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Top 10 EXXUS Vapes: Price and Flavor Review

Nicole Flanigan

Written by: Nicole Flanigan

Updated on November 24, 2023


Vaping is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to consume nicotine and has gained enormous popularity in the past decade.

With the vape industry’s exponential growth, many new vape brands have also emerged. But you cannot talk about vape devices without mentioning Exxus. This leading vaporizer brand combines innovation with functionality and delivers a premium quality vaping experience to all its customers. In this article, I’ll take you through the top 10 best Exxus vapes based on your needs.

What is Exxus Vape?



Exxus Vape was established in 2014 in California, USA, and has made significant strides in the vaping industry. The company was founded by a group of vaping enthusiasts who were committed to creating high-quality, reliable, and stylish vaporizers. Their dedication to innovation and customer service helped them quickly gain a reputation within the vaping community. Over the years, Exxus Vape has evolved into a premier retail brand dedicated to innovation, consistently offering the latest devices. It has broadened its product range to cater to diverse preferences, including concentrate vaporizers, oil cartridge vapes, portable devices, and dry herb vapes. They have consistently used the latest technology to ensure their products are safe, efficient, and durable.


The headquarters of Exxus Vape is located at: 24331 Muirlands Blvd S 313, Lake Forest, California, 92630, United States.


Exxus Vape is renowned for producing vaporizers that are not only affordable but also boast a range of features to enhance the vaping experience. They place a strong emphasis on the design and aesthetics of their products, ensuring they perform well and look good. Their vaporizers are known for their sleek, modern designs and user-friendly interfaces, which cater to both beginners and experienced vapers. For instance, the Exxus Snap VV vaporizer offers a variable voltage option for a customizable experience. Additionally, the durability and performance of Exxus Vape products are well-regarded, with the company using high-quality materials to ensure longevity and consistent performance over time.

Top 10 Best Exxus Vape

Exxus Vape Snap VV Cartridge Vaporizer

Exxus Vape Snap VV Cartridge Vaporizer

The Exxus Snap VV Vaporizer is designed for those seeking a compact device that fits comfortably in the palm of the hand and slips easily into a small pocket. Users appreciate the ceramic coil, which evenly heats the liquid and maintains temperature effectively. The multiple voltage options are also a highlight, allowing for adjustments to suit the desired intensity of the vapor. Exxus has ensured the Snap VV is exceptionally user-friendly, with a straightforward single-button operation that is easy to use.


  • Small, sleek design
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Four different voltage settings
  • ingle button control


  • Some devices may have a faulty battery.

Exxus Vape Snap VV Mini Cartridge Vaporizer

Exxus Vape Snap VV Mini Cartridge Vaporizer

The Exxus Snap VV Mini, diminutive in size and comfortably smaller than a palm, delivers vapor and flavor that rival many larger vapes. This mini version retains all the advantages of its full-size counterpart, yet it is priced at nearly half the cost. Despite its compact frame, it boasts a battery life that is impressively long, typically lasting a day or two before needing a recharge.
Exxus has thoughtfully included extra magnetic rings for replacement and a charging wire with the device. Such additional accessories are uncommon in mini models, making their inclusion a welcome bonus for users.


  • Compact size
  • Multiple fun color options
  • Single button operation
  • Cheaper price


  • Hard to find its specific cartridges

3. Exxus Vape Minovo Cartridge Vaporizer

Exxus Vape Minovo Cartridge Vaporizer

The adage “Don’t judge a book by its cover” aptly applies to the Exxus Minovo. Its small and delicate appearance belies its powerful performance, with the device proving to be incredibly robust.

The Minovo has demonstrated remarkable longevity, with users reporting that after nearly two years, it continues to operate as if it were brand new, maintaining its aesthetic appeal with hardly a scratch to be seen.

While it may be priced slightly higher for a mini vape, the Minovo justifies its cost with a suite of features and functionalities, including a preheating option, ensuring that it delivers value for every penny spent.


  • Preheat mode
  • Adjustable voltage
  • LED light indicators
  • 470mAh battery


  • A little expensive

4. Exxus Vape Slim Auto Draw Cartridge Vaporizer

Exxus Vape Slim Auto Draw Cartridge Vaporizer

Designed with discretion in mind, the Exxus Auto Draw resembles a pen, boasting a slender profile that allows it to blend seamlessly into any setting, making it ideal for discreet use, such as in an office cubicle.

Users are fond of its simplicity and ease of use. Activation is as simple as inhaling, and it only takes a few quick draws to start experiencing bursts of flavor.

One minor critique is the wish for a standard USB charging port, as some users find they can be somewhat clumsy with specialized chargers. Nevertheless, Exxus provides replacement chargers on its website, and the device is compatible with any standard vape pen charger, which mitigates this concern.


  • Sleek, slim design
  • Automatic device
  • Easy-to-fill cartridge
  • Extremely user-friendly


  • No USB type B or C charger

5. Exxus Vape Snap Cartridge Vaporizer

Exxus Vape Snap Cartridge Vaporizer

For those new to vaping and in search of a straightforward, high-quality, yet affordable vaporizer, the Exxus Snap stands out as a solid choice. It represents an ideal entry point into the world of vaping, offering quality without imposing a significant financial burden.

