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Can You Mail Vapes In 2024?

John Doe

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Updated on May 21, 2024

Can You Mail Vapes In 2024?

Yes, you can mail vapes in 2024. Whether, you want to send vapes and e cigarettes to a friend or buy online, it is possible with some vaping manufacturers and mailing companies.

What Types of Vapes are Allowed to Mail?

The vapes are divided into two major catogaries, the nicotine vapes and cannabies vapes. Further, they have different types in each catogery like box vapes, vape pods and vape mods. All of these are allowed to mail with some particular mailing companies while the online sellers are strictly following the rules and regulations.

The regulations involve the fullfilment of these protocols:

  • The seller must verify the age of the buyers.
  • The sellers must use private shipping services. They also need to make sure that the parcel is recieved by an adult.
  • The online vape selling company must be registered with the U.S. Attorney General and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE). This also includes state and local tax administrators and other departments as required based on the local state laws.
  • The seller must take care of the collection and payment of local taxes as required.
  • The seller should be bound to look after the submission of monthly documentation for each state’s tax administrator.

Age verification procedures for vape delivery?

The three most common age verification methods used by the most of the retailers include online purchases, third-party verification services and ID upload.

Online Purchases

In online vape purchasing age verification is always a hassle, but reputable vape sellers do have strict age verification processes. These may include asking for a date of birth and other personal information at the time of checkout to confirm the legal age requirements in the dispatching and delivering area.

Third-Party Verification Services

To reduce their stress some online vape sellers use third-party age verification services. These third-party services do have access to public databases. They cross-checked the information provided during checkout with public records to verify the customer’s age.

ID Upload

Some online vape sellers ask for uploading the government-issued ID, driving licenses, or something similar to verify the customers’ age.

Along with all these age verification methods at the checkout time, the customer is also asked to show his ID issued by the government to verify his age at the time of delivery.

Impact of the PACT Act on Vape Mail

The Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking (PACT) Act has significantly affected and changed how vape products can be mailed. With amendments from the Preventing Online Sales of E-Cigarettes to Children Act (POSECA), the PACT Act now considers all vapes as nonmailable.

The implementation of the PACT Act resulted in the prohibition of vape products through the United States Postal Services. This implementation affected the vape sellers and consumers on a large scale, as due to its implementation the sellers have to look on private mail services which are of course an expensive delivery method with logistical challenges.

Legal Restrictions and Compliances Applied by the PACT Act on Vape Mail:

  • All electronic nicotine or cannabis delivery systems are nonmailable.
  • United States Postal Service cannot be used for delivering vaping products.
  • Online vape sellers must find alternative shipping methods that comply with the laws.

Alternatives to USPS for Shipping Vapes

Private Shipping Companies

After the restrictions on USPS regarding vape mail, private shipping services are the best solution for mailing vape products. These companies provide better privacy, adhere to the current regulations, and matches with the varying needs of the vaping realm.

No matter whether you are an individual trying to mail vape to a friend a family member or a vape distributor, to ensure safe and legal compliance with vape mail consider checking for these things:

  1. Check for customer feedback and ratings of your desired vape mail service provider.
  2. To eleminate inconvenience, understand the shipping provider’s policies on mailing vape products.
  3. Do not forget to compare the cost and delivery speeds to find the best service provider under the budget.

Local Delivery Services

Local delivery services are also an excellent option as they provide age verification at the time of delivery and ensures fats delivery service. These delivery services usually come at a premium price range, but compared to their provided experience they are a nice bet. They provide personalized delivery schedules, age and identity verification upon delivery and direct contact with the delivery person.

However, when selecting local delivery services, it is crucial to make sure that they follow the local laws and operate under the government’s provided guidelines.

International Shipping Options

This option is majorly for vape manufacturers or those brands who want to deliver their vaping products worldwide. The international delivery of vape products goes through the strict safety and legal protocols. Hence, their international shipments require a shipping service that complianced with the international standards of vape mail.

There are a number of international carriers that provide premium and personalized shipping experiences under varying price ranges. To find the best value do not forget to check and compare:

  1. Different carriers market reputation and customer feedback.
  2. They offered shipping rates, especially for regions with strict laws for addictive materials.
  3. Expected delivery time and shipping method.
  4. The carrier does not have any restrictions and easy customs clearance procedures in your desired delivering regions.

