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How to Ghost Vape: Vaping Tricks for Beginners

Ethan Parker

Written by: Ethan Parker

Updated on February 29, 2024

How to Ghost Vape Vaping Tricks for Beginners

There’s nothing quite as awesome as having a few vaping tricks up your sleeves. Of course, you don’t have to pour hours and hours into learning complex tricks like the waterfall, the tornado, or the French inhale. If you’re a beginner, the ghost inhale can impress the heck out of your vaping crew and friends.

Ghost vape is one of the easiest tricks for beginners and seasoned vapers alike. It’s fun, straightforward to execute, and doesn’t need additional materials. We love that most vaping devices, vape flavors, and juices can do a bang-up job when it comes to this trick.

Nonetheless, it does require that you have a basic understanding of different inhaling techniques, such as blowing a dense cloud of puff. It isn’t rocket science either, so keep reading our quick guide to learn step-by-step and tips for how to ghost vape like a pro.

What’s Ghost Inhale?

Ghost inhaling is one of the coolest and most fun vaping tricks you can master as a beginner. It creates the illusion of making your thick vapor cloud vanish before reappearing back into your mouth. Unlike other difficult cloud-chasing tricks, even beginners can nail this ghosting technique with some practice.

If you’re new to vape tricks, ghost inhaling is one of the easiest to learn. It requires no elaborate setups or additional materials – just your vaping device and a little skill.

Many vapers consider ghosting to be the crucial first step to more complex vape tricks. From here, you can learn to blow O’s or Tornado inhale.

Step by Step: How to Ghost Vape like a Pro

If you’ve seen pros like VapeChilla do the ghost trick on YouTube with thick spooky clouds, you might think it’s an alien trick. However, ghosting is all about getting the inhale technique right. Of course, some practice can also do the trick and learning this new skill can make you look cool in front of many vapers.

This step by step guide will help you get started on the right foot.

Step #1 – Inhale Properly to Execute a Good Mouth Hit

This isn’t your average lung hit. Instead, you want to take a long yet smooth pull directly into your mouth. Draw a dense, thick cloud of vapor for a mouth hit without involving your nose or lungs. Imagine holding a sip of water in your mouth.

Step #2 – Seal Your Mouth and Hold the Vapor

With the cloud held in your mouth, seal your lips completely and use your tongue to prevent any vapor from escaping. Hold the vapor for two to three seconds. Although the sweet flavors are tickling your tongue, resist the urge to push the puffs into your lungs.

If you want to master this middle part, the key is to create a thick, manageable cloud. To do this, you’ll want to avoid holding the vapor in your mouth for too long. Keeping it in for more than five seconds can make it difficult to control and might ruin your trick.

Step #3 – Resist Coughing

This one is a no-brainer but might be the hardest part, especially for beginners. If you want to resist coughing, don’t take in too much puff. Only puff enough to get plenty of room in your cheeks without choking and coughing. Coughing is the end of the trick. It helps to push your tongue properly with practice to prevent this.

Step #4 – Slowly Exhale to Form a Ball Shape

Exhale slowly the thick vapor cloud in one steady, continuous stream. Push the smoke out carefully while keeping your mouth in a tight O shape to condense it into a round ball shape. This involves simple mouth opening and closing, not puffing out.

Step #5 – Immediately Inhale Again

As soon as the dense vapor ball is clear of your mouth, quickly inhale through pursed lips to suction it back into your mouth before it disappears into the air. This final step creates the illusion of the vapor disappearing into your mouth like a ‘bedsheet ghost.’

Change the wideness of your mouth to tweak the speed of pulling the perfect cloud. For a fast take-in, opening your mouth wide will do the trick. A small mouth opening will give your ghost inhale a more magical vibe that’ll wow your friends, as shown by Danni Vapor here. However, it’s tougher to control.

Other Cool Tips for Mastering the Ghost Inhale Technique

While the ghosting trick itself is simple, executing it flawlessly takes practice and the right technique. Here are the most important ghosting techniques and tips you need to master:

Control Your Inhaling and Exhaling

Ghost vaping hinges on your ability to inhale just enough smoke to create a perfect, condensed cloud when exhaled. Breathe and inhale with the right force and not too aggressively. A well-designed vape mouthpiece can come in especially handy here too.

When exhaling, go slowly and steadily for maximum control over the cloud’s density and shape. Don’t blow too forcefully which can make the cloud fall apart. You want to keep the cloud closer to your mouth.

Work on Your Mouth and Lip Shapes

Using the proper mouth shape and lip positioning is key to a successful ghost inhale trick. Exhale through a small space to mold the vapor into a dense ball and blow O’s that are perfect. When inhaling, purse your lips slightly for recapturing the cloud.

Use the Right Vape Device

Having the proper vaping setup can make a big difference when learning ghost inhale tricks, especially as a beginner. You’ll want to choose your vape device wisely.

The general rule of thumb is that compact disposable vape pens are usually the best option for newbies looking to master ghosting techniques. Their simple draw-activated firing and moderate vapor production are ideal for focusing on the inhale, exhale, and mouth shaping basics without any fuss.

Different Inhalation Technique and Vape Tricks for Ghosting

Most parts of the ghost inhaling technique are a cinch. But you need to adopt methods that work effectively for ghosting. With tongue inhale, you use your tongue to suck the vapor cloud back into your mouth.

Nose inhale involves closing your mouth and inhaling the vapor through your nostril. You can also pull directly. Simply breathe inwards through a small lip opening

Practice Building Tolerance

As a beginner, you may get lightheaded or start coughing when holding a lot of vapors in your mouth and lungs.  It helps to practice using your tongue to hold in the vapor and prevent coughing.

Building tolerance to THC if you’re vaping cannabis can also make for a more pleasant experience. You don’t want to feel dizzy or get too high while doing the ghost trick.

Practice, Practice, Practice

As with any new skill, mastering the ghost inhale trick takes consistent practice and repetition. Ghosting may seem relatively simple, but nailing the proper inhalation technique is crucial for performing it smoothly.

The key is developing the muscle memory for drawing that dense vapor cloud into your mouth, holding it with your tongue, then slowly and evenly exhaling into a tight ball shape – all while maintaining control of your breathing.

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