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CCELL Battery Review: A Comprehensive Guide

Ethan Parker

Written by: Ethan Parker

Updated on February 19, 2024

CCELL Battery Review: A Comprehensive Guide

Did you know that vaping has become popular among celebrities and everyday folks? From Katy Perry to Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio, vaping has captured the attention of trendsetters and ordinary individuals alike.

Analysts predict that by 2030, the industry could skyrocket to a staggering USD 190.00 Billion, with a jaw-dropping compound annual growth rate of 30.6% from 2023 to 2030.

Regarding vaping products, CCELL stands out owing to its ceramic heating element. And that’s why today we will talk about the CCELL batteries. These batteries aren’t just your run-of-the-mill power sources – they’re the Ferraris of the vaping world.

So, if you’re eager to join the ranks of cloud chasers, sit back, relax, and get ready to discover the perfect battery companion for your vaping adventures.

Overview of CCELL


CCELL is not just another player in the vaping market; it’s a trailblazer, revolutionizing the way we experience vaping. Founded by Shenzhen SMOORE Technology Limited, CCELL has established itself as a leading manufacturer of vaping hardware.

CCELL’s dedication to research and development sets it apart from the competition. The company have skilled engineers and scientists who constantly push the boundaries of vaping technology.

And you might not know that CCELL is the mastermind behind the whole ceramic heating elements idea. They were the first to introduce it. CCELL’s ceramic heating elements offer unparalleled purity and flavor, unlike traditional wick-based coils. Moreover, these innovative heating elements boast faster heat-up times and improved longevity.

Moreover, they also tick all the boxes of safety. They produced FDA-approved high-quality materials under extremely rigorous safety control. CCELL products have obtained safety certificates from authoritative quality systems, such as FDA, RoHS, FCC, CE, and UL.

With CCELL, you can vape confidently, knowing that the assurance of meticulous testing and certification processes backs every puff.

But CCELL’s commitment to excellence doesn’t stop there. The company also strongly emphasizes design and aesthetics. It crafts sleek and stylish vaping devices that not only perform flawlessly but also look great in the palm of your hand.

CCELL’s product lineup caters to various preferences and needs, from discreet and portable batteries to state-of-the-art cartridges.

What are the Features of a CCELL Battery?

Some of the starring features of CCELL batteries are:

  • High-Quality Material: All CCELL batteries comprise high-quality materials such as aluminum and other metals.
  • Covert and discrete: All CCELL batteries come in super small sizes. You can get pen-style, rectangular box-size batteries that all fit in your palm.
  • Easy Attachment: CCELL batteries come with an easy attachment. You can either screw them in, or they have a magnetic attachment system.
  • 510 Batteries and Pod Systems: The CCELL has a board range of 510 batteries. However, their pod system batteries do not have much variety.
  • Easy Initiation: All CCELL batteries come with either an inhale activation method or a button activation method. Both methods are easy to start, as you need to press the button five times for the button method and simply inhale for a few seconds to activate it.
  • Stringent Testing: CCELL products undergo rigorous tests in state-of-the-art labs using FDA and RoHS-certified materials.
  • Battery Safety: CCELL batteries undergo strict stability tests, ensuring compliance with transportation safety requirements.
  • Certified Quality: FDA-approved materials and safety certificates from authoritative systems ensure product quality.

CCELL 510 Battery Options

Now, we are coming to discuss the CCELL battery options.


CCELL Battery M3B Plus

The CCELL M3B Plus battery packs a punch with its hefty 550mAh capacity and sleek design, perfect for on-the-go vaping. With three voltage settings, you can tailor your experience just how you like it, and the 10-second preheat ensures every hit is smooth. The child-resistant lock and LED indicator lights make it safe and easy to use. The USB-C charging is super convenient, but some folks might find the button activation a tad tricky.


  • Robust 550mAh battery with compact dimensions for portability.
  • Three voltage settings and 10-second preheat for customizable vaping.
  • Child-resistant lock
  • LED indicator lights for easy monitoring.
  • Compatible with 510 cartridges of any size.
  • Button activation allows precise control.
  • USB-C charging for convenience.


  • Button activation may be less intuitive.
  • Limited colour options.
  • Overcharge protection not specified.


CCELL Battery Fino

The CCELL Fino battery duo is a game-changer with its unique setup. The 190mAh battery + 1000mAh dock combo ensures you’ll never be caught without power. Compact and discreet, with an oil view window for easy monitoring, it’s perfect for stealth vaping. With eight voltage settings and a 10-second preheat option, you can perfectly customize your experience. Plus, the drop-in magnetic connection and inhale activation make it a breeze. USB-C charging adds convenience, though some might wish for more colour options.


  • Steller battery life
  • Compact dimensions and discreet profile
  • Eight voltage settings (0.2V increments between 2.2V-3.6V)
  • Drop-in magnetic connection
  • No button activation
  • Highly intuitive LED indicator lights keep you informed of battery status.
  • USB-C charging for fast recharging.


  • Limited colour options may not suit all preferences.
  • The dock adds bulkiness, which may not be ideal for ultra-portable vaping setups.

