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What is a Vape Mod: An Ultimate Guide

John Doe

Written by: John Doe

Updated on April 1, 2024

vape mod

In the kingdom of vaping, where sleek and slim vape pens are a standard; vape mods are something that stands out like a shining beacon, providing customization and power. Where easy to carry and affordable vape pens are the priority of beginners, vape modes are like a premium upgrade to enhance the overall vaping experience for frequent vapers. Still confusing? Let me explain What is a vape mod. how it stands out from a vape pan and whether you should invest it or not!

What Exactly is a Vape Mod?

what is vape mod

A vape mod refers to a portable device that houses the battery, chipset, and vape tank which stores e-liquid in it. The purpose behind the invention of vape mods is to give users a more premium experience by providing customization. Basically, vape mod are meant for those looking for bigger smoke vapors, adjustable airflow, and enhanced flavors.

The traditional vape pens that come in standard kits are usually quite simple and easy to use, having only a power button. But the vape mods are more exciting due to their endless world of accessories and upgrades. From drip tip to atomizers, the room for customization seems endless. It’s like establishing your own vaping empire, one upgrade at a time.

So, let’s dive into the world of vape mods to develop their fundamental knowledge and discover what makes them outstanding!

Are Vape Mods Safe?

Technically yes! vape mods are safe. They become hazardous when they are dealt with improperly. To ensure a safe experience with vape mods, it is necessary to take proper measurements while customizing and personalizing the vape modes.

Vape mods tend to have bigger removable batteries, so it is crucial to take care of their proper fitting and compatible settings with other components like sub-ohmic tanks, to eliminate overheating, and potential explosions.

To enjoy a hassle-free, smooth vaping experience it is crucial for a user to educate himself about the components of vaping devices. Otherwise, vape mods could be highly harmful.

Types of Vape Mods

Box Mod

box mod

In the realm of vape mods, box vape mods are the most commonly known advanced vaping devices. The box mods are usually the first choice of experienced vapers. They offer intense flavor and vapor production. Particularly, they are for those who want a solid grip on their vaping experience in which they can control and customize each and everything according to their preference.

Features of Box Vape Mods

  • They provide alternative vaping modes. Temperature control mode and bypass mode, for example.
  • They offer a greater battery life than the rest of the vaping devices available.
  • Box Mods offer screw-on attachments, providing room for using third-party e-liquid tanks without any potential hassle.
  • Due to their ability to wattage control and operate over high wattages, they provide personalized vapor production.

Pod Mod

Pod mod

A pod mod is relatively smaller than box mods and most of the full-sized vape pens. They were basically designed to deliver a higher quantity of nicotine while utilizing a little power[3]. Unlike disposable pod mods, refillable pod mods can be refilled with freebase nicotine liquid or nicotine salts. Pod mods are perfect for those, who are up to quitting their traditional tobacco-burning habit, but still want to keep their nicotine intake intact.

The best thing about Pod Mod is most of them have coils designed for both types of inhaling, direct-to-lung and mouth-to-lung.

Features of Pod Mod

  • Due to their size easy to carry.
  • Cheaper than the box mods.
  • Some Pod Mods offer adjustable power settings
  • Refillable Coils.
  • Coils are designed for both direct-to-lung and mouth-to-lung inhaling.
  • Pod instead of e liquid tank.

Mechanical Mod or Tube Mod

Tube mod

Mechancial Mods or Mech Mods are the most basic form of electronic cigarettes with fewer customization options. They have a long tube-like structure that homes a removable battery and an e-liquid tank attached on top. Mech Mods are not popular enough these days. However, they are still a choice of vapor cloud chasers.

Mechanical Mods are not as handy to use as standard e-pens and pod mods. They require a fundamental knowledge of coil resistance and Ohm’s Law. So, definitely not for the new vapers!

Features of Mechanical Mods or Tube Mods

  • They offer removable batteries.
  • Mechanical Mods utilize  RDAs (Rebuildable Drip Atomizers)
  • They Produce big clouds while requiring a solid knowledge of Battery settings, Ohm’s Law, and Coil Resistance.

Advantages of Vape Mode

1. Customization

The essential components that influence the vape’s taste and quality are its coil, e-liquid flavor, and heating temperature. Here, to enhance the vape’s taste the customization of a vape mod comes in hand, while using vape mods you can switch to RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) or RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) according to your choice to change components like coils to personalize your vaping experience and conquer a better taste.

Thick, Heavy Vapours

The thickness of vapors is another key factor in curbing the nicotine craving. As, vape mod provides you the ability to change coils, liquid tanks, temperature, and other components it facilitates the user to adjust the thickness of a vapor cloud by applying the right combination of coil, wick, and temperature.

E Liquids or Electronic Liquids

The e-liquid is a replacement of tobacco in e-ciggarets. It consists of vegetable glycerine (VG), flavorings (coffe, strawberry, grape etc), nicotine or nicotine salts, and propylene glycol (PG)[2]. Vape mods provide a great chance to taste and try different fantastic e-liquid flavors on a budget. Compared to the disposable vape pen, the cost for e-liquids is a lot cheaper for vape mods.


Some vape mods offer adjustable airflow control, which allows controlling the amount of air that will get mixed with the vapor. Just to extend your knowledge, airflow affects the amount of nicotine, density, flavor, and temperature of the vapor, providing you with a more controlled vaping experience.

Variable Wattage and Temperature Control

The modern vape mods allow users to adjust the wattage and temperature. Whether you like a warmer or cooler vapor or higher or lower power output, the wattage and temperature control feature of a vape mod helps achieve a lavish experience, you can always customize settings to match your personal preference.

