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Does CBD Oil Expire? How to Extend The Lifespan of CBD Oil?

Updated on December 16, 2023

Does CBD Oil Expire? How to Extend The Lifespan of CBD Oil?

Consumables usually have expiry dates that are put into the labels on the packaging. Cannabidiol oil or CBD oil, like any other consumer goods, also has an expiry date that every cannabis vaper should be aware of. So, how long will CBD oil last? There is no exact answer to this question. CBD oil usually still fits for consumption until 12 to 18 months (Colorado Botanicals, 2020). However, the shelf life of CBD oil can be different from one cannabis vape brand to another due to its unique extraction processes, quality, and ingredients. How cannabis vapers store their cannabis vapes also influences CBD oil lifespan before it goes bad. Although there have been no significant side effects on health found from consuming bad CBD oil (Colorado Botanicals, 2020), it will decrease the vaping experience. Let’s discuss the determining factors, characteristics, and tips to avoid bad CBD oil!

Ingredients and Quality of The Cannabis Plants

The quality and growing condition of the cannabis plant impact the CBD oil’s durability against time. Along with CBD oil, the internal part of the cannabis vape tank also contains many other chemicals, including flavoring agents. This ingredient has its own expiry date that ultimately affects the CBD oil. Thus, cannabis vapers should glimpse on their vape’s ingredient list. Aside from ingredients, the adequacy of the product’s testing phase also determines shelf life. CBD oil that is not adequately tested risks mold, heavy metals, and microbes infestation (Colorado Botanicals, 2020).

Extraction Process: Cleaner or Cheaper?

As mentioned, CBD oil is extracted from a cannabis plant. The extraction methods used are different for each cannabis oil manufacturers. For instance, the most common and preferred method is the CO2 method. Why? Because this method separates the cannabinoids from the cannabis plant in the cleanest way that leaves no toxic residue. Moreover, it is also a sustainable process because the CO2 could be reused for more than one extraction process (Younger, 2020). However, due to budget limitations or retrenchment, some companies still follow through with the process with butane and alcohol. These extraction agents risk leaving traces and reducing the lifespan of the resulting CBD oil (Colorado Botanicals, 2020).


Storing Habits that Makes Good Cannabis Oil Go Bad

Another critical factor often neglected by cannabis vapers is the storage condition of a cannabis vape. For instance, when a cannabis vaper carelessly puts a cannabis vape under heat all the time, it will only help accelerate the decay rate of CBD oil inside the tank. Thus, the packaging design of vape also impacts the CBD oil’s lifespan. The dark-colored glass of the oil chamber makes the CBD oil last longer by protecting it from direct sunlight (Santos-Longhurst, 2021).

Evaluate Your Vape: Some Physical Characteristics of Deteriorated CBD Oil

Now that you know that CBD oil does turn bad, let’s check on your CBD oil cartridges! Cannabis vapers will be able to catch some physical characteristics of CBD oil that have turned bad. First, the unpleasant smell indicates that you need to replace the CBD oil to optimize your vaping experience. A bad CBD oil also has a change in viscosity and color. The CBD oil will thicken and has a darker brownish color instead of golden, as seen in a brand new CBD oil. Last but not least, the taste of the vapor inhaled from the device’s mouthpiece. CBD oil should taste nutty, earthy, and grassy unless artificially flavored. Cannabis vapers, especially regular ones, would notice a change of taste (Santos-Longhurst, 2021).

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Simple Tips to Extend The Lifespan of CBD Oil

The question is, how do we ensure that our cannabis vape lasts as long as it is meant to be? Cannabis vapers can pursue simple measures to extend CBD oil’s lifespan. The first rule is to always put a cannabis vape at room temperature between 16 to 21 degrees Celsius. Most importantly, cannabis vapers should not store their cannabis vaping device near windows where direct sunlight may hit it or any other devices that radiate heat. It is better to stow the device in a dimmed room or dark storage. For the unused CBD oil, cannabis vapers should never forget to keep the lid air-tight to avoid the CBD oil from being exposed to air, which will only make the CBD oil deteriorate faster (Colorado Botanicals, 2020). Aside from air contamination, cannabis vapers need to ensure that the injector is clean to detour bacteria or unknown substances when CBD oil is injected into the cannabis vape tank (Santos-Longhurst, 2021).

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