CCELL Sandwave

CCELL Battery Sandwave

The CCELL Sandwave battery offers versatility and convenience in a compact package. With a 400mAh capacity, it’s ready for all-day vaping. Its sleek design, measuring just 60H x 38.2W x 16.2D (mm), makes it easy to carry. A slide switch allows you to choose from three temperature settings (2.8/3.2/3.6V) for a tailored experience. Plus, the drop-in magnetic connection and inhale activation ensure effortless use. USB-C charging adds modern convenience.


  • Portable design
  • Three temperature settings
  • No loose connection owing to magnetic drop-in
  • USB-C charging offers fast and convenient recharging.


  • Users may need time to adjust from button-operated devices.
  • Three settings may not provide enough precision for some users’ preferences.



Are you looking for a versatile vape battery? Look no further than this one! Its universal 510 thread and compact design make it perfect for vaping on the move. Enjoy basic two temperature settings, a comfortable grip, and easy USB-C charging. However, it’s not extravagant like some other CCELL batteries and is suitable for beginner vapers.


  • Universal 510 thread compatibility
  • Compact and portable design
  • Two temperature settings
  • Comfortable grip
  • Convenient USB-C charging


  • Limited battery capacity of 280 mAh
  • Limited customization options


CCELL Battery M3 Plus

Another CCELL battery that offers convenience and versatility in a vape battery is the M3 Plus. With easy-switch dual temperature settings, stainless steel construction, and standard 510 thread compatibility, it offers a reliable vaping experience. Moreover, its battery capacity is 350 mAh, which might need more downtime. But it has type-C charging, ensuring it gets up and running soon. Enjoy inhale activation, built-in LED indicator, and compact size.


  • Easy-switch dual temperature settings
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Inhale activated for effortless use
  • Built-in LED indicator for battery status
  • Fast Type-C charging


  • Limited battery capacity may require frequent recharging


CCELL Battery Palm

Are you looking for high-performance in a compact package? The Palm battery delivers just that! With its 500mAh capacity, aluminum alloy housing, and standard 510 thread compatibility, it ensures a reliable vaping experience. Moreover, CCELL also launched an updated version of Palm, Palm Pro. The Palm Pro offers an even better vaping experience. Enjoy inhale activation, magnetic connection, built-in LED indicator, and convenient micro-USB charging in both Palm batteries. Customize it to your liking!


  • High-performance battery
  • Durable aluminum alloy housing
  • Inhale activated for ease of use
  • Magnetic connection for secure attachment
  • Built-in LED indicator for battery status
  • Micro-USB charging for convenience

How to Choose the Right CCELL Battery?

Choosing the correct CCELL battery depends on your specific needs and preferences. Here’s a guide to help you make the best choice:

Consider Battery Capacity

If you’re a heavy vaper or prefer longer vaping sessions without frequent recharges, choose a bigger battery, such as the Palm Pro or M3 Plus, with capacities of 500mAh and 350mAh, respectively.


If portability is a priority, look for compact and lightweight options like the Palm or Fino. These devices are designed for on-the-go vaping with their smaller dimensions and sleek designs.


If you enjoy personalizing your vaping experience, choose a battery that offers customization options, such as the M3 Plus or Palm. These batteries can be customized to suit your style and preferences.


Consider the needed features, such as temperature control, LED indicators, or inhale activation. Batteries like the Sandwave offer temperature settings, while others like the Palm have built-in LED indicators and inhale activation for ease of use.


Ensure your chosen battery is compatible with your preferred cartridges or atomizers. Most CCELL batteries feature a standard 510 thread, so its pretty compatible with most carts.

Charging Method

Choose a battery with a charging method that suits your lifestyle. If you prefer fast charging and convenience, opt for batteries with USB-C charging like the Palm or Palm Pro.


Consider the durability of the battery housing material. Options like the Palm Pro feature aluminum alloy housing, providing enhanced durability for long-term use.

Tips for Maximizing Battery Performance and Longevity

To maximize battery performance and longevity for your CCELL battery, follow these tips:

  • When charging your battery, make sure to use the right charger and avoid leaving it plugged in once it’s fully charged to avoid any damage.
  • It’s also important to keep your battery away from extreme temperatures, as they can mess with its performance and lifespan.
  • To keep your battery in top shape, give the contacts a gentle wipe with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. This helps maintain a solid connection and ensures your battery performs at its best.
  • When you’re not using it, store your battery in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture to prevent any damage.
  • Make sure to use compatible cartridges and chargers specifically designed for your battery model. This will help prevent any potential damage and ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Do not completely drain your battery before recharging, as this can reduce its lifespan. Recharge your battery when it reaches 20-30% capacity.
  • Turn off your battery when not in use to conserve power and prevent accidental activation.
  • Avoid dropping or mishandling your battery, as physical damage can affect its performance and safety.

By following these tips, you can prolong the life of your CCELL battery and ensure optimal performance for your vaping needs.


CCELL M3B Plus batteries offer several options to suit different vaping preferences. Whether you prefer compact portability or advanced features like temperature control, there’s a battery tailored just for you. Selecting the right battery is key to unlocking the best vaping experience. Consider factors like battery capacity, features, and compatibility to find your perfect match.

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