Is customization really a feature to flex on?

Well, the answer depends on the user, if your intention is to use vaping as an alternative to smoking then probably no. However, for experienced vapers and those who have a fondness for vaping, such customizations mean the world.

2. The LCD Display

Certain Vape mods come with an LCD, which shows case fundamental information like date and time, puff counts, and battery levels, and allows airflow control. Even some advanced and expensive vape mods provide the option for customizing the wallpaper.

3. Extended Battery Life

A vape mod is larger in size compared to a vape pen. The culprit for this size difference is the battery of the vape mod.

This feature of a vape mod is quite attention-grabbing for experienced vapers, as they are always looking for a hassle-free experience of vaping in which they don’t need to worry about the battery levels and the left puff counts.

Reflecting on its size, the vape mod has powerful batteries of around 26650 Lithium-ion, which is almost twice of regular vape pens that come with 18650 Lithium-ion batteries.

The size of the vape mod battery is not a matter of concern for casual vapers. But, for advanced vapers, it should be a key feature to look for while purchasing a vape mod.

4. Sub Ohm Tanks

The sub ohm tanks use a coil with a resistance of less than 1 Ohm. Sub ohm tanks tend to produce more vapour with higher density. They are superior to other tanks as they allow a direct-to-lung hit over the mouth-to-lung hit. The direct-to-lung hit is more popular among experienced vapers as it offers a high-quality vape experience by delivering a stronger fantastic flavour and more nicotine in each puff without leaving greater damage to the fragile throat. On the other hand, the hit from other tanks (mouth-to-lung)resembles the same hit as a traditional cigarette.

Sub Ohm tanks are more user-friendly. They require minimal maintenance compared to the RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) and RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) tanks.

With numerous advantages, sub ohm tanks do have a disadvantage. They utilize higher power to operate than the other tanks.

5. Preheat Functionality

Some vape mods offer an exciting preheat function that boosts the initial power output of the vape for a short period of time until the vape reaches the desired temperature or wattage. This feature helps increase the coil’s heating times, providing a smoother and more consistent vaping experience from the initial puffs.

Disadvantages of Vape Mods

We have discussed many exciting features of vape mods, and now it is time to look at its disadvantages, to take out a fairly critical analysis of vape mods.


Vape mods are usually more complex, especially mechanical or tube mods and squonk mods.  They are high maintenance compared to standard e-pens and pod kits. Vape mods due to their advanced features require a high learning curve and experienced individuals to handle them. Otherwise, they may cause safety risks.


Another downside of vape mods is their size. The bigger high-power batteries that vape mods use to provide a higher puff count cost them a bulky appearance.

So, if you are into buying something slim and lightweight vape mods are not your go-to. However, then  you should have a look at our slim and sleek, bold pod system.


Vape mod kits usually come at a higher cost. If you are an occasional vaper, who is just into vaping different flavors; vape mods could still be a decent choice.

But, if you are a heavy user, who loves customizing and playing with new settings, the ongoing cost associated with replaceable material can add up extra bucks in vape mods cost.

Safety Concerns

Yes, vape mods are highly customizable, but to an extent, and only when you fulfill the prerequisites of the required knowledge. To customize vape mods, the users must educate themselves on battery safety, Ohm’s law, and coil resistance.

Improper handling of box mods, for example using sub-ohm coils without understanding the battery safety, and exceeding recommended wattage and temperature limits may mimic a horrible accident.

Health Risks

Vaping is generally considered less harmful than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. However, the long-term effects of vaping are still being studied by scientists. As vape mods pose a higher customization with vapor production, the users may set it on a higher end. Higher vapor production will result in a large intake of nicotine or nicotine salts.

As well as other concerns have been raised regarding e-liquids, that they contain harmful substances which are not only dangerous for the users, but also for the people in his/her surroundings.

A Vape Pen or a Vape Mod What do I need?

The answer to this question depends on the users and their needs. While deciding whether you should buy a vape pen or a vape mod, one should keep his requirements and expectations in mind. Particularly, one should know which kind of vaping experience is he/she looking for, and how much is willing to invest in.

As we explained above in our article, there are different types of vaping devices available in the market. The three main categories are Vape Pen, Pod Mod, and Box Mod. Through this article, we have successfully developed your basic understanding of these three types of vaping devices. But still, there is a lot left to know about different vape devices to select the most appropriate one for yourself.

So, Just to simplify for now, on a basic level we are providing you with a concise guide.

If you intend to switch from traditional smoking to vaping and the main cause of it is health concerns, you should look for vape pens instead of vape mods. As they require less maintenance, as well as vape pens are easy to carry, cheaper, and lightweight. Beyond all this, vape pens provide a wide range of flavors and nicotine strengths to choose from.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an elevated vaping experience with more lavish vape devices, vape mods should be your focus. Vape mods are customizable, from batteries, coils, and tanks to the intensity of vapors and their thickness, you can personalize everything. However, vape mods are not discrete. They are heavy and large in size with their long-lasting batteries, providing more puff counts in each recharge.

So, we hope, that now it is a little clear what to choose for yourself, a vape pen or a vape mod. Further, we suggest that you do your own research and find out the most appropriate vaping device for yourself. Because everyone is different with distinct choices we believe that the realm of vaping devices would have at least one perfect device for you!

Disposable Vapes vs. Vape Mods: What should be the pick?

Disposable vapes are cheaper and good for someone who wants to try different vape mods with different vape liquids. They are less complex, as to use disposable vapes users do not have to be bothered with high-end battery and other component settings. Now that you know about both disposable vapes and vape mods, we hope you can decide on your pick!

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