The Exxus Snap is designed to be leakproof, eliminating concerns about spills in bags or pockets. Moreover, despite its compact size, it is equipped with a potent 650mAh battery, enabling users to enjoy the vape for 2-3 days without the need for frequent recharging.


  • 360-degree anti-leak technology
  • LED light indicator
  • Single button control
  • Small and portable
  • Budget-friendly


Not very long-lasting

6. Exxus Vape Plus VV Cartridge Vaporizer

Exxus Vape Plus VV Cartridge Vaporizer

Priced at just over $10, the Plus VV represents exceptional value. Available in eight different color options, the chrome variant stands out as a particular favorite among users.
Exxus has maintained a commitment to quality features despite the affordable price point. The device includes a single button that allows users to adjust the voltage according to their preferences, with various colors indicating the different settings.

While the vape pen employs a standard 510 threading attachment port, Exxus has thoughtfully included a USB charging option, adding to its convenience and user-friendliness.


  • Extremely budget-friendly
  • Sleek design
  • Adjustable voltage option
  • USB charging option is also available


  • It does not last for more than a few months.

7. Exxus Vape Twistr Cartridge Vaporizer

Exxus Vape Twistr Cartridge Vaporizer

Exxus’ latest offering, the Twistr vape pen, introduces an innovative adjustable dial at its base, enabling precise control over the device’s voltage. This feature is considered a game-changer by many users.
The base of the vape is clearly marked with different voltage settings, allowing users to simply turn the dial to their preferred voltage for an optimal experience.
Additionally, the preheat option is a significant highlight. It effectively minimizes wastage and ensures that users get potent puffs right from the first draw, enhancing the overall vaping experience.


  • Adjustable voltage
  • Preheating feature
  • Multiple color options
  • Easy load cartridge


  • Weak battery life

8. Exxus Vape Slim VV Cartridge Vaporizer

Exxus Vape Slim VV Cartridge Vaporizer

Exxus has become synonymous with sleek and stylish vape pens, a fact that has led many to include multiple Exxus products in their top lists. The Exxus Slim VV might present a modest exterior, yet it houses a substantial battery with a capacity of 1100mAh.

For an optimal vaping experience, it is recommended to pair the Exxus Slim VV with the Exxus EX4 oil cartridge, which is known to deliver a dense and smooth draw.

The combination of the preheating mode and the user-friendly, easy-to-fill cartridge positions the Slim VV as an essential purchase for enthusiasts. Remarkably, all these features come at a price below $10, making it an incredibly attractive option for budget-conscious consumers.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy cleaning system
  • Strong battery
  • Preheating mode


  • No USB type B or C port

9. Exxus Vape Push Cartridge Vaporizer

Exxus Vape Push Cartridge Vaporizer

Feature enthusiasts have much to appreciate with the Exxus lineup, and the push-out vape cartridge option is a standout innovation. The power indicator is another aspect that garners praise.

The device features four lights that display the battery percentage, providing a clear and convenient way to monitor power levels. The Exxus Push may carry a premium price tag, but it justifies this with the inclusion of various accessories, such as a lanyard, a magnetic ring, and a silicon cap, enhancing the overall value.

A distinctive characteristic of the Push is its retractable charger, which addresses the common issue of forgotten or misplaced chargers, adding a layer of convenience for users on the go.


  • 4 voltage settings
  • Push-out cartridge
  • High-rate lithium battery
  • 4 different voltage settings


  • Expensive

10. Exxus Vape Tap VV Auto Draw Cartridge Vaporizer

Exxus Vape Tap VV Auto Draw Cartridge Vaporizer

The Exxus Tap VV naturally finds its place on the list of top devices. In an era where simplicity and touch technology dominate, from smartphones to laptops to even fast-food orders, it’s only fitting that vapes join the trend.

The Tap VV offers control over power settings and voltage with just a touch sensor located at the bottom of the device. This isn’t just an impressive innovation in the vape industry; it also bestows the device with a sleek and sophisticated appearance.

The only aspect that users wish for improvement is the battery strength. A more powerful battery would have significantly elevated the Tap VV’s ranking on any enthusiast’s list.


  • 4 different voltage settings
  • Touch sensor at the bottom
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • 510 threading


  • The battery isn’t long-lasting


After carefully going through multiple vapes, the top ten Exxus vapes are listed in this article choose from. Exxus has a little something for everyone. The Exxus Snap VV and its mini version are undoubtedly some of the best vaporizers in the vaping circuit and my personal favorites.

While Exxus Vape certainly has its unique place in terms of innovation and market recognition, CILICON, as a top global provider of vaping solutions, aims far beyond just meeting market standards. CILICON’s vape products are equipped with industry-leading atomization technology, featuring designs that captivate customers and an unparalleled user experience that ensures each inhalation is a perfect delight. Opt for CILICON, and let your vape brand stand out in the fierce market competition, setting the trend in the industry.

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