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CCELL M3 Battery Review

Ethan Parker

Written by: Ethan Parker

Updated on February 17, 2024

CCELL M3 Battery

The vaping world has grown a lot, and CCELL is leading the way with cool new stuff. I love vaping and was excited to check out the CCELL M3 Plus 510 Battery. Let me tell you, it blew my mind! It looks great and works even better, giving you a vaping experience that’s hard to beat. The built quality, vapor production, and user-friendly design are all good in this one. In this review, I’m going to take a close look at the CCELL M3 Plus 510 Battery to show you all the cool things it can do. Get ready to find out why this battery is something special.

What is the CCELL M3?

The CCELL M3 is an innovative, slim-profile vaping battery designed for use with 510 thread oil cartridges. It is a leading choice within the vaping community for those who prioritize ease of use and efficiency.

Renowned for its durable build and cutting-edge features, the CCELL M3 ensures a seamless vaping experience, eliminating the need for intricate button configurations or setting adjustments. This device embodies a perfect blend of functionality and minimalist design, catering mainly to those who value discretion and portability in their vaping sessions.


  • Housing: Stainless Steel housing for a durable and premium feel
  • Operation method: Inhale Activated, Buttonless Technology
  • Battery Indicator: Built-in LED Indicator to show battery life and usage status
  • Connection Type: Screw-in Connector with Built-in 510 Thread
  • Cartridge Capacity: Fits 0.5ml and 1.0ml cartridges
  • Power: 3.2v – 3.6v, optimized for efficient vaping.
  • Battery Capacity: 350mAh
  • Size: 10.5 x 76.4mm, compact and portable.
  • Charger: Screw on USB Charger

User Experience of CCELL M3

The CCELL M3 Battery really shakes things up in the vaping world with its super slick design. Gone are the days of fiddling with buttons – with this little gem, you just take a breath in, and it’s ready to go. There is no need to worry about pressing the wrong button or figuring out settings. It’s as easy as breathing – literally. And then there’s this clever little LED light at the bottom that tells you everything you need to know about vaping. It’s like having a mini-guide with you all the time. That little light keeps you in the loop, whether vaping, charging up, or all set with a full charge.

Moreover, charging it up is easy as it comes with a screw-on USB charger. You only need to twist the USB port into it and plug it into the power source. But I don’t like that charger thing much. Why? Because its USB connector is so small, it often gets lost in stuff. But still, it charges up pretty quickly. And yes, M3 does not support pass-through charging, so you have to wait until it fuels up.

And let me tell you the M3 Plus isn’t just any battery; it’s like the turbocharged engine in a sports car when it comes to puffing out clouds. If you’re into chasing clouds and making those big, fluffy vapor rings, this battery has your back. Its astonishing discharge rate means you get a ton of vapor every single time. Whether you’re all about showing off those vapor tricks or you just like a nice, discreet puff, the M3 Plus adjusts to your style like a charm.

The best part? This battery keeps on giving. It’s designed to deliver vapor consistently, so your experience doesn’t just start strong—it stays strong till the last drop.

Pros and Cons of CCELL M3

Pros of CCELL M3

  • The inhale-activated, buttonless technology makes it incredibly easy to use, especially for beginners.
  • It works perfectly with high-viscosity extracts
  • Its screw-in connector sits perfectly with any 510 cartridge
  • Its slim and sleek design makes it convenient to carry around, fitting comfortably in pockets or bags for on-the-go vaping.
  • It recharges in only 30-60 mins.
  • The LED at the bottom keeps you updated about the battery operations
  • The high-quality circuit board and multiple protections ensure safe usage and consistent performance
  • The M3 produces generous amounts of vapor, satisfying both cloud-chasers and casual users.

Cons of CCELL M3

  • The M3 may not offer as long of a usage time compared to batteries with higher capacities, requiring more frequent recharging.
  • Unlike other vape batteries on the market, the M3 does not offer adjustable voltage settings.
  • There is no pass-through charging support, meaning you cannot vape while the battery is charging.

Online Reviews and Ratings of CCELL M3

M3 users appreciate the manufacturing quality and ease of use. Some love it for many reasons.

People often appreciate the inhale-activated, buttonless design, which simplifies the vaping process and makes it accessible to beginners.

Moreover, many users consistently mention the M3’s impressive vapor production, noting its ability to deliver satisfying clouds and preserve the flavor of their oils.

Furthermore, the M3’s compatibility with various cartridges is often cited as a significant advantage, allowing users to choose from various options.

Here are some genuine reviews from Hamilton Devices:

“I have purchased approx 1000 of these batteries over the last 2 years. I have only had 2 failures. They worked out of the box but didn’t recharge. All others work well and recharge over and over. I purchase minimum of 100 so I pay $3.75 each. I’ve tried at least 50 different batteries and brands and I find CCell to have the best battery for the price. Hits well and lights up and no button to push. Just hit and it’s ready.”
Michael F.

