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White Paper of Cannabis Vape Industry


Chapter 1. Cannabis vaping devices overview

  1. 1. Definition of cannabis vaping devices
  2. 2. The Status Quo of Commercial Cannabis Industry
  3. 3. Industry Policy Overview


Chapter 2. Industry Chain Introduction

  1. 1. Introduction of the Supplier Chain
  2. 2. Introduction of the Upstream Supplier
  3. 3. Introduction of the Manufacturer


Chapter 3. Major Player Analysis

  1. 1. Major Cannabis Vape Hardware Manufacturer
  2. 2. The Driving Force Analysis
  3. 3. The Barrier of Cannabis Industry
  4. 4. The Analysis of the Industrial Trend

The white paper narrows down to the cannabis vaping market from a broad view of the global cannabis market, giving a background on the current size and policies of the major markets and listing the current mainstream product types and their definitions, such as 510 vape, disposable and pod system.

The industry chain of Cannabis atomization industry is sorted out in detail, focusing on the manufacturing chain of Cannabis atomization devices, with a detailed introduction to the upstream battery, PCBA and ceramic companies, as well as an analysis of the key segments of midstream manufacturing companies, such as Ccell, AVD, Maxcore, Pax, Ispire, ALD and BBtank. On top of this, the product matrix and core technologies of the current major hardware manufacturers are organized and analyzed, and based on this, a SWOT analysis of the major players is conducted to provide a comprehensive portrait of the midstream manufacturers. Finally, the industry drivers are objectively analyzed and evaluated from the perspectives of consumer perception change, technological innovation and policy support, and the cannabis vaping industry is predicted to possess a bright future.

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