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Top 10 Delightful Camp Disposable Vape Flavors to Try Right Now

Elara Trent

Written by: Elara Trent

Updated on January 16, 2024

Camp Disposable Vape Flavors

With cannabis already legal in 24 (and counting) states in the US, disposable vapes are becoming a great way to get a little high while beating the urge to smoke. Camp disposable vape products are right up there for their rich flavor profiles, and cannabis concentrates that pack a punch, with THC levels hitting nearly 90%.

Whether you are a newbie trying to get your feet wet in the world of cannabis vaping or a seasoned veteran looking to try something delicious, Camp has flavors that will knock your taste buds out of the pack. We have done the legwork and put together this curated list of the 10 best Camp disposable vape flavors you should try in 2024. Each flavor profile will give your buds a sensory experience, making your buzz more colorful and aromatic.

Overview of CAMP

CAMP, a cannabis brand based in Nevada, began offering the first batch of solventless cannabis extract products in the state in 2019. Known for their exceptionally high product quality, they use only natural methods and elements such as heat, ice water, and pressure to keep their products as close to the cannabis flower as possible. CAMP carefully selects specific strains rich in terpenes, using the buds from these strains to produce live rosin, hash rosin, flower rosin, ice-water hash rosin, and CAMP disposable vape pens.

The award-winning brand, recognized by High Times, Jack Herer, and Las Vegas Weekly, is committed to innovation. In 2019, CAMP pioneered the launch of solventless rosin cartridges in Nevada, using only heat and pressure. Since then, they have expanded their product line to include edibles, starting with gummies and continually adding selections such as infused chocolates.

The CAMP Collections

Discover the essence of cannabis with CAMP’s exclusive line of solventless concentrates, meticulously crafted to preserve the pure flavor and premium quality of the natural plant material. From the heart of the strain to the palm of your hand, each product in CAMP collection bears the signature of the cannabis strain it originates from, ensuring a diverse array of options and unique strain designations. Elevate your experience with these collections, which includes:

  • CAMP Disposable Vape Pens
  • Live Rosin CAMP Vape Pens
  • Flower Rosin CAMP Vape Pens
  • CAMP Live Rosin Concentrates
  • CAMP Flower Rosin Concentrates
  • CAMP Ice Water Hash Concentrates

Top 10 Delightful Camp Disposable Vape Flavors

1. True Mints Live Rosin Disposable

True Mints Live Rosin Disposable

As the name suggests, this Camp disposable vape features a classic minty flavor that hits your taste buds with a mint-chocolatey aroma. That makes a perfect toke to enjoy a fantastic winter afternoon or evening when you need to awaken your senses with a rich high.

The vaporizer clearly shows that Camp has nailed its premium cannabis experience. The flower rosin extract shines through each hit, which makes sense because this vape is designed for seasoned vapers looking for a top-shelf vaping experience.

CAMP’s meticulous extraction process is what makes this product stand out. They carefully freeze selected flower buds and store them at subcritical temperatures to capture the complete range of terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. The process not only preserves the cannabis essence but also marries well with the minty flavor. This level of attention to detail guarantees a rich and flavorful rosin product that maintains the oil’s integrity.

If you are a heavy hitter, this a perfect vape and flavor for you, as the THC levels crank up to a little shy of 74%. The hybrid strain provides a harmonious blend of potency and balance, perfect for tranquil calm and relaxation. It’s just right when you want to kick back and unwind after a day-long being yelled at by your boss or bogged down by life.

2. Dark Rainbow Live Rosin Disposable

This disposable vape from CAMP comes in eye-catching off-white, orange, and brown colors. Extracted from flash-frozen flowers, its live rosin oil highlights the unique terpene profile of the Dark Rainbow strain. We are talking about a rich terpene profile that includes Limonene (citrusy flavor), beta-caryophyllene, and humulene. As a regular vaper, this Camp disposable vape delivers uplifting effects alongside a relaxing body high.

Coming in at over 73% THC, this potent disposable is perfect for those seeking an energetic yet soothing cannabis vaping experience. As with all their products, CAMP takes great care in producing only the highest quality solventless extracts for the cannabis connoisseur.

The Camp disposable vape offers a bevy of tastes and aromas when all’s said and done. From the zesty citrus notes of Limonene to the earthy undertones of beta-caryophyllene, each puff tantalizes the palate and ignites the senses.

3. First Class Funk Ice Water Hash Rosin Disposable

This Camp disposable vape contains a potent solventless extract using an ice-water hash process. The trichomes (cannabis flowers) are frozen from the plant material using purified water and ice and then separated through mesh screens. This preserves the highest quality cannabinoids and terpenes without heavy metals, toxins, and other chemicals.

The ice water hash oil is not only rich in terpenes and cannabinoids for entourage effects but also packs over 77% THC and a trace of CBD. The vape delivers intense vapors with earthy notes of AlphaPinene, lemony Limonene, and clove-smelling BetaCaryophyllene with a smooth, relaxing, yet powerful high. The First Class Funk provides a true full-spectrum experience from start to finish.

The terpenes contribute to the strain’s distinct aroma and flavor, enhancing the sensory experience. As with all their products, the brand takes great care in producing only the highest quality solventless extracts for people with established palates.

4. Pineapple Sorbet Flower Rosin Cartridge

Pineapple Sorbet Flower Rosin Cartridge

With this Camp disposable vape pen, the brand introduces a hybrid cannabis strain crafted to give you a feeling of relaxing high. The THC potency revs at 85.38%, promising a solid yet balanced vaping experience that will knock your socks off.