“Best batteries out there for any type of 510 thread, ceramic, metal tanks heat distribution perfect for liquidized and pre-made concentrate tanks. These batteries are great little powerhouses. Simple, small, flush with the cartridges. Provides perfect voltage, no burnt taste and max vapor production. Awesome!”
Emmanuel R.

Another user on vapefiend says:

“I recommend this product Highly recommend. Best battery I’ve bought so far. Perfect auto draw feature and gives big hits every time. Very easy to use and portability is high. Only thing I can say negatively is that because of the weight of the cartridge, when compared to the weight of the battery, it can’t stand up on its own, causing it to either fall over, and laying on its side can cause leaking in my experience, but over all if you are glued to your vape like me you will have a terrific experience. Once again, HIGHly recommend for non-tobacco products.”
Hazeydragon from the United Kingdom

Negative reviews often mention problems with battery life and its not-so-extravagant features.

Some users express concerns about the M3’s battery life, noting that it may require frequent recharging, especially with heavy use. A few reviewers mention the absence of adjustable voltage settings or additional features, which may be seen as limitations compared to other vape batteries on the market. While not a widespread issue, a few users report experiencing durability issues with the battery.

Maintenance and Tips

Taking proper care of your CCELL M3 battery is crucial to ensure it performs at its best and lasts a long time. Here are some quick and easy upkeeping tips to follow:

  • Regular Cleaning: Clean the battery contacts and connections periodically using a cotton swab lightly dampened with isopropyl alcohol to eradicate any buildup or residue.
  • Don’t Overcharge: To extend the battery’s lifespan, avoid leaving it plugged in and charging for too long after it’s fully charged. Moreover, you should unplug it from the charger once it’s fully charged to prevent overcharging.
  • Store Properly: When you are not using the battery, store it away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. This way you can prevent damage to its internal components.
  • Handle with Care: Be gentle with your M3 battery and avoid dropping or exposing it to rough handling to prevent damage.
  • Use Compatible Cartridges: Ensure the cartridges you use with the M3 battery are compatible to prevent potential damage or malfunction.

For optimal performance, consider the following user tips:

  • Prime New Cartridges: Before using a new cartridge with the M3 battery, prime it by taking a few dry hits without activating the battery to ensure proper saturation of the wick.
  • Monitor Vapor Quality: Pay attention to the vapor quality produced by the M3 battery. If you notice that vapour quantity is decreasing or its flavor is changing, it may be time to clean the device or replace the cartridge.
  • Experiment with Inhalation Speed: Adjust your inhalation speed to find the optimal draw for your preferences, as this can affect vapor production and flavor intensity.

By following these maintenance and user tips, you can ensure that your CCELL M3 battery delivers consistent performance and an enjoyable vaping experience for a long time to come.

Where to Buy CCELL M3 Battery?

You can easily snag the CCELL M3 battery from tons of online stores and vape shops. It’s everywhere, from big names like Amazon and eBay to specialty vaping sites like VaporDNA, Element Vape, and DirectVapor.

Plus, you might find it chillin’ on the shelves of your local vape shop. Just remember, when shopping online, make sure you’re getting the real deal by checking out customer reviews and verifying authenticity.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for any sweet deals or discounts these retailers might be offering. You could score some serious value for your money!

And hey, if you’ve got questions or need help with your CCELL M3 battery, don’t hesitate to hit up the manufacturer or authorized distributors. They’ve got your back!

With the CCELL M3 battery being so widely available and with all these different ways to buy it, getting your hands on one is a piece of cake. So, kick back and enjoy your vaping experience, knowing you’ve got the perfect battery by your side.

Whether you’re all about the convenience of online shopping or you prefer the friendly vibes of your local vape shop, getting your hands on the CCELL M3 battery is a breeze.

Alternative Battery Brand for CCELL

For those seeking an alternative to the CCELL M3 Battery, Cilicon offers high-quality 510 batteries that are perfect for a variety of vaping needs. Designed with the latest technology, Cilicon’s battery ensure a premium vaping experience. They are available through authorized online and physical retailers, providing a great option for customization.

Visit the official Cilicon website for secure purchases and to explore their full product range. Cilicon stands as a commendable choice for quality and reliability in your vaping journey.


The CCELL M3 battery is a gift of vaping technology to enthusiasts. It offer unparalleled convenience, performance, and reliability. Its user-friendly design, compatibility with various cartridges, and impressive vapor production cater to both novice and experienced vapers alike. While it may have minor limitations, its overall positive reception and widespread availability make it a top choice for anyone seeking a superior vaping experience.

Ethan Parker