia ceramic, guarding flavor purity.

No compromises here, as with many other 510 cartridges. You get an unadulterated taste, free from corrosion interference or unwanted byproducts during heating. And the fact that it has FDA, RoHS, and many other safety standard certificates stands to quality.

Moreover, it has a 1.4Ω resistance, so you can ensure you consume the substance efficiently. All in all, it performs well for both new and seasoned vape smokers.

User experience

CCELL Kera cart is my favorite for oil vaping for two reasons.

One compelling aspect is the exceptional performance of the porous ceramic wick, which effectively handles thick oils, a feat beyond traditional cotton vape wicks. Additionally, ceramic vape coils boast durability, as they don’t burn like cotton, ensuring prolonged flavor quality and resilience against damage. Moreover, CCELL Kera is super user-friendly. The Kera Cartridge has a snap-fit design that demands 60% less capping force than its predecessor. So you can say goodbye to unnecessary complexities.

The Kera Cartridge boasts efficient airflow control. Tailor your inhalation experience to your liking, whether it’s a tighter draw for flavor concentration or a wide-open airflow for those majestic clouds. One major issue with carts is leakage. But that’s not the deal with CCELL Kera. Simply unscrew the mouthpiece, put the slightly warm oil in the cart with a syringe, and forget about any leaks. Moreover, it also doesn’t have any clogging issues, as its porous ceramic wick seamlessly absorbs oil of any viscosity.

All in all, you will enjoy the CCELL Kera cart for what it offers.

Pros and Cons of CCELL CCELL Kera cartridge


  • Works well with thicker oils and wax coil, too
  • Borosilicate glass and zirconia ceramic construction make sure you get the perfect flavor
  • Easy to assemble as no press is required
  • Anti-clogging design with adjustable airflow
  • 20% larger clouds powered by proprietary CCELL ceramic heating technology.
  • Snap-fit design with 60% less capping force and customizable airflow for easy use.
  • 1.4Ω resistance for controlled heating, providing efficient and consistent performance.


  • Some users reported compatibility issues with specific devices.
  • Slightly higher initial cost compared to generic cartridges.
  • It may offer fewer adjustable settings compared to some competitors.

Compatibility and Usage

The CCELL Kera Cartridge works well with several vaping devices on the market. It can be confidently paired with devices that feature 510 standard threading.

Moreover, the Kera Cartridge can be paired with CCELL’s battery systems for optimal performance. CCELL has many 510 batteries that work just fine. The Plam Pro, Silo, and Rizo are some of its hot selling 510 batteries with unique features.

Note that the Kera Cartridge works effectively with different voltage batteries. You can choose a battery with different temperatures for more vapor control.

Beyond traditional pen-style devices, the CCELL Kera Cartridge’s standard 510 thread ensures compatibility with various mods and pod systems. So, if you seek diversity in your vaping setups, the Kera Cartridge is best for you.

How to Use CCELL Kera Cartirdge?

Before using the Kera Cartridge, ensure that it is compatible with your vaping device and that the device is fully charged. Gather your preferred vaping substance, whether thick distillate or thinner oil.

Here is how to use CCELL Kera:

  1. Unscrew the mouthpiece from the cartridge to access the filling ports.
  2. Using a syringe or dropper, carefully fill the cartridge with your chosen substance, careful not to overfill.
  3. Once filled, securely screw the mouthpiece back onto the cartridge, ensuring a tight seal to prevent leaks.
  4. Before the initial use, it is best to prime the Kera Cartridge. How? You must allow the substance to saturate the wick adequately before heating it.
  5. After priming if your vaping device has a removable cartridge or tank, carefully attach the filled Kera Cartridge by screwing it onto the device’s battery section. Ensure a snug fit to prevent any loose connections.
  6. Some CCELL Kera Cartridges come with adjustable airflow control. You can adjust the airflow to your preference by rotating the airflow ring on the cartridge. A tighter airflow setting may enhance flavor concentration, while a more open airflow setting can produce more significant clouds.
  7. Once the cartridge is securely attached to the device, activate it according to its instructions. Depending on the device’s design, this typically involves pressing a button or inhaling from the mouthpiece.
  8. With the device activated and the cartridge properly attached, inhale from the mouthpiece to draw vapor into your mouth. Take slow and steady draws to savor the flavor and enjoy the vapor the Kera Cartridge produces.
  9. Monitor the cartridge during use to ensure proper function and prevent leaks or malfunctions. If you encounter any issues, refer to the troubleshooting guide provided with the device.
  10. After use, store the device and cartridge properly to maintain their integrity and longevity. Clean the cartridge regularly to remove any residue and ensure optimal performance for future use.

User Feedback and Reviews

Numerous users have praised the CCELL Kera Cartridge for its exceptional flavor purity. Users appreciate the user-friendly design, bigger clouds, and ability to work with thick oils. Here are some user reviews:

“Perfect for thick distillate, and works for thinner stuff as well. I’ve filled over 20 carts so far and have had no leaks or malfunctions. The quality is fantastic. They’re very easy to fill out, and the price is very good if you buy them in bulk. I’ll be back for sure.”

“No clog easy to assemble, no press required. Wicks thick oil nicely. Excellent product. I would recommend any day!”

Although most users praise it, there were some minor issues with the Kera cart as well, such as:

“…just can’t adjust the tip once it’s on, otherwise not bad, a lot better cloud than the competition that is out there.”

Moreover, some users share a concern about the slightly higher initial cost compared to other cartridges in the market.

While some concerns exist, the overall consensus is that the Kera Cartridge offers a premium vaping experience that aligns with the expectations of discerning users.

Price and Availability

The CCELL Kera Cartridge is available with different pricing options. These often depend on factors such as the seller, region, and any additional features or customization choices. Moreover, pricing may differ for the 0.5ml and 1ml capacity options. In addition, some retailers and distributors may offer discounts or special pricing for bulk purchases. While purchasing it, you may find the CCELL Kera Cartridge positioned at a slightly higher price point because of its premium features.

Where to Buy CCELL Kera Cartridge?

I recommend purchasing the CCELL Kera Cartridge from authorized retailers, including vape shops, dispensaries, and online platforms associated with CCELL. Moreover, you can also explore well-known e-commerce websites specializing in vaping products or directly visit the official CCELL website for secure transactions. Apart from these, local dispensaries and dedicated vape shops may stock the CCELL Kera Cartridge, so you can also make in-person purchases. The good news is that CCELL is dealing online now. You can also explore the official CCELL website.

Alternative Cartridge for CCELL

For those seeking an alternative to the CCELL Kera Cartridge, Cilicon offers high-quality empty cartridges that are perfect for a variety of vaping needs. Designed with the latest technology, Cilicon’s cartridges ensure a premium vaping experience. They are providing a great option for customization. Visit the official Cilicon website for secure purchases and to explore their full product range. Cilicon stands as a commendable choice for quality and reliability in your vaping journey.


The CCELL is one of the pioneers in 510 batteries and cartridges. And this Kera Cartridge is revered by vaping enthusiasts for its cutting-edge technology and meticulous design. It delivers unparalleled flavor purity and vapor production. With user-friendly features and a dedication to safety, it solidifies its position as a top choice for those seeking a premium vaping experience.

Ethan Parker