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13 Awesome Beginner-Friendly Vape Tricks You Can Learn Right Now (Step-by-Step Guide)

Ethan Parker

Written by: Ethan Parker

Updated on March 8, 2024

13 Awesome Beginner-Friendly Vape Tricks You Can Learn Right Now (Step-by-Step Guide)

Vape tricks are all the rage these days, especially in the YouTube, Reddit, and TikTok vaping communities. While some advanced tricks require serious cloud chasing skills, there are plenty of fun beginner-level tricks you can learn to impress your friends.

With a little patience and the right vape device for the easiest vaping tricks you’ll be blowing sweet vapor rings and shapes in no time. This guide covers 13 of the easiest yet coolest vaping tricks for newbies like you to try.

How to Pick the Right Vape for Your Vaping Tricks?

The vape you use makes a big difference, especially if you’re after cool tricks. You’ll want a device that can produce large, thick vapor clouds and has user-friendly airflow controls. Many vapers prefer sub-ohm tanks, rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDAs), or mechanical mods for tricks. However, high-capacity disposable vapes can also work well for beginners.

Vapor Production is Key

When choosing a vape mod for popular vape tricks though cloud production should be right up there. You’ll want a device that can chuck thick, voluminous clouds of vapor to create the density and volume needed for things like rings, shapes, and waterfalls. Most vape trick enthusiasts prefer higher-wattage sub-ohm setups that can create massive clouds.

Look for vapes with low resistance coils in the 0.1 to 0.9 ohm range and high wattage capabilities up to 200 watts. The more vapor you can create, the more material you’ll have to work with for your fun tricks like vape bend and cool bane effect. A high VG liquid can also aid in producing bigger, thicker clouds. A vape with adjustable voltage, like EDGE Box3, can do the trick.

Ease of Use Matters

Whether disposable or rechargeable, the best vape for tricks should also be easy to use and operate. When performing intricate moves and shapes, you want a device that feels natural in your hand without complicated controls or settings to fuss with.

Many beginners opt for basic sub-ohm tanks or RDAs that allow you to create pressure and control the air flow with your lips and mouth.

Look for vapes with simple airflow rings or slots that you can easily manipulate with your fingers or tongue while inhaling and exhaling. The less fiddling required, the more you can focus on mastering the actual vape trick techniques.

Think Sleek and Portable

As you’ll likely be showing off your cool vape tricks to impress your friends, you’ll want a device that’s portable and sleek. Opt for more compact box mods and vape pens that you can easily carry around.

It’s also wise to choose vapes from mainstream, reputable brands that are readily available should you need replacement parts or a new device.

Safety Should Be the Top Priority

While executing dazzling vape tricks is the goal, safety should always be the top consideration. Never sacrifice quality or longevity for the sake of cloud production. Buy vapes only from trusted manufacturers and authorized retailers to ensure you get a genuine, high-quality product that meets all safety standards.

Look for vapes with built-in safety protections like overheating prevention, short circuit protection, and ventilation to prevent issues. Regulated mods with chip sets are an extra layer of security. Brands like Cilicon, Pax, and Evolab adhere to strict manufacturing guidelines for maximum safety.

Long-Lasting Battery Life is Non-Negotiable

When putting on a vape trick show for your friends and fam, you don’t want to be constantly swapping batteries or recharging. You want a high-capacity vape device that will stay juiced for long between charges. Many high-powered box mods will have dual removable 18650 batteries that can be easily swapped when drained.

13 Cool Vape Tricks That Newbies Will Love

Ready to start practicing? Here are step-by-step instructions for 13 awesome vape tricks that are perfect for newbies:

(1) How to Do the Ghost Inhale Trick

One of the easiest and most visually striking beginner vape tricks is the ghost inhale. Take a long, deep drag to create a large vapor cloud, then inhale the vapor through your nose and mouth simultaneously while keeping your mouth slightly open.

This trick gives the ghostly illusion of inhaling and exhaling the vape smoke at the same time. This video tutorial can help you visualize easy trick and practice how to ghost vape.

(2) How to Do the French Inhale

The French inhale is another classic trick that’s surprisingly simple. Take a long pull and hold the vapor in your mouth, as shown in this explainer video.