Penalties for Illegal Shipment of Vapes and Electronic Cigarettes

USPS Shipping Regulations

The shipment of electronic nicotine delivery systems via the US Postal Service to residential addresses is illegal (exceptions for business-to-business transactions and shipments within Alaska and Hawaii). From October 2021 USPS stopped selling electronic nicotine products, and its violence may lead to hefty fines or prosecutions. The USPS may be liable for civil penalties for shipping vape products. A criminal case against a vape seller is possible and the punishment can range from $500 fines to three months imprisonment.

Federal Offenses

Illegally shipping vape products violates the PACT Act, it results in heavy fines and even imprisonment. Specifically, offenders can face up to three years in prison for each violation, along with substantial monetary fines​.

Seizure and Destruction

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) do have strict regulation for the import and export of vape products. They actively seize unauthorized vaping products at ports of entry. These products are typically destroyed, and importers may face additional penalties and investigations​ due to their illegal methods of importing or exporting vape products.

Ban on Postal Services

The USPS following the legal persuit has implemented a ban on shipping vaping products through the mail to residential addresses. However, USPS still has limited exceptions for business-to-business transactions and shipments within Alaska and Hawaii. Private carriers like UPS, FedEx, and DHL have also followed suit, prohibiting the shipment of vaping products​ to an extent​.

State-Level Penalties

As stated above the vape mail regulations vary from state to state, so along with the compliance with the federal laws, it is crucial to follow local state laws, as their violence can lead to additional fines and legal consequences.

Packaging and Safety Considerations for Vape Shipments

Hazardous Materials Classification

Products that contain lithium-ion batteries or e-liquids are considered as hazardous. As lithium-ion batteries are prone to fire. Their classification as hazardous material imposes specific requirements on packaging and labeling to prevent leaks, spills, or fires during transport.

Battery Safety

To safely secure batteries, it is best to cover their terminals with non-conductive tape and pack them individually in waterproof bags with shock-absorbent material to prevent any cracks and battery bursting.

Leak-Proof Packaging for E-Liquids

E-liquids should be locked in leak-proof containers with some liquid absorbing material, if in case something unexpected happens.

Packaging Requirments

proper packaging that complies with the regulations is crucial to ensure hassle-free delivery and clearance.

The packaging should cover precautions for hazardous materials.

Labeling and Documentation

Appropriate labeling and documentation help in legal compliance and better handling of stuff.

  • Hazardous Material Labels: Packages containing hazardous materials must be labeled appropriately, with clear handling precautions.
  • Shipping Papers: These are documents which must contain the data about the contents of the packages and all relevant information with relevant safety data sheets.
  • Compliance Statements: To eliminate inconvenience the material should contain compliance documents, which clearly state that the material is being legally imported or exported.

Regulatory Compliance

State and Federal Law

Ensure the regulation compliance regarding the shipment of vape products with respect to both state and federal laws.

Regular Audits

Ensure regular audits of shipping practices to stay alligned with the evolving laws regarding vape shipments.

How can you buy a vape online and get it delivered in the United States?

You can not mail vapes or other vaping products including smokeless tobacco products, but you can still get them at your door or delivered right where you want. There are numerous online vape sellers who provide door-step deliveries. However, it has become more complicated due to stringent regulations to prevent underage access and ensure proper tax compliances, but thankfully it is possible!

Here is a comprehensive guide for you describing the complete process of buying vapes and vaping products online.

Select a Reputable Vendor

Always select a reputable distributor or retailer and check customer feedback to eleminate inconvenience and get the best value.

Age Verification

Ensure that the online store uses a valid and robust age verification method same as we described above. This will help both parties to keep themselves away from any legal matters.

Order Placement

Order placement should be smooth and quick, select your desired products add them to the cart and check out. But here keep in mind that you will be asked to upload your governement’s issued ID or driving license to confirm your age, address for shipping your parcel as well as you will be asked to agree with their terms and conditions. It is always suggested to read them carefully before signing up for them.

Shipping Options

As we stated above due to the implementation of the PACT Act and the USPS vape mail ban, most major carriers (USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL) no longer deliver vaping products to residential addresses. However, some vendors have adapted by:

  • Most of the reputable online vape sellers use provate courier services that are specialized in delivering age-restricted products.
  • Some stores partnered with local delivery services to deliver within a certain distance.
  • Some stores provide options where you can place your order online and collect it through your nearest offline store of that brand.

Payments and Taxes

Secure your payment through safe methods and pay the required taxes as well as provide required documents if applicable.

Tracking and Delivery

As soon as your order is placed, you will get a tracking number. Upon delivery ensure an adult signature and stay available for age verification.

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