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BBTANK X Vape Cartridge Review

Elara Trent

Written by: Elara Trent

Updated on January 15, 2024

BBTANK X Vape Cartridge Review

Putting a torch to an all-metal vape cartridge might look like one of the coolest ways to enjoy a puff. But it can do more harm than good. The heavy metals (think arsenic, lead, or mercury) can bleed into your precious vaping oil and the puffs may have a nasty aftertaste. That’s where BBTank X comes into play.

The vape brand has done a bang-up job solving this problem with the BBtank X series. The cartridges in this lineup feature an all-quartz-glass design. The design features a glass vent tube, shell, and tip to house your favorite vaping oil. The cartridge itself is sleek, compact, and leak-proof, making your CBD or THC oil taste pure.

From our initial experience, BBtank X is right up there with top vaporizers. We’re talking DaVinci IQ2, O2VAPE’s O2V-GC, and Firefly 2+. But how does it stack against the popular THC and CBD vape brands? Read on for our full review of BBtank X vape cartridges.

Overview of BBtank X Cartridges

BBTank X is a lineup of all-glass vape cartridges from the popular vaping device brand. You can get a cartridge pre-installed into a BBtank vape device or buy the cartridge itself. It features a 510-thread, no-leak cart that screws snugly into a bevy of batteries. The glass capsule is empty, making it easy to fill it with your favorite cannabis oil.

BBTANK X Vape Cartridge

Aside from glass built, this series sports a premium-built design certified for CE, FDA, ROHS, and FCC. The tank capacity is customizable. You can choose from standard 0.3 ml for thick live resin THC to 2ml full-spectrum CBD oils. With its durable build, this vape pen is built to last, perfect for those always on the go.

Pros of BBtank X

  • Versatile design – The cartridge can be attached to any 510-thread battery bottom, vaporizer, or atomizer.
  • Refillable – Works with a wide range of vaping oils, from thick resin to thin nicotine e-liquids.
  • All quartz-glass design – Say goodbye to nasty-tasting heavy metals.
  • Flavorful vaping – Glass ensures you enjoy the true flavors and essence of your oils.
  • Bang for your buck – The cartridges are affordable both per piece or consumers and bulk for resellers.
  • Lock threading – Enjoy no-leak and no-mess vaping.
  • Quick heat-up – The metallic 510 thread allows consistent and snappy heating up.

Cons of BBtank X

  • Fragile design – Although quartz is durable, the cartridge is prone to breakage.
  • Poor performance – Cartridge may vaporize uniformly.

How BBtank X Works?

Like most cartridges from the brand, the BBtank X has quite an impressive design under the hood. The cartridge body is all-glass with a metallic 510 thread at the recessed bottom. You can screw the underside of the unit to any vape battery mod or vaporizer to get your vape going. The glass chamber can accommodate anywhere from 0.3 ml to 2 ml of cannabis concentrate or CBD oil. The best oil for the BBtank X cartridge would be somewhere on the thick side and blended well to fill up almost the brim of the tank.

BBGEAR ceramic coils rev to vaporize the content of the glass tank. The most compatible vape battery is the foldable model that allows the BBtank X to collapse into the case. The overall design features a single-button operation for changing temp settings and switching on the rig. Click five times, and the heating element will automatically warm up the oil, with the LED indicator lighting up to let you know you’re reading for a puff.

If you fancy a new flavor, you can fill up the tank with your desired oil before you start vaping. Likewise, you can set up the concentrate pod with thick resin and other thick oils. After the device signals that it has heated up, you can just take a puff and enjoy the hits. You should get up to 3000 hits from a single tank fill.

If you’re using the BBtank X vape mod battery, hit the button three times, and it will help you set the temperature setting. This is a superb way to watch how much dense clouds you’re puffing without getting over-boiled. There are no other fancy bells and whistles here.