With your tongue pushed up behind your top lip and teeth, quickly inhale the vapor through your little gaps between your lips and teeth. The vapor will funnel into your mouth before exhaling through your nose for a classy French inhale effect.

(3) How to Do the Bane Inhale

Channel your inner Batman villain with this creepy cool vape trick! Take a deep drag of vapor, then open your mouth wide while gently pushing the vapor out with your tongue.

Rather than exhaling, immediately do a reverse French inhale, bringing that vapor back into your mouth through the little gaps before exhaling out your nose.

The result is a fiery bane inhale effect that will freak out your friends. Watch this impressive YouTube video to see the bane inhale in action.

(4) How to Do Bull Rings

For those coveted smoke ring vaporizer tricks, start with bull rings. For the bull ring, start by taking a long, steady drag that fills your mouth and lower face with vapor.

As with blowing smoke rings, you should keep the vapor gathered in the corners of your mouth and slowly push your bottom lip out. The vapor will come out in a thick, concentrated ring shape as you exhale.

(5) How to Blow O’s Like a Pro

Once you’ve mastered bull rings, level up to full O rings. Take a lung hit, letting the vapor fill your mouth and lower jaw area.

Place two fingers in an O shape in front of your pursed lips, as shown here, creating pressure as you exhale the vapor slowly through that circular opening. With enough vapor and the right push of air, you’ll blow a perfect, mesmerizing O ring.

(6) How to Do the Waterfall Trick

This gravity-defying trick looks incredibly impressive, but takes some time to get the hang of. Take a very thick hit, inhaling as much dense vapor into your mouth as possible. If you’re struggling at first, watch this video.

Put your tongue up behind your teeth, then tilt your head back and let the heavy vapor gently pour out of your mouth. It will cascade down like a misty waterfall. For an extra flourish, reverse waterfall the vapor back up into your mouth to inhale again.

(7) How to Do the Triangle Trick

Similar to blowing O’s, the triangle vape trick involves shaping the vapor into a geometric form.

Take a full mouth drag, then make a triangle shape with your fingers and thumbs in front of your lips.

Gently, slightly push the vapor through this opening as you exhale to create a triangular vape cloud shape.

(8) How to Do the Tornado

Prepare for this trippy vape trick by taking a long pull, filling your mouth and lower face with vapor. Make a tight O shape with your lips, then exhale through it while simultaneously spinning your vape device around.

The rotation and turbulence will twist the vapor into a cool swirling tornado effect.

(9) How to Do the Liquid Mist

The liquid mist trick gives a beautifully fluid, formless vape cloud. Start by taking a very deep drag, filling your whole mouth and throat with dense vapor.

Hold the vapor for a few seconds, then open your mouth slightly and slowly exhale towards a flat surface like a table or countertop. The heavy vapor will cascade out in sexy liquid tendrils.

(10) How to Do the Dragon Vape Trick

Who doesn’t want to be a dragon? Hit your vape and take a powerful drag of vapor into your mouth and upper airways. Make an O shape with your mouth but keep your tongue pressed up behind your teeth.

Do a quick, forceful exhale through this tight mouth shape to release the vapor in dense, punchy bursts for an awesome dragon trick effect.

(11) How to Do the Snoop Dogg Waterfall

Similar to the Irish waterfall trick, the Snoop Dogg waterfall creates cascading vapor effects using your face. Pack your mouth completely full of vapor from a thick lung hit.

Press your lower jaw forward to create a shelf with your bottom lip. Let the dense vapor tumble out over your bottom lip to fall dramatically for an effortless waterfall.

(12) How to Do the Bowtie

The bowtie is one of the most unique vape shapes you can create. Take a drag, filling your mouth with vapor, and push your tongue against the back of your top front teeth.

As you exhale, the vapor will divide into two separate streams, forming the iconic bowtie shape before joining back together.

(13) How to Do Vapor Bubbles

For this awesome trick, you’ll want a paper towel roll or something similar to blow vapor bubbles through. Take a short drag so there’s not too much vapor density. Then blow gently through the roll towards a flat surface like a cup of water.

With the right air flow and vapor level, you’ll produce some sweet floating vape bubbles. For some inspiration, watch this awesome compilation of impressive vapor bubbles.

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