As its name suggests, this one-off cartridge delivers a true tropical pineapple sorbet flavor profile. The flavor is as delightful as it sounds. It sports bold notes of fresh pineapple that marry well with a light creamy texture for a truly refreshing and fruity vape.

Extracted using heat and pressure on cured cannabis buds, CAMP’s solventless rosin process preserves the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes for an entourage effect. The combination mellows out some of the tanginess of pineapple while allowing the fruit flavor to shine through. It’s a refreshing and fruity vaping option that is sure to tantalize the taste buds. Great for hot summer days or breezy fall evenings on your front porch.

5. Marshmellow Wings Live Rosin Disposable

Right off the bat, this disposable vape comes in colors of orange, off-white, and brown that appeal to your eyes. Each puff delivers a delightful mix of aromas and flavors that invites you to take a soothing relaxation with a powerful high driven by 76.96% THC.

Camp’s Marshmellow Wings offers a truly unique experience with terpenes on the center stage. With its bold limonene content, expect a rush of citrus to come through on each inhale, reminding your taste buds of fresh lime or lemon—undertones of sweet earthiness and resin from beta-myrcene blend beautifully with the Limonene.

Hints of piney sap and evergreen from the alpha-pinene add a serious layer to the intricate flavor profile. Together, the entourage of cannabinoids and terpenes deliver flavorful puffs that are complex yet memorable. The solventless extraction method ensures these delicate flavors are retained every step of the way. With each hit, you’ll love the earthy and musky notes from Camphene and the citrusy aftertaste. This tropical flavor is sure to transport you to a beach paradise.

6. Pure Love Flower Rosin Disposable

With Pure Love Flower Rosin, you will enjoy an energetic and uplifting experience of Camp disposable vape. It is designed to elevate your spirits and invigorate your senses, making it perfect for the end of the day when you’re exhausted and deflated. This terpene-driven cartridge features a THC potency of 61.05% and a CBD content of 19.85% for a balanced vaping experience that brings clarity and calm tranquility.

When the puffs first hit the roof of your mouth, you will taste a dance of floral notes of jasmine and lavender bloom on the palate. Their natural perfume blends seamlessly with undertones of sweet honey on the exhale. An earthy musk from the humulene creates an herbal base that lingers pleasantly. Each puff delivers a complex and satisfying sensory experience, thanks to subtle hints of piney sap from the beta-pinene.

The terpenes in the 500mg cartridge run riot to create a beautiful entourage effect. The solventless extraction process preserves these delicate aromatic profiles in every enjoyable puff. The disposable vape comes in colors of light orange, white, and dark brown to ensure each puff is as sleek as it is flavorful and relaxing.

7. Miracle Fruit Ice Water Hash Rosin Disposable

Camp doesn’t disclose the specific cannabis strain used to formulate the cartridge. Still, it is clear that this vape punches above its weight at 78.83% THC potency and a bevy of cannabinoids and flavorful terpenes sure to leave a long-lasting relief.

What sets the single-use vape apart is its rich yet intensely complex bouquet of aromas. The first hit should give you a sharp yet soothing scent of eucalyptus that mingles with rosemary’s fragrant herbal aroma. Camphene gives off a minty herbal smell.

If your palate is well-established, you might get an undertone of a sweet pine-sap aroma. When you puff out, the exhalation will hit you with notes of citrus zest and a lingering herbal finish on your tongue. The light orange, white, and dark brown coloring match the layered flavors within. In combination, the entourage of cannabinoids and terpenes creates a profile that is both refreshing and calming.

8. Snowboard Legend Flower Rosin Disposable

If you are looking for a beta-myrcene-driven flavor profile from the Camp disposable vape lineup, you won’t go wrong with the Snowboard Legend Flower Rosin pen. It is available only in dark brown color, but the flavors inside are complex, rich, and smell heavenly. At low temps, the first few puffs will indulge your taste buds in notes of rich earth, wood, and musk, intermingled with an underlying sweetness from its prominent myrcene terpenes.

When you ramp up temps after more vaping, the outcoming rush will give you a subtle undertones of spice. The flavor sticks around with an herbal, sweet finish that coats your tongue. Together, the entourage of cannabinoids and terpenes deliver a profile that is at once soothing and memorable. CAMP’s solventless extraction process preserves these nuanced aromatic expressions with each enjoyable puff.

9. Crush Sweets Live Rosin Disposable

BetaPinene is at the core of Crush Sweet Live Rosin’s flavor profile, giving the disposable cartridge a uniquely familiar pine aroma. Each hit delivers a soothing and aromatic vaping experience, inviting you to relax and unwind to enjoy the pain-relieving effects.

With over 60mg of good-for-you terpenes in each gram of concentrate, this vape’s solvent-free extraction process is the real workhorse. Combined with a little over 77% delta-9 THC, the Crush Sweets help give a rush of relief with unforgettable flavor.

The vaporizer construction is as striking as it is delightful to vape with, as you can choose from dark brown, white, and light orange for the matte finish. The full spectrum of terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids from the hybrid strain ensures that the essence of the cannabis is 100% retained for the ultimate entourage effect.

10. Comfort Kush Flower Rosin Disposable

The Comfort Kush Flower Rosin spruces up your vaping experience with a vast menu of flavors. The limonene-driven terpene profile gives notes of rich wood and spice with bright citrus undertones. The overall combo gives the cartridge a warm, slightly sharp taste. The full spectrum profile provides a well-rounded sense of calm and relaxation, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Wrapping Up

There you go – the top 10 most delicious Camp disposable vape flavors you can get right now. The brand carries a variety of rechargeable battery mods, vape pens, and vaporizers in a wide range of THC potencies. The flavor profiles depend on the terpene content, but the effects from the cannabis run the gamut from relaxed and energetic to calm and happy.

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