Top BBtank X Cartridge Design Features and Benefits

Leak-Proof 510 Thread Cartridge

You can forget messy leaks and dripping vaping oil with the BBtank X vapes. The all-glass cartridge sports a precision-finished metallic 510 thread that allows you to fit tightly into the bottom mod. This innovative cart is equipped with advanced leak-proof tech that ensures you enjoy a hassle-free vaping experience. That’s no more gunky fingers and wasted vaping oils. Besides, the 510-thread cartridge compatibility allows you to select from various options that perfectly match your vaping preferences. With this snug-fit thread, you can expect consistent and flavorful heating using the same voltage as other BBtank vape devices (mostly 3.75V).

Lightweight and Portable Design

Depending on the tank size, the BBtank X is incredibly compact. It folds flat into most battery mods and works seamlessly with most vaporizers. You can easily slip the entire rig into your purse, pocket, or palm of your hand.

The 0.5 ml cartridge is only 44mm long and 12mm wide. That’s what we call ultimate portability – you no longer have to lug around bulky vapes that bog you down. That makes BBtank X a great choice for on-the-go vaping and when you don’t want to draw unseemingly attention.

Vapor Quality

If you have used conduction vaporizers before, you’ll go crazy for BBtank X cartridges. That’s especially true if you enjoy the fruity flavors of most popular CBD oils. This rig offers, hands down, one of the best vapor clouds we’ve seen in this category. The puffs are intense and don’t carry those metallic aftertaste and smells.

The most impressive part is the superb flavors that it produces at lower THC potent and temperature settings. At higher temps, you can expect the hits to be dense and chock full of aromas and flavors that came with the oil.

Build Quality and Reliability

BBtank really knows how to design and manufacture high-quality cartridges and vapes. The bbtank x is clearly right up there on its flagship lineup. The all-quartz-glass design is definitely an eye candy. The build quality is much more impressive, with the 510 thread design, recessed neck, and other small details really cropping up.

BBtank itself backs this product with a six-month warranty and has terrific customer support on the roster. Another thing we appreciate here is a personable marketing team with direct telephone reach and email quotes.

The mold tech ensures that the chamber size is tight to help you with correct dosing even at high temps. Aside from dosing control, the oil chamber and contours are downright impressive, especially compared to close rivals. You can really see that a lot of creativity and care went into the design, paying incredible homage to the quartz design.

Ease of Use

While the BBtank X is nothing beyond the cartridge, it offers quite a lot of versatility. It’s a cinch to pick up and get puffing within minutes. It is friendly for rookies with options for customization for seasoned users. Having a vaping session on your own or with friends calls for minimal instructions.

The cleanup for the BBtank X is even easier than Evolab or Davinci IQ2. They fixed any leaks in the design so no gunk or messy build-up accumulates under the metal thread or above the tank. For a quick cleaning, just dab an alcohol-dipped cotton swab to get rid of any residue or grime. Unscrewing the bottom mod is something you can do in seconds. The setup overall is a cinch to use.

Discreet Vaping

When installed on top of a vaporizer or vape device, the BBtank X really looks compact. When folded into the battery mod, it appears quite like a small USB brick or power bank. When vaping, save for the cloud of puffs, those around you will think it is a regular e-cig. However, the rig gives off a slightly stronger flavor of the oils like most conduction-style vapes do, which can make discreet vaping a bit of a challenge.

Alternatives to BBtank X Cartridges

BBtank x series bring a nice roster of cartridges and accompanying vapes. However, this all-glass vape might not be for everyone, particularly if you’re after a rechargeable rig that will last you for years. If that’s the case, consider cartridges from RHYTHM, TRENDI, or CILICON. They offer pretty much the same value for money with different tank designs.

BBTank X Review: Overall Experience

The style, quality, and innovation behind the BBtank X is really straightforward but works. The all-glass design isn’t new but it is a step up for undoubtedly a step up for someone who is tired of metal-tasting cartridges. Our team likes the 510 thread and flavor retention, not to forget dosage control and easier cleanup. Is it worth buying? Definitely!

Elara